Dmitry Uss: I would camcorders equipped intensive care unit

Society of Belarusian legislation there are no rules that would provide for the publication of the medical bulletins on the state of health of the president or view the candidates for the presidency of relevant medical reports to the CEC. Do not apply such laws and in other post-Soviet countries. Although the calls for the introduction of increasingly heard from legislators themselves. Recently, such initiatives were members of Estonia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan …

On the eve of the elections on December 19 Freedom asked what they think on this subject candidates for the presidency, how do these people maintain a healthy lifestyle, and why should they have changes in the national health care.

Today, answers our questions Dmitry FF.

Dmitry Uss (39 years, height 190 cm, weight 100 kg, working pressure (if it measures) 130-120/80).

"Freedom": Mr. Moustache, if you became president, what changes in health care you would find in the first place?"

FF"If we talk about the health care system, I first drew attention to the intensive care services in hospitals. These I would have equipped the unit with video surveillance cameras. Indeed, patients are there in closed conditions. Access to them have only doctors who do not always properly belong to the patient. I was in intensive care. In 2004, I went to elective surgery and did not come out of the anesthesia, I lay in a coma for two months with DachshundsthCHNohm atruchensNOTm. I good at the subject. Of course, there are exceptions that indicate a worthy service to his medical profession. Very often, this is unfortunately not the case. Terrible cases occur. All this must change. "

"Freedom"" Are you in favor to Belarusian media to inform the public about the health of presidential candidates? How do you feel about the fact that in Belarus, as is done in democratic countries, the president held regularly scheduled medical examinations and that this information is also published in the media? "

FF"Of course, this topic should not be closed. However, what is meant by the words" planned regular monitoring? "Just about as often as that of workers in the food? Because it's overkill. Actually, you know, within our not yet a democratic state is too early to talk about. We have no control over the power of many other issues. When is democracy, then it will be possible to discuss this topic. And while it is empty. "

"Freedom"" But you're not going to argue that the president and even a presidential candidate must be in good health. Or this job requires a lot of effort? "

If there is democracy, then we can discuss this topic. And while it is empty.

FF"Extorted. I was a member of the Minsk city and I know it. Regarding the current presidential campaign, it requires even more power. Here you need to deal with the large volume of information, and with a lot of things. But such a burden familiar to me since I was a member. Though, in terms of load, then in addition to the company, I have a main job, have family responsibilities, have a child and a pregnant wife, demanding attention. "

"Freedom"" How do you maintain your fitness? "

FF"We ran into the park, not far from the house. Doing exercises. At home I have a horizontal bar. Every morning — a contrast shower. All of this helps to keep the shape. Incidentally, this style of stick for life. Besides, I am a supporter of sobriety. Not smoke. Drinking quite rare. On holidays. Moreover, it is exceptionally good wine or brandy. "

"Freedom"" Do you think the head of state must necessarily be a sports person? "

FF"No. Not necessarily. Head of the country must be a wise man. And then everything else. Wisdom sometimes comes as a result of loss of health. Such sports and successful people do not always fully may feel that a situation in which others have got to understand these people. "

The most basic thing to have to head all was well.

"Freedom"" Is there, in your opinion, the disease with which one can go to the president? "

FF"The most basic thing to have to head all was well. So I think. Certainly, it is desirable that did not hurt. But the fact that after the head — legs, arms — so it is secondary. History knows of presidents."

"Freedom"" With regard to his own head itself is not always easy to understand — need a specialist … Before you decide to go to the president, you have no desire to have a medical examination? "

FF"As a medical examination, then I go through the Commission as a driver and as a hunter. Last such Commission was in August.

I do not go to the clinic. Tablets did not take any. Out of this need.

I checked closely enough physically and mentally, because I have the carbine rifle. I am healthy.

I do not go to the clinic. Tablets did not take any. Out of this need. As for vaccination against influenza, also decided to refrain from doing so. I believe that not every body can perceive the vaccine as it should. I know that in some cases the shots had even fatal consequences. "

"Freedom"" Well, if, God forbid, something goes a disease with you or with loved ones, then go to the clinic? Or maybe it will be treated folk remedies or even refer to the representatives of alternative medicine? What form of treatment do you prefer? "

FF"I'm for that form of treatment that really helps people. When people are in a position to really help the traditional doctors, then fine. Sometimes a person to feel good enough psychological support. Remember Kashpirovsky was a time when everyone gathered at the TV, put cans of water , tubes of creams to their different psychics these charges. And all believed in this tsudadeynasts. Perhaps all this helped. A person can inspire many positive things. Our health and well-being depend on it. "

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