Dmitry Rogozin: DIC is proud of the Russian Federation

The defense industry in a position to become the locomotive of the entire economy

January 26 at the Cultural Center of Russian army general meeting (the military-scientific conference) of the Academy of Military Sciences. Like the year before, in the work of the Forum adopted the role of Dmitry Rogozin ("We are waiting for help from the military science and the" defense "). In his own speech, he practically summed up the work of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation in 2012, which, according to the views of the vice-premier of the Russian government, has become for Russian "defense" difficult, but still a breakthrough.

A year earlier, at a meeting of the Academy of Military Sciences, much has been said about the plans to strengthen ties between the industry and the Armed Forces. You can not say that now is a radical change in this area, but to use the terminology of military history, "Moscow battle" we have already won.

Puzzles day or

In the past year, the main effort "defense" focused on the tasks set by the new government and the Military Industrial Commission (MIC).

First. It was possible to make a constructive dialogue between the professor and the Armed Forces and the defense industry. Ended with bursts of feelings of public opinion on the statements made by some large military leaders that allowed themselves to find fault with Russian equipment, while it was successfully exported. At the moment, with the new management of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence this problem is overcome and the dialogue is restored.

Second difficult task — the revival of science and promotion programs of basic exploratory research for the defense industry. Analysis of municipal defense order indicates that in the main we have a spoon scoop out the last drops of Russian scientific and technical progress. And it is necessary to lay the foundation for the latest modern scientific school, is able to produce a superior enemy weapon. Act according to the band defined by the President of the Russian Federation, to create anticipatory science and technology strategy for the-horizon planning the development of weapons and military equipment (AME).

Third more difficult task — to overcome the technical and technological backwardness of the industry. It needs to be addressed, along with the implementation of the state defense order. On the one hand — on the defense require properties and volumes of supply of modern technology, on the other — it's all done on the machines taken out back in the 45th with the Krupp works. Increase the level of these 2-processes need to sync. And then we faced, so to speak, with the "syndrome of the blockade." When, after 20 years of underinvestment in the industry suddenly went huge orders and significant funds, it turned out that the company was not picked up a little money for the purchase of new equipment and training, and to heal the accumulated ills.

Another topic that should be addressed immediately, — the absence of any authority in professions such as the CEO and chief designer, technologist and engineer. Raising the prestige of the engineering profession and engineering schools — the main strategic task. If we have to honor only humanitarian profession, we can not do media thoughts. Technology or machines we do not need them, because they will use some. With this tightly woven problem of youth and verbovaniya her defense, the creation of a whole system of material and moral incentives.

In manual mode

The result of the past year by offering good defense contracts. Over the top customer — the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence job placement was 99 percent, according to law enforcement agencies and special services — 99.9 percent, according to Rosatom — 100 percent.

Dmitry Rogozin: Russian defense industry will be proud

The purpose of the manual mode, in which in the past year worked MIC, the government, the Ministry of Defense, was switching to the automatic mode, the usual routine work, to create a smooth motor, when everything is done according to reason, plan, and without fuss.

Combining building

One of the main problems was the consolidation of defense assets, the registry of which there are 1,250 companies.

Many of them are working dispersed, do not keep interaction together. There is no single technical policy. Some enterprises own bench base, the right one, but because of disunity not cooperate. From time to time, two adjacent plants produce a range. Because the order of the day or the creation of built structures and combining design potential. If anything needs to compete, it is first thought and design ideas.

In the past year, completed the formation of a single fist of control systems. They included leading universities and companies specializing automatic control as the Armed Forces, their genera and species, as well as the industry itself.

Measures have been proposed to establish a centralized industrial and intellectual center for advanced technologies for hyper-sound. At the moment, the addition of implementing measures on the basis of JSC "Corporation" Tactical Missiles "new skills for this purpose.

The race is on the creation of additional, more narrow industrial cooperation in systems of air and space defense. It is a question of a dialogue between corporations cramped "RTI Systems" and "Comet" for the creation of information tools ASD.

According to Roscosmos have been made pretty tough measures to establish the properties of the control systems and technologies. The massive upgrade production facilities companies in the industry has led to a decrease in the accident rate 6 times. Until the end of March this year, the government will determine the structure of holdings gallakticheskoy craft industry for guidance systems, and engine control.

At my initiative, created concern "Kalashnikov" on the basis of the "Izhmash" Izhmeha, design organizations Rifle industry and other companies in the future. This is made in order to develop a truly modern small tool and use our majestic national brand associated with the name of the majestic Kalashnikov. To defend the rights of our website at the ready automatic gun, which is now without any license rules, we are coming hard lawsuits and court fight. In creating concern will include not only the infantry company, and the production of modern weapons.

Lead developer of the ideology of small business will TSNIITOCHMASH, on the basis of which is the laboratory of the MIC on the development of a modern kind of military equipment and their combat gear. The meaning of this experiment is that a combined shop Object developers and manufacturers, customers exploiter. In the general audience are engineers, designers, technologists and best snipers of all power structures that are well aware of how it should be: an ergonomic, comfortable, high-spirited. This laboratory during 2013 will offer new standards in the Armed Forces of small guns, not inferior to the West, and in some positions it advanced.

By JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC) in 2012 we have worked to consolidate assets. USC bought a controlling stake in OAO "Shipyard" Severnaya Verf ", which was in private hands. Also in the company includes JSC "Baltic Shipyard" and OJSC "Vyborg Shipyard."

Last year, for the first time has been put on the wing deeply modernized military transport Il-476. The President of the Russian Federati
on was the first flight of the aircraft in Ulyanovsk, the drafting of which used the new technology, digital systems, lightweight fender-based composite materials. This is a severe break, and we already have an order for the creation of this machine is based on models for transport aircraft, refueling tankers and other modifications. Almost question about the revival of the Ulyanovsk aviation company.

Marked recovery of other promising projects, including complex tactical aviation. Not so long ago, he made a far flight, breaking more than 7000 km. This aircraft opens up new horizons for the development of fighter aircraft. We ran across to the beginning of the planning of a promising aviation complex distant aircraft, based on other engineering and technical solutions that will allow us to restore parity in this area.

Belarusian issue

A year earlier, in this audience, we talk about the Belarus. There are representatives of our sister republic. The result of the joint work of the Military-Industrial Commission with Belarusian officers was the introduction of configuration December 24, 2012 On the Resolution of the Government of Russian Federation on March 30, 2012. According to the document defines new terms when placing orders for municipal purposes of, including in the framework of the state defense order. For products, materials and devices, the state of origin of which is the Republic of Belarus, the application of the regime established for the production of Russian products. Now we build the military-technical peer communications industry with our Belarusian colleagues. I should note that before 2012 Belarus was seen as a foreign country.

Mobilization tasks

The government gave small companies by means of mobilization task of maintaining plants of old times, who are unable to locate the latest equipment. The government erred in that brand new equipment can be made. On this day, after a review of the respective MIC plan subsequent invoice: mobzadaniya apply only to enterprises that can create products within the requirements laid down in the program from the Municipal promising weapons. Ability to be used will increase productivity of technological equipment, which has already purchased the existing enterprises. All other unnecessary objects must either get re fiercely for them should purchase modern equipment in order to produce the desired output for the Armed Forces.

Cadres decide everything

Single issue for Personnel and housing. This is one of the strategic themes, as can build factories, to get the equipment, but if the issue is not resolved by the staff, cost us a penny.

Dmitry Rogozin: Russian defense industry will be proudProvided that the volume of purchases of arms and military equipment in accordance with the LG 2020 to 2015 in the defense industry is projected to increase salaries by half compared with 2011 m, and by 2018 — twice.

In order to increase the standard of living of workers "defense", and motivation of promising young and experienced trained personnel organizations — performers of defense procurement Russian Federation Presidential Decree of 14 October 2012 approved new guidelines destination scholarships to employees of the industry. As part of its implementation since 2013 will be a transition to a one-time payment of housing grants that will allow to increment the size of annual payments of up to 500 thousand rubles — for outstanding service and up to 350 thousand rubles — for significant contributions. The number of fellows will also increase at the expense of the yearly contest applicants.

Real Estate — one of the principal incentives verbovaniya personnel in the defense industry. In order to solve the housing problems of workers in the industry are encouraged to use the mechanical stimulation of the construction of rental housing stock and mortgage lending. Based on the experience of implementing such projects in the rental housing needs will be corrected. At the initiative of the MIC 30 December 2012 was a federal law that for the development of HCC approved the construction of an additional list of categories of people — members of such cooperatives, which included staff CMO.

A compromise solution of the housing problem would be to create criteria for a probable acquisition of the home defense a certain category of workers, especially young people. To this end, the Federal Fund for Housing Development endowed with the capacity to conduct so-called Dutch auction (the winner is the one who is working to reduce the price of the home). Enter a list of categories of people entitled to purchase such housing on which all experts at "defense" and scientists. Already implemented the project of similar auctions in the Rostov Region and the Primorye Territory. Based on the results is planned to build about 50 thousand square meters of housing.

Stimulated and a different approach. Many enterprises occupy large areas in city centers. As much land do not need much. Liberated areas will be reclassified to apply for housing. First experience we already have. In the town of the Queen on the ground of "Tactical Missiles" begins housing for employees of businesses that one square meter will cost 2.5 times less than that realized in the town.

Here is an example of such, and the numbers as I wish for you to understand — for us this is an important issue. Now the moral and material incentive to work fully to satisfy defense companies and military science really qualified spices.

Very basically done as part of the MIC Board of Directors of technical colleges in order to work out the entire system. We need to attract the brightest young people in these institutions for higher education that will allow them to come to the spices already defense companies. If there is no last-generation military enterprises, we do not sell any today the LG 2020, LG nor promising for 2025. They say that the average age of employees is 48 years of defense, this is a half-truth — that age is composed in the main of the sixties and of youths who exclusively in the labor market is.

But we have this life-changing situation, we create because it was previously. The defense industry is a business card, the pride of Russia. Since now programm arms allows the state to overcome the dependence on oil and gas needle. This can be achieved by converting to the new defense industrial rails, and for establishing a clever work on technology transfer will lead to overflow of them in plain clothes branch.

Controversy behind

Last year was difficult not only because it solves a huge Innovative puzzles. There were great difficulties in the relationship with the management of the Ministry of Defense Industry. In addition to those disputes, which should always be about the price, features, and production volumes, hit things hard to be understood by science and the military "defense".

Dmitry Rogozin: Russian defense industry will be proudLong years was working to create a unified system of command and control tactical level (ESU TZ). This is an important link in the manual, especially in the criteria for the transition to the so-referred to as the concept of network-centric warfare. But taking into account the results of the military-industrial complex, it was possible to suspend and close all projects in October 2012. It was suggested that one hundred percent of for
get about the money that has been spent on the creation of ESU TK, and the newest program from start. Replaced in order to bring before the system is actually finished, there were willing to absorb additional funds. This eccentric example states that a systematic approach to the issues of municipal military orders we did not have and everything is based on obscure desires, often divorced from real life.

Second case. We are satisfied with the government that at the moment the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff differently relate to military science and military education. But in the fall was a struggle for the preservation of a number of academies. I refused to sign the document, which was associated with the elimination of the Academy of ASD them. Zhukov and its confluence with the Academy of them. Mozhaiskii. Now all agreed that this was true. Need a systematic approach — without military science Ministry of Defence did not cope.

Frank lobbying

Technology transfer is necessary, but must be understood that the export policy of the West is very tough. Sverhtehnologichny products, no one will sell. Moreover, if we take foreign technology without the right to get into it, let us kill our Russian manufacturer and sit down on foreign needle.

Quite often it was hard to realize the absurdity of the technical requirements in the procurement abroad from the standpoint of the introduction of this technology. For example, the popular story of the armored vehicle "Lynx» (Iveco). Representatives of the Italian concern expressed surprise as to why Russians buy ready machine, and then bolted to the bumper repair plant in Voronezh and give it another name. The car is good, but its purpose more. It is with heavy armor protection and is able to overcome the mined terrain. But to wage war on this car is unreal, including because of the size.

If we talk about technology acquisition, for which we have a certain gap, you should obtain individual units or do exactly as received our partners who buy Russian weapons and military equipment.

For example, our Indian partner crosses at the moment on the so-called offset agreement. We are selling the finished products, undertake to deploy localization, in other words the development of this technology in them and their acquisition of these technologies. So the whole world is working within the framework of military-technical cooperation.

For some reason we have been very unusual customers who were happy to buy everything ready and proud of it. With all of this, almost all can create yourself.

It is a question of BMP-4 M, which performed "Kurganmashzavod." Manage Navy insisted on his arrival in the Tula Chairman MIC to discover this machine. Troopers argued that we need a machine with a 100-mm gun, applicable for landing and crossing mountain of obstacles. But for some reason the previous management of the General Staff had argued for and against the purchase of foreign models. But who will fight, will that be? Soldiers who actually decide indicated tasks in the military criteria, they say the need for such BMP, and theorists of war, it is not necessary. After our meeting with the new management of the Ministry of Defence, we have come to recognize the purchase of an experimental batch of these machines for the state tests. If they are successful, the technique will be put into service. But why is so hard, with such anguish solve simple questions? Maybe someone has already changed the strategy for implementing Airborne, which are now converted to internal forces, and they are not required desantiruemye standards of military equipment.

Sniper complex capable to give odds and winning the World Cup, is not taken into service without explaining the circumstances. But the technical properties at the tender for the purchase of tools tailored to the foreign standards right up to the length of the barrel. Why?

This frank lobbying, which in at least some other country would have ended in a judicial investigation. Now, after the Federal Service for Defense Contracts withdrawn from conducting the Defense Ministry, says the main impartial monitoring. But the problem still remains, and it is hard lesson that must pass for the moment the new management of the defense ministry.

Naturally, we checked the "Mistral". It is surprising that for airdrop in expeditionary operations zatarivaemsya ships that do not work at temperatures below 7 degrees. I do not know for sure, someone decided that there will be some of our actions in Africa.

Unprofessional defense procurement

We are very interested in the restoration of military science. Our technicians, engineers and designers are able to do all that would require the Armed Forces. However, these requirements must be rational, and it is not necessary to change them several times a year.

The state defense order was revised 6 times. Comes the new commander in chief, and he does not hunt locator on the left and the right. For a similar reason in the Kaliningrad region on the shipyard "Yantar" are rugged vehicles. Something invents the next boss, and then grows at the cost of manufactured products. And in the end we get a very unsatisfactory outcome.

Asked a technical task, provided his military and scientific support to the development stage, and then the industry must track down what will happen in the operation of this equipment is already in the Armed Forces. Prof. necessary purchases.

The basic approach

Before the New Year was signed into law on development fund promising research in defense and security interests, formed a board of trustees, which the president asked me to lead it. At the moment, together with the new management of the Ministry of Defense develop a plan of work in this area. Very fundamentally embody basic search program from research, which was approved by 18 months, reversing the scientific and technical council of the MIC and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

With all of this specific industry must take on the implementation of basic research. She will defend to the municipal customer develop the promising samples of weapons and military equipment that will be able to take full account of scientific and technical progress. In the framework of the state defense order for classification of works on military science, the All-Russian Research Institute of interdisciplinary disk imaging (VNIIMI) entrusted to a single database for all R & D, including spent in previous years. During 2013 we will enter into force municipal power system state defense order, which will allow not only to consider the passage of all the work on it, right up to the fourth co-executor, and classify all R & D to provide access to them.

And it turns out that we are sitting on a majestic intellectual wealth, which is created by our scientists, unaware of the fact that we have it and how to use it. Individual design offices and manufacturing plants are almost parallel work without even knowing the phrase "techno single policy." This loss of properties, the time and resources.

Over-the-horizon forecast

To connect the issues of development of promising military-technical policy, we also develop a fundamentally matters related to military and political sciences. Coupled with VNIIMI we will create healing institute of national defense and security, which will take in close contact with our military scientists design, study of contemporary forms of warfare. And accordingly the prediction of the technology, which is needed for this. Very basically here come from the fact that we can not create the criteria of scientific and technological progress is completely universal tool.

Any weapons at his upcoming specialization should find the right way, where it will be applied. In this regard, we can not be satisfied fuzzy forecasting scenario of future military operations. We need to know exactly what kind of weapons and mil
itary equipment needed to fight in various armed conflicts: a stronger, equal in power and more than a weak opponent. It's a different thing.

Tanks, of course, advisable to keep. But there are scenarios in which we may not even have time to use them. For this military science really need to get all the data from the standpoint of advancing, the forecast horizon.

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