Diesel trucks

Diesel trucksModern handling equipment used in warehouses, pretty diverse. Given that moving boxes or containers containing goods is carried out not only in the framework of the 1st warehouse, but can be implemented through an internal transport system storage cluster, it is often only one electronic loading cranes can not do here.

In many enterprises, the creation of which is there a certain kind of products being prepared for implementation, used forklift trucks. Now these devices can be used both on the ground of large factories and industrial associations as well as storage areas for shopping centers, stores, malls. Often, owners of industrial or commercial companies get autoloader b / a, so to save money. The fact that this technique differs applicable inflated price and reliability. At the same time, autoloader, working on fuel from petroleum, is not dependent on the time of the act of batteries. Batteries with rich work in the criteria of low temperatures can pretty rapidly discharged, but the fuel consumption allows you to work on such technology even more time without the need for refueling.

In great demand right now are diesel trucks, which are different economical consumption of diesel fuel and ease of management. Trucks from the company STILL maneuverable and at the same time behave very stable, allowing pretty rapidly move hundreds or even thousands of kilograms of cargo necessary not only for a certain distance, and at a height of about 3-3.5 m Such loaders perfectly suited to assist in loading a van with boxes of dairy or meat products, canned food, alcoholic products . The risk of fighting container is minimized by an experienced management truck.

It must be emphasized that the type of diesel trucks equipped special pallets to transport goods specified type. They are used on farms after the product is at the stage of packing and packaging.

There are options for trucks that can raise one or the other load to a height of 5 m Their cost is higher, but often specifically those trucks used in warehouses factories and shopping malls.

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