Discussion in Facebook whether to believe the scientists that aliens — peaceful aliens

February 10, 2013 23:12

Finnish scientist Janne Korhonen from the University sure that when assessing the risk of conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations could experience the "cold war." His work provides the first assessment of the risks of preventive attack by aliens who have discovered the Earth. This kick can be directed to kill humans as potential competitors.

Whether the inhabitants of the earth are threatened by conflict with the aliens, and that write about social network users Facebook, experts have tried to figure out the "News of Science" magazine "Market Leader".

Probability is small alien attack

The risk of "pre-emptive" attack civilizations from other planets to Earth is quite small, since such an attack is related to a fatal threat to strike back. In certain of the author an article in Acta Astronautica.

According to the author, these interstellar civilizations that have mastered more than one planetary system, the possible benefits of such a strike is unlikely to be higher than the risks that are associated with them.

The author believes that "odnoplanetnye" civilization, including the human, in contact, likely to be in the same position as the United States or the Soviet Union during the "Cold War", when the threat of mutually assured destruction of both parties will be held back from the first blow .

Korhonen says that even if the communication will be limp, those who make decisions, will try to attack without any reason, because they provide a one hundred percent success difficult. In general, it is considered likely that the interstellar civilizations conflicts remain rare

Along with this, as the author warns, interstellar missions to projects and operations need to have a cautious attitude, because the fact of the presence of the inhabitants of the land of technology for this kind of travel can be seen as a threat. Moreover, even a simple space probe, once in the system with intelligent extraterrestrial life can inflict damage and a cause for "revenge." Communication attempts with aliens, like the famous project SETI, Korhonen considered relatively safe idea, though "very mistrustful of civilization can not ignore the risk that even harmless message — this tricks to get their opponents and preventive destruction."

In fact, interest in the problem extraterrestrial civilizations originated long ago. In the history preserved for us the statement of Greek thinker Metodora Chios: "Treat the earth the only inhabited world is as absurd as to assert that in a field that planted millet can grow one single grain." These words of philosopher said in IV century. This means that even at the time questioned on the subject "Is there life on Mars." Meanwhile, there is a perception that extraterrestrial civilizations have not once made an attempt to make contact with humans. In research archives so-called anomalous phenomena can be found many interesting stories that are relevant to the topic.

Facebook about whether aliens in conflict with humans

Facebok social network users are actively discussing the issue of whether a conflict at all between the inhabitants of other civilizations and humans. Facebok some users confidence that the current civilization has long been stalled. It is fully disconnected and can not solve global problems. Humanity faces the task of creating a new civilization, a new Homo sapiens, which is aimed not at himself, and striving to space for the development of new worlds. Another panelist Facebok says that consumerism turns man in primitive animals that seek only to their own well-being. Government, scientists could develop a program for transformation of human society, capable of solving new space mission is considered the next user Facebok.

Another view, which can be found in the social network Facebok is to ensure that the modern society is not at all an intelligent civilization because it does not have its main features — the ability to collective self-preservation, common values and their persistence and most importantly completely absent distribution programs (expansion) For the sake of the survival of civilization, mankind reasonable rather like viruses or primitive insects that have made some progress in the construction of simple life forms like termites or cockroaches, although their collective forms of cooperation and self-preservation is much reasonable men.

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