Dilettante dangerous enemy

Mid 90s. I'm at the time NS in / h, part stationed at 7km. from fairly middle of the northern Siberian town, most of the officers and warrant officers, including and family, lived here in a military town. Our commander left before retirement least 2 years, and he was hard to cook for themselves, "the base" in the town, that already in the civilian settle for some warm place, an apartment for himself in the town, he is struck, it remains the case for the small, to find the position of the currency, and so with all this does not make an effort, so here he had a thought. To this end, he is what some are more or less prazdnichkom invited local urban elite (with zamami mayor, chief of the local police department, the FSB, more directors of large companies, etc.) to shoot at our shooting range, shooting intensified barbecue, diluted alcohol, in general, as usual. So in this time, on February 23, it cooperated similar event. For earlier forces personnel at the shooting range at the turn of the fire and the installation site barbecue Barbecue place was a bit cleaned and compacted snow, turned out to be a glorious day in the morning, frost below 18 degrees, which is equivalent to the places thaw, but more importantly, there was no wind, virtually complete calm. Drove a military truck, set the grill, steel fry kebabs, sehalis dignitaries, shoot a Makarov, AA, drinking under shashlychek, discussions, jackets memoir of service in the army, we present officers, other than our commander did not drink, and all vigilantly monitored, weapons all the same, and civilians Tipes, well, in similar cases, our head we will never allow, later already at the end of all these events could relax a little bit, but in moderation.

So now, everything was going well, the sun, pine trees, blue sky, and later several civilian occurred to leave the RGD-5 grenades, of course, not the F-1. The commander ordered me to manage this business, hunters had accumulated 3 people, others refused, and chose barbecue konyachek. Well, as expected, went to the turn, stood in front of the parapet of compressed snow, first showed how to bend the antennae, as to pull out the ring and throw a grenade as far as possible in advance of the parapet, in the deepest snow. Swept aside two after each throwing I would send them to the side of the turn of kebabs, far away. There is only one, or what-then deputy mayor or head of the city administration, a small, bald bespectacled jacket. He did everything right, that's just not thrown a grenade in front, and threw it to the right away from you, along the parapet, in the hard-packed snow, and beheld her the grenade, as she lay on us quite open in 12-15 meters, while indeed in such situations is stretched and flowing slowly, like a slow-motion camerawork, clean machine, I knocked it "granotometchika" for all that he saw his glasses slowly rolled over in the air against the blue sky, he and I were lying on the snow, it has gone down, I'm on it. Exploded somewhere over his head somehow rustled the pieces and calm … Later, I got to his feet, he too got up without grunting caps and without glasses. I did obhlopal — intact myself the same thing, and to us were running, trotting ahead of the commander, followed by the others' hands. " Oh, his poor old after a while everyone started to cuss, but he was never able to really explain their actions, and later sent to the machine city, and prazdnichek continued, but without the shooting and without pomegranate. Commander after which the finished version of such events, and soon retired to the in store, got a head of Security what-that trade and procurement company, but worked briefly in the civilian world, a year and a half retired, sold his apartment and with his own family went to his small home somewhere in the Urals, and I still continued to serve for a long time, but that's another story.

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