Debates involving Lukashenko? Sure!

Mr."Always a must! I think that the other candidates will be questions for him, to which he must respond. "

Mrs."I have to. He is the president, and must prove that he deserves to be the president of our country. "

Mr."I have to prove its worth staying.'m Tired already."

Mrs."He's on the same rights as everyone. Each of us has the freedom to choose. "

Mr."My opinion — let him decide for himself."

Mr."Everything should be on an equal footing. Why is our president should abandon the debates? I think that will be asked important questions to which he must respond. Typically the president speaks on some "blanks", and we can not estimate its real thoughts in such a situation. "

Mr."We have to see how he responds to questions in real circumstances, the questions of the living. NOT mounted recording and live stream. "

Mr."You can see, on the one hand, he says that he works hard, and his work is visible. Therefore, they say, he does not need to prove anything. On the other hand, have a claim to it, and these claims would like to have answered. And ask these questions in the real world is not very successful. "

Mrs."Why do not you tell about your program, do not express claims to each other, wishes to the road."

Mr."Of course! To prove he is the right policy or not. "

Mr."I think so. He's a candidate for election, as well as all the rest. Perhaps his line to select, to prove something to tell. "

Mr."Debates are not live — it is a farce. I do not see the point in this election, because it is a farce. All have long been aware of the results of these elections. "


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