Dmitry Rogozin: Its time to pull the fangs from the American Hydra!

Dmitry Rogozin: It's time to pull the fangs from the American Hydra!At the last 21 — 22 July consultations in Washington "monsters cool war" confessed our policy that South American missile defense in Europe will be focused against Russia.

At the consultations held on July 21-22 in Washington, Dmitry Rogozin sure: ABM aimed against us, and the "monsters cool war" with the "pupils-scopes" just lying to us in the eye.

— They do not hide the fact that their system will be deployed not against there is no fairy states in the Middle East, holding a virtual aircraft guns, but against the Russian Federation — said Russia's permanent representative to NATO, in an interview to "Interfax", noting that some South American politics "does not imply any cooperation with Russia."

After a frank discussion with Republican Senators Mark Kirk and Jon Kyl (the latter, by the way, blames Russian security services in the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Tbilisi) our diplomat instead of the "thaw" sensed a fierce cold.

— It may be that Obama's team built missile defense capabilities with instant transfer of operational missile of the Navy United States from the southern to the northern seas will create real anti-Russian potential, which is what we fear — he warns. — Amerikosy want to grab the gun from the holster, which its trunk will walk in a variety of hand, and not to aim towards officially declared target.

And guarantee that Obama's successor is not deployed missile defense against Russia, actually, no.

— Our homeland wished to have some safety net in the event of coming to power in a white house Russophobes that could use the missile defense plans to inject another hysteria against our country and the collapse of the global international political stability, which developed so hard the last decade — highlights Rogozin. — Once again, we offer a product Made in USA, which already created in the U.S., and it is not subject to revision, despite the various specific arguments of skeptics, including Russian.

Because at this point, when diplomatic negotiations have stalled, but discussions with the military is still a chance to negotiate faster with today's ruling team to the so called "point of no return."

— We litsezreem that the Democratic administration hamstrung by internal political struggle and that the forces that are "bump" for Obama, in general, are not registered with the necessity of cooperation with Russia on missile defense, and do not hide their plans orientation of the missile defense system to block Russian strategic nuclear potential. It would be better to pull the fangs from this hydra specifically at this point, otherwise the poison spill, first, to south american people, because we can not stand idly by in the criteria when the military turns against us potential West — concluded Russian envoy.

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