Dmitry Rogozin: The calculation of common sense in the negotiations on the U.S. missile defense

Dmitry Rogozin: The calculation of common sense in the negotiations on the U.S. missile defenseOne of the hottest topics for the Russian Federation — President's statement on the situation that has developed around the missile defense system of NATO in Europe. Dmitry Medvedev, noting that negotiations with the U.S. to develop a joint missile defense system does not provide, said a number of responses — from the immediate deployment of the latest strategic missile base in Kaliningrad, and the likely deployment there of the complex "Iskander" to a potential exit from the Russian Federation START contract. Situation, "Vesti on Saturday," commented unchanged representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said.

— Dmitry O., say, a rocket takes off from Iran. From Poland soars South American missile, which should bring down the missile. Our homeland which of the 2-would shoot down missiles — Iran or South American?

— The fact that the rockets taking off from Poland, can not possibly meet the goals of Iran. If Iran will own missile capabilities, the only potential short-and medium-range missiles. Not a single missile from Iran to Poland not reach. Because we can imagine for ourselves a situation that, say, the base of the U.S. missile defense in Romania is related to the Middle East or, for example, their radar in Turkey. Well here in this Poland? The stated goals have no case for military projects in the Baltic region in the Barents Sea and the North Sea. Have no relation to plans to deploy in Poland base interceptor missiles, which if anything will be kept under control, it just does not Iranian missiles. And on the technical features of the missiles in Poland will hold the opportunity to control the air space and gallakticheskoe Russian Federation. In principle, the negotiations have predictable partner, who says things really close to reality. But at the moment we litsezreem that we from time to time just trying to rub points. Try, so to say, this does not concern you. Give it some verbal assurances. No one is going to show at least the technical properties of these missiles, their data.

— South American senators opposed to transmit these technical data.

— South American senators direct text from time to time declared: what are you, Russian, illusions can be?

-What, by the way, read Dmitry Medvedev in his own statement.

— To save America from any missile risks. In other words, the problem is that Americans have a missile defense system close to our north-western borders, cast swing our deterrence, try to make yourself unique abilities absolute invulnerability — a means and impunity — and hook in those strategic balance that exists in Europe and the world as a whole during the period after the war.

— Armed forces tasked to develop measures to ensure, as necessary, the destruction of information and control of funds missile defense systems. What does this mean? What special forces will stand here and there on the basis of readily fly out there and hurt? Electric light for some. Exactly what is it?

— President of the Russian Federation puts puzzle before the Ministry of Defence. Not always, these funds will be announced to the public. Naturally, we can only say that in the state armament program there approved until 2020, which allocated 20 trillion rubles, on lifting the revival of our defense industry based on all the funds that are listed in the statement of President Medvedev.

— "With the unfavorable development of the situation," I continue to quote the President, "Our homeland reserves the right to abandon the next steps in the field of disarmament." A "negative development" — what's that?

— Unfavorable development — is unrestrained development of missile defense, including after the third phase, and the 4th, which affected the interests of Russia. This deployment base in Poland, South American fleet deployment of missile defense in our northern seas, an attempt to put a swing our potential. Maybe, there is some kind of 5th phase, and the 6th. And what will happen after phase 4? After all, nothing will. We know how to count to 10. Statement by the President of the Russian Federation — a predictable, on the one hand. It states that the actions of the Russian Federation and that increases the chances of Russian negotiators to ensure that further consultation with the Yankees. On the other hand, it is very courageous and accurate as to put that little problem of political control throughout the defense industry, all over the state — to recreate the strategic defense potential of the country. It is very essential.

— Courageous and accurate statement. Pre-election?

— It may not be relevant to the general logic — elective or pre-election, as it is not related to the election campaign and the fact that the president has long said that he will make a statement on missile defense. And he did immediately after his meeting with President Obama.

— Which, unfortunately, did not bring the country.

— They're read as that. And by the way, Medvedev said the South American president of his own plans to make this kind of statement. This is a very severe issue — national security — that ukatyvat his election in logic.

— It's all very sad, as the two nuclear powers naikrupneyshie bearing, of course, an extraordinary responsibility for the fate of the world, so instead of shared responsibility, continue to quarrel among themselves. Surely, this is not cool war, but can we hope for the continuation of the negotiations? Either we finished this hopeful start?

— No. But Medvedev's statement read intently. It deals with the fact that our homeland is counting on the fact that the negotiations will continue. We rely on the common sense of our partners. We just warn them that the money they are going to izderzhat and take away from their own taxpayers will be thrown in vain, in the furnace of the South American military-industrial complex. It will not give any results, since our countermeasures, our asymmetric military-technical answer is not quite such expensive as it might seem. He simply devalue the efforts of the United States, if these efforts will be focused against our security.

— This answer has been laid in the Russian rearmament program from the Armed Forces or reclaims additional appropriations?

— It is not so long ago, I shared with the head of the presidential administration, Sergei Naryshkin visited the missile brigade in the Leningrad region. We looked at how to work, "Iskander". Severe machine, with good features. Everything is already incorporated in the program, funds are allocated. We have held two meetings in Kirov. It was a meeting with the defense industry. Everything is understood. Task posed. Objectives explained. Everything will be made.

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