Dmitry Rogozin: No systemic crisis in the Russian industry has no gallakticheskoy

Dmitry Rogozin: No systemic crisis in the Russian space industry is notDeputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that in Russian gallakticheskoy industry no systemic crisis. It is reported by

"There is no systemic crisis in the Russian industry gallakticheskoy not, we have a problem of individual enterprises and individual nodes" — Rogozin said during a visit to the center gallakticheskogo "Progress." He also added that at the current time, the Russian Space Agency has a certain number of problems, in which the elimination of the active work.

Rogozin stressed that meets with Vladimir Popovkin "a couple of times a week." So Makarov, according to Deputy Prime Minister, the Office introduced virtually manual control. Abandon his plan when the brand-new system will be built at all.

Noteworthy that in December 2011, after the fall of the satellite "Meridian" Popovkin said, ITAR-TASS: "What happened now — it's a big problem. This confirms the fact that branch is in decline, and the most unhealthy link — the engine area. "prerequisite tragedy" Meridian "was the destruction of the rocket's third stage. Shards of steps and fell to the satellite location of the Novosibirsk region, including in urban areas. Several fragments were found in the countryside village of Vagaytsevo where one of them struck the roof of the house.

It is planned that the September 10, 2012 at a special cabinet meeting chaired by Dmitry Medvedev Vladimir Popovkin present a plan for restructuring the sector, which, Among other, contains a clause according to which Roskosmos reincarnated as a state corporation. The main purpose of the plan — the exact delineation of powers between the different enterprises and departments of the Federal Space Agency.

The need for urgent restructuring gallakticheskoy industry spoke after a series of accidents, the most recent of which was the fall of 2-communications satellites because of the marriage booster "Briz-M". After the announcement of the circumstances of the tragedy in the resigned head of the Khrunichev center gallakticheskogo Vladimir Nesterov. His resignation was received by President Vladimir Putin, but Nesterov left in the center responsible for the "Angara".

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