Dmitry Rogozin: what we have planned and already do not like the enemy

Dmitry Rogozin: the fact that we planned and already do not like the enemyIt becomes natural that our homeland is committed to return for themselves the status of the majestic power and expand the scope of impact — from the "disguise" our troops defected to rearm, total expenditures on national defense from 2013 to 2015 could reach about 7.7 trillion rubles. Not everything went smoothly on the path to this status: the borders of the country smoothly approaching missile defense, NATO, gallakticheskuyu branch of the Russian Federation in the last two years pursuing woes by launching "price wars" between Russian defense industry and military agency had become the talk of the town. About how you plan to overcome these difficulties, who will determine which weapons and military equipment needs of our army and what exactly can be a technical response to the European missile defense system of the Russian Federation, in an interview with RIA Announcements Igor Andreev said Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission Dmitry Rogozin.

— Dmitry O., one of the most noticeable steps in reforming the Russian "defense", which is associated with your naming, was instructed on the withdrawal of Russian control of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation a number of agencies and departments, the first of which was the Federal Service for Defense Contracts (Rosoboronzakaz). Will you continue working in this direction, what agencies can still be transferred "under the wing" of the government of the Russian Federation?

— Rosoboronzakaz derived from the authority of the President of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense specifically because it is the supervisory office, the controlling authority. How could she be under the Ministry of Defense and for all that oversee the activities of the ministry — is quite unclear. Moreover, Rosoboronzakaz is competent not only in relation to the organizations the military-industrial complex and the Department of Defense, and for all other Russian power structures that are the customers of the municipal arms, military and special equipment. Because the decision to resubordination this structure specifically the government completely logical and natural, and almost everything that's why tougher fight against financial fraud and ineffective implementation of funds allocated to defense contracts. We are, after all, was returned impartial control over the course of its placement and execution. I promised the management of the country at my destination in government, I'll start an uncompromising fight against corruption and sloppiness, so we are acting according to plan.

Now for the rest of the structures of the Ministry of Defense. Rosoboronpostavka — an agency that deals with the placement of orders for mass creation of products for the benefit of law enforcement agencies. Questions continuous supply of products to the troops — it is not the business of government. Let the Defense Ministry and other security forces decide the issue.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) and the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (Federal Technical Committee), which is formally subordinated to the Ministry of Defense, due to the specifics of their work and the special significance of the work of these agencies are in fact under the personal supervision of the President of the Russian Federation. Only for him to decide where they will be, though, in fact the case, and so they go directly to the head of the country. As a responsible government for military-technical cooperation and the managing committee of the Russian Federation on export controls I also have the attitude to these services.

— Will there recently, the government of the Russian Federation, at the Military-Industrial Commission of new, additional levers of control over the system of defense contracts?

— Conflicts of interest between the Ministry of Defense and defense industry is, as they say, the existential nature. It's a never-ending conflict between the merchant and the customer. Another thing — in the interests of national security, this conflict should take the form of Prof. dispute competent professionals that put in front of him one purpose — to strengthen the country's defense and its industrialization. In this sense, the Military-Industrial Commission, which consists, on the one hand, the heads of the power ministries and agencies, military commanders, and the other — the leaders of the defense science and industry, serves as an impartial judge, first in matters of pricing.

Under former Defense manual Absolutized Western technology and weapons to the detriment of Russian production, which dushilos close to zero profitability. Because the MIC was required to act in defense of the Russian defense industry, trying to solve two complex tasks: start of production of modern weapons and upgrade the technology of the production. Now, after a recognizable change in the Arbat, I hope the situation will recover in the Defense Ministry will end leapfrog in the organization of military science, and will be adjusted, in the end, the planning system order arms, and the industry will come to a measured creating the highest quality products.

Incidentally, I refused Serdyukov in sight draft government resolution on the elimination of a number of military academies and even before his resignation from the Ministry of Defense claimed to return the size of the military office of up to 25 thousand people, as determined by presidential decree. And Anatoly E. "dosokraschalsya" to 7.5 thousand military representatives by 1.35 thousand companies — hence the sharp drop in the level of control the properties of production, including in the space industry.

As for the additional levers of control by the military-industrial complex the course of the defense order placement jobs, then there are several. In-1's, I introduced the practice of weekly operational meetings to customers and contractors report to me about changing the dynamics of accommodation SDO. If necessary, I immediately intervene and solve the problem of. In-2, reached full capacity Rosoboronzakaz, as I have for you to read. B-3, will soon be put on "alert" municipal automatic system Municipal defense order (GOZ to fade) — Electric database that can handle all the necessary disk imaging array for all customers, manufacturers and suppliers, including suppliers of the second and third level. Also in the fading GOZ we expect to classify information on all research and development work that was carried out and maintained in the interests of national defense and security. So Makar, we seem to materialize technological advance MIC.

And, in the end, almost a month back Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin signed a decree made interagency working group of the highest level of control over the placement and execution of the SDO. She sees a problem since the creation of new production tools and systems with the following report section of the country, including the degree of individual responsibility of those officials who sabotages solutions aimed at strengthening the country's defense.

— Just one of these problematic issues is the fate of modern armored vehicles for the Navy. So get there eventually Russian paratroopers latest car — BMD-4M, when it will be adopted according to the decision?

— The problem is that the defense industry — and I mainly responsible specifically for its development, the preparation of military science and industry to perform complex tasks defense orders — it is all the same should not
be engaged in some imaginations and make up for the customer that he needs to of success on the battlefield. Industry can offer various options the Department of Defense Technical solutions one way or the other tasks, but make up for his order the customer does not have to. The answer to this question is dependent on how the General Staff sees the prospect of fighting the introduction of airborne troops.

If there based on the fact that the introduction of the concept of airborne — it zabroska commandos behind enemy lines and hold a bridgehead to the main approach of our forces, then, of course, this requires desantiruemye, light but well-armed technique. If the same question about other methods of implementing the Navy, for example, the decision of the police and counter-terrorist objectives, then the BMD is not needed, and well protected from the mine-explosive attack cars, adapted including for the conduct of military operations in urban criteria. Americans in similar operations using the "Hummers", we have also carried out such developments and are accepted for service. When the former Minister Serdyukov our army bought in Italy bronedzhipy "Iveco" screwing them in place bumper and renaming them "Lynx".

BMD-4M, from my point of view, well, from the standpoint of Airborne Forces Commander Vladimir Shamanov, his chief of staff and general paratroopers who took part in actual combat operations — is well armed (100-mm cannon, 30-mm automatic gun, coaxial machine gun and anti-tank), manoeuvrable machine. Its heavier due to additional armor the bottom, of course, possible, but if it fails either to parachute from the air or by swimming to overcome water obstacles. Here, you need to choose a balanced option from the standpoint of introducing the concept of combat air assault. I am sure the new chief of the General Staff Valery V. Gerasimov, who I know from working with NATO with a better hand, will understand.

We are ready to further improve the performance of the new platform, which is currently underway on the "Kurganmashzavod." Including a promising platform "Kurganets" on the basis of which will be performed and also brand new BMD. But again I say — industrialists can not compose for the General Staff of the methods of implementation of the troops. They are ready to offer technical solutions army, but the terms of reference, or as we call them "Wishlist" have to write all the same customers from the General Staff.

— I would like to touch on another problematic area — space: a series of failed launches and accidents showed the need to reform the industry. Long-standing strategy of development of the industry has already been submitted to the government, and will be known when the Russian Space Agency plans to transform? Will the agency is following the example of Russian Technologies State Corporation, which is a type of control that structure?

— This issue was discussed at the Security Council on August 31, report to the President and the Prime Minister. Not so long ago, under my chairmanship created a group that has to work out the concept of the forthcoming movement towards a new organizational and legal status of the Russian Federal Space Agency — movement in order to increase the reliability of structural space rocket technology, the creation of the quality management system, optimization of the production itself, because the space-rocket branch loaded with orders for 40 percent of the total.

In the end, we decided to hear not only the world of Roscosmos, they somehow just basically inclined to create the type of Rosatom State Corporation. Were formed and other expert groups. We are talking about the spices of the Expert Council of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Skolkovo center.

On November my first deputy to the Military-Industrial Commission, Yuri Borisov, held a conciliation meeting of all 3 groups, and we have begun to bring together the final version of the report, which will be presented to Dmitry Medvedev, on 26 November. According to the results of the report will be prepared and submitted to the President of the Government Council of the Russian Federation for a final decision.

It would be — a municipal company, or will be significantly expanded opportunities and responsibilities of today's Federal Space Agency, will create some specialized holdings on engine building, on systems of breeding, management systems, to build satellites for the purchase and production of electrical component base — these issues will be delivered on November 26 by a semicolon. Later, the president will deliver a point.

— In development fund promising research president has put the point, respectively signed the decree on its development. Has a list of pilot projects that will so called "Russian DARPA», what the structure of the Fund, who will head it?

— I will tell you a little secret: a list of those staffing proposals, which should be the government's initiative on the composition of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, we have a Prime Minister is currently discussing. Seven people will be delegated to the government, another 7 people call the president of the Russian Federation, and have these 14 people will choose the fifteenth — General Director of the Foundation. He, too, will the composition of the board of trustees of the Fund on the status.

Decision on the candidacy of General Manager yet, considered several candidates at once. I can say that participate in this discussion and Russian heads of the academy, and the Ministry of Education, Government and Military-Industrial Commission, together with its scientific and technical advice. Our large companies are also thinking about it.

It is very fundamentally wrong. Figure director general, in my opinion, and I will offer, apparently, several candidates Dmitry Medvedev, should there be such, that this man had a universal, but with all this deep scientific zaniyami. Immediately it should be inherent in a healthy futurism and even some "scientific and technological adventurism", as managers of the Fund to be promising research projects on the basis of their own experience and knowledge to feel the most "delicious", a fascinating, which may be in the student's development in academic projects — snatch it and by funding the creation of prototypes, bring them to the creation of sophisticated weapons systems, military and special equipment that can enable us to achieve military and technical advantages.

— What proportion of the Russian military-industrial complex eventually will give a personal fortune?

— In the U.S., 60 percent of companies in the defense industry are private hands. In Russia, I think, in the implementation of government measures involving personal capital in the defense industry, this figure will be 30-35 per cent — less than in the U.S. due to the fact that we usually have a very powerful defense municipal sector — 1350 companies. Their number will naturally be reduced, including through the conversion of unclaimed productions. Modern compact and high-performance technology, we are massively re-equipping defense companies, free of excess space of the former Russian factories. Because after a thorough analysis of the latest defense plans, we will make a decision in respect of the 'excess'. They will either be converted to civilian production, or in parks, or after consultation with the regional authorities, we will decide what to do with these ramshackle shops and vacant lots, right up to the decision to build in their place housing for defense workers.

The main part of the companies will be reduced due to the merger, the compound association. Soon we were walking along the path alternately creation of built structures, they have quite a lot: United Aircraft (UAC), shipbuilding (USC), engine-building (APC) of the company, I'm not talking about our industrial giant — a state corporation "Russian Technologies&qu
ot;. But the impending move, we will, as I have read on the connection path and the concentration of the mind, industrial, and test bench bases. If the Soviet Union, which lived in isolation from the rest of the world, competition between ignited countless industry KB — only one aircraft, if you remember: Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Lavochkin, Ilyushin, Yakovlev, Tupolev, Myasischev, Polikarpov, etc. — That at the moment barely recovered after the oblivion crisis and our industry was one on one in fierce competition with industrial corporations of other states, including zalezshego and our the domestic market. Hide this struggle for our producers nowhere — "Iron Curtain" is no more. That is why the Russian government will have to master the role of influential regulator of the internal market, giving rise inside the country and abroad demand for products specifically Russian manufacturers. It should be wound on a mustache that in the modern world of arms does not overwhelm guns and aircraft and the company. As can be seen, the government should become a doctor, able to stick to our corporations iron teeth and build steel armor at elbows, and then they will understand with their rivals.

I am a supporter of a hot businessman personal involvement in the defense industry. Meanwhile we reduce production risk, create a healthy konkurentnst and pour into the defense branch of "fresh blood" and new ideas and entrepreneurial adrenaline. As long as we have to work in manual mode, practically pushing "privateers" to a role in the implementation of development programs CMO. Certainly already will take a personal contribution to the Infantry branch of the business, in the creation of the means of communication and optical systems. Even for complex systems, which are based on "sensitive technologies", for example, by a system of air and space defense (ASD), the Military-Industrial Commission approved the industrial cooperation 3 completely different companies. Concern "Almaz-Antey" — a municipal company, concern "Comet" — is also municipal company run by Russian Space Agency, and the third — a personal holding company — "RTI-Systems." Together, these three companies, despite the various forms of accessories, through public-private partnerships make a single, coherent system of complex product information systems and weapons for the troops ASD.

— In other words "exclusion zones" in the CMO for personal business will not be?

— No. Necessary, of course, certain approvals, we have them make out, but it's all seamlessly issues at stake. Here you go, another example: the platform "Boomerang", the city of Arzamas. The creation of these BMPs in the Nizhny Novgorod region — also a personal business, personal company, under the title "Military-Industrial Company".

For the creation of public-private partnerships to address three fundamental questions. First — it's the awareness of business that we are interested in and where they can simply be integrated. Second task — the business is ready to risk their capital on the R & D stage, in other words make reference under the terms of reference, but it should be fully convinced that if it fully complies with the standard specification of the customer, the customer of series production will pay for his expenses, return to him it means a profit. And third — this, of course, you need to cross to the civilized rules of the case. Hardly personal company just give the author's rights to the intellectual property generated by its products, as it does at the moment: the Department of Defense "vacuum cleaner" confiscates all of this intellectual property. It is necessary here to run across to such rules as "royalty", the payment of royalties and so on.

At my initiative was created by Council for Public-Private Partnerships at the Military-Industrial Commission. At the moment, under the Board's finishing work on the report to the President, which will be offered to the rules of the country and its business in terms of defense. Works great, but I think we can handle.

— And to developments in the field of strategic nuclear forces (SNF) also admit privateers?

— Everything related to the production of strategic nuclear forces, of course, must be under the absolute control of the country. But in co-operation, of course, can participate and private owners, and co-operation in this industry is very profound, maybe 300-400 companies. Including in the design and manufacture of electric components base, new materials — please participate.

On the whole, I say again, we need to bring up to 30-35 per cent of the personal presence of the Russian capital in the CMO. Given the specificity of our country, I think it would be a better proportion. This will allow us to share with the business risks associated with the implementation of the state program of armaments, and coupled to expand creation and markets.

— One of the severe threats to Russian strategic nuclear forces on nedavneshney conference in Moscow, with the role of the representatives of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly You dubbed South American sea-based missile defense system, "Aegis" …

— Indeed, the sea-based missile defense system plays a destabilizing role. Anyone who calls the missile defense system "defense system", apparently, just a simpleton. The whole world since 1945 held the strategic balance of nuclear forces, and it saved the world, even in the most difficult years of sliding into armed conflict between East and West. Yes, from time to time have fought wars in other countries, but directly — never.

PRO — is an attempt to review all these things that have a long history, is an attempt to clear the Russian strategic nuclear potential. Maritime Mobile U.S. missile defense system, which may suddenly appear in a particular vicinity of Russian banks, will cause most exacerbations of reaction of, as though no other country in a similar situation. Because the U.S. missile defense in the form in which it currently exists, is obviously destabilizing, provoking an arms race in the nature of relations between Russia and the US-NATO. And they are about to read is true and clear. I worked for four years, the Russian Ambassador to NATO and know what language they understand is best.

— You will also head the interagency group to create the technical basis of troops Aerospace Defense (ASD). Tell me, in Russia system, similar to the U.S. missile defense, when you see?

— As for our system, it should be understood that historically Our homeland was the other way. In accordance with the contract of defense from 1972 we have had a region-based strategic missile defense — first around the town of Moscow. At the moment we are upgrading the system, and it will be as before to play an important role. In addition, in accordance with state applets arms to the troops will go in the right amount of new anti-aircraft missile systems EKR — C-400 and C-500, the latter of which will own ekzoatmosfernomu ability to intercept ballistic targets. But the fundamental feature of our strength lies in the fact that they are on our sovereign country. We have a missile defense system in American banks do not set because we do not have expansionist, brutal plans and we do not want to destabilize the situation in other regions.

Naturally, this does not preclude the ability of occurrence at our Navy radar remote detection. It was first associated with the need to develop a system of missile warning — just right to try to find poruha on Russia. But firepower, in other words, missile, we are at the borders of the United States under what some imaginary, ridiculous pretexts, for example, to "protect our American friends from Canada and Honduras," never possessed. And they are right under our noses have — under the pretext of protecting us and Europe from the "ba
d guys Iran and North Korea."

— As one of the most likely response to the deployment of the European missile defense system of the Russian Federation has named managing accommodation in Kaliningrad operational-tactical missile complex "Iskander-M". Whether, in your opinion, another measure of "technical character" to be a return to the use of military railway missile complexes, as previously it was a hard power?

— By means of countering missile defense are means of oppression and the means to overcome missile defense. "Iskander" — is actually saying, and have the means of oppression that can bring their firepower against deployed close to the borders of Russia information and enemy fire missile defense systems in the event of aggression against us.

As for the means of overcoming this first special funds, which are equipped with modern Russian rocket. They allow you to enter the enemy misleading, creating a huge number of false targets, change the characteristics of the line of motion and much more.

Media placement techniques — this is the second question. The missiles can be silo-based, in other words stationary, they can be mobile home — our "Poplars" on wheeled platform. At the theoretical level of a strategic nuclear forces may be railway-based and air-based and sea.

Of course, that our home reflects not only the means of oppression and overcome the defense to make a guaranteed chance of unacceptable harm though what the aggressor in the response and retaliatory actions, and so to keep him from temptation to inspect our sturdiness, beating very crazy idea of an attack on Russia. Naturally, we are also thinking about an effective protection of our strategic nuclear forces of the treacherous disarming attack the enemy, because to keep everything in the "hospital" — "under the hood at the Mueller" — are not going to. In what forms it will be manufactured, possible aggressor will find out later. I think he will not like it.

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