Dear U.S. Army

Dear U.S. Army

Military construction in the United States may be seriously affected due to the financial crisis. The United States has made for itself a rather big dilemma, deploying most of the theater (theaters of war) in Asia, on the other side of the globe. So Makar, the main advantage of America — surrounded by the ocean, protect against outside intrusion — played against them, becoming a problem of transportation.

If you take into account that the South American army and so has a lot of shortcomings, which are manifested in the conflict between tactical and strategic mobility and combat stability and units, the question of cost and time spent on the transfer and deployment of large groups of troops rises nearly to the first place.

Available in the U.S. Army languid Division (armored or mechanized) number:
— personnel — 16,000 people;
— tanks "Abrams", BMP M2/BRM M3 "Bradley" — 250 units;
— self-propelled air defense missile systems and anti-tank systems — 50 units;
— armored vehicle launched bridges — 36 units;
— MLRS MLRS — 12 units;
— ACS — 54 units;
— combat helicopters — 50 units;
— several hundred vehicles;
— Accessories — thousands of units.

Factor, which is a powerful argument, including what the C-5, which is the largest South American transport aircraft can immediately take on board all only 2 "Abrams" or 5 or 6 helicopters IFV / APC in the C-17 helicopter fit 4 or 1 tank. This division consumes 10's of thousands of tons of fuel, food, ammunition, etc.

C-130, which is the workhorse of the U.S. Air Force, holds 1 helicopter transported the languid ground-based technology, he can not. ACS, MLRS and launched bridges in general are not placed on any board, and of the number of transporters in the U.S. Air Force is small (C-5, for example, a little more than eighty).

Dear U.S. Army

In Fri destination question about the capacity of the host airfield speed unloading of aircraft, defense airfields from enemy air and ground. In the end, it turns out that the delivery of forces by sea is much more profitable than the air method, and the time spent not much more.

Despite the fact that the speed of movement of maritime transport in the last 100 years has not increased, and it is currently at 40 km / h, transport vessels owned large capacity, and transfer of the division to Asia from America takes only one month.

This speed does not meet the requirements of modern warfare. United States decided to make a new type of ground forces. Brigade "Stryker" contains twelve towed howitzers, three hundred and eight armored "Stryker", three and a half thousand soldiers. Combat Vehicle "Stryker" is a trivial armored personnel carrier, which fits a plane to 5 units. Thanks to its own mobility movement "Stryker" in any part of the world with the full deployment of the terrain in just 4 days.

Dear U.S. Army

A significant advantage is the highest mobility, wheeled equipment brigade much faster track, "Abrams" and "Bradley". Drawback is the vulnerability of the brigade. A little bit harsh for her opponent is no longer in force, because the existing air defense — purely symbolic, and of technology is no good in a fight with antitank weapons.

There is no sense of strategic mobility teams, because they have to wait for delivery languid troops that throw, as has already been seen, it is unrealistic. Wage war "Striker" can only reign in the air its own air force and the strong support of the components of their own land languid connections.

From the observations of the military operations in Iraq and Yugoslavia, where the armed forces of these countries watched spellbound as the Americans for months unfolded their troops for an attack on their area, we can come to a conclusion about the modern American strategy. At a meeting with the army, which has a high-tech weaponry, engages in the transfer of resistance and the deployment of U.S. troops, the location had not managed to turn parts themselves, moreover, will advance at a time when Americans will be weak, the Yankees need to take any great difficulties.

Dear U.S. Army

More banal discrepancy in terms of weaponry. America did not think about the cost by arming the army complex and "advanced" tool. "Network-centric war"Represents the networking of all" combat platforms. " Of course, the effectiveness of old times of good tanks, planes, ships and helicopters, infantry fighting vehicles increases even at times, and by orders of magnitude. Well, how to wage war with computers, if these "platforms" have not deployed?

Here's another side to "modernize" the U.S. military: the last purchase of tanks performed in the early 90's, written off over the period of time over 10,000 tanks of old times, with an average age of aircraft — more than 20 years; F-15, which is the main fighter plane dogfight developed own resources actually quite; endless upgrade F-16 is also headed for its own limits, well, at first he had limitations in the ability of the conduct of the battle with the modern fighters.

More exciting is the situation with the latest-generation fighter F-22. The purchase of this fighter is the U.S. for 4 years, during this period of time has been acquired only 183 units (this is 2/3 of the total). The fact that the aircraft is very expensive, which makes this program from completely worthless. In the conduct of war, an equal, a strong opponent fighter in these battles is a consumable item. This has happened in all the wars in which confronted each other opponents of equal value. Well, when the death of the 1st Fighter becomes a state disaster, the question of the conduct of war rises very sharply. Of course, to make war with the more feeble state can be an order of magnitude, but with equally strong — is the question.

Dear U.S. Army

As a reminder: the programm Advanced Tactical Fighter, which is the brainchild of the F-22, included the purchase of 750 units, was reduced in the coming four times. Strategic bombers B-2 has also been "modernized" with 132 units to 21, all at one and the same reason — the prohibitive cost.

The same situation exists in the navy. Construction of sub
marines of the "Seawolf" was reduced from 29 to 3, the number of destroyers of the "Zamvolt" — from 32 to 2. It is necessary to clarify that in conclusions, manufactured in the analysis of past world wars, destroyers, along with fighters were always consumables. And here is normal wage war if around some "treasures" and "desirable"?

Cruisers latest generation CG (X), it seems, too finish construction again, because of the extreme Waybill. Amused by the fact that the construction of pre-cheap, small coastal LCS ships in the amount of 55 units actually suspended. At some point, they suddenly become a lot more expensive.

Dear U.S. Army

Also do not forget about the dilemma of staffing the armed forces. War highest intensity, implying significant personal loss, likely only in the case when the public fully understands the war as the public interest and fair, not when the highly democratic country completes its military mercenaries. In this case, the army is rapidly way tramps, while increasing price maintenance personnel, because even the lumpen going to work only for a VERY huge amounts of money.

In light of the above listed can safely say that the global monetary crisis will bring order not only in the wallets of the Yankees, and also in their heads. Obvious prospects for reductions in military spending means reducing global ambitions or fundamentally change their method of implementation. America, at least, will be obliged to come to terms with the fact that in the world there are a lot of states to which it can not extend its military pressure.

All the same, we should not forget the fact that the new technologies of warfare America is making a lot of money, and, alternatively, a technological breakthrough that allows the armed forces of America to wage war without significant losses against all enemies, can not be excluded.

The main issue in the field of military construction is the choice of the U.S. President Barack Obama's rassredotachivanii cash flows. What will it be: strict economy or investing in the development of promising technologies — can only assume.

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