Dmitry Pimenov: Janke Zhuchka loved for optimism and love for Belarus

Inline BNR Dmitry Pimenov, the legendary "first Myron" in Belarus and now emigrant new migration wave was familiar with yankoy bug that died yesterday in Belgium. We asked Mr. Pimenov to share their memories of the deceased.

Dmitry Pimenov"I met with yankoy bug in 2003, when he began public life in Belgium. But before I had heard about it in the programs of Radio Liberty and knew that living in Belgium Belarusian, whose heart beats in Belarusian. And his intellect and worked in Belarusian. With his advice, we were able to open our Greek-Catholic Church in Belgium. He is a very friendly attitude to everything that we do. Two months ago, we started to make a documentary video of him in which he talks about his life, of "the twelve" from his student days, shows and comments on your photos. For me, it was the closest person here. "

Radio Liberty"Tell me, please, how he, a man of the oldest Belarusian emigration wave applied to the young diaspora, which appeared recently in the West?"

Dmitry Pimenov: Through his hands, if you can so to speak, it took many Belarusians, including and those who were indifferent to the Belarusian case. So with each new immigrant from Belarus, he belonged, I would say, with a wise caution. To me it is also a long time watching, talking, asking for my opinion on whether the cross. But during our last meeting, when he talked about his participation in the GMS's, I realized that he has full confidence in me. And there was a wider range of people with a new emigration, although maybe not so great that he could not talk about such things. He was loved for his optimism for his love of Belarus. "

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