Dmitry Zhuravlev integration project around of — is a project of transformation of in the cash cow

Dmitry Zhuravlev: Project integration around Russia - is a project of turning Russia into a "cash cow"A full text of the Director of the Institute of regional problems, the municipal councilor III-class Dmitry Zhuravlev expert on the international committee hearings "Eurasian perspective and addressing the political, humanitarian and economic problems" non-recognized "countries" in Moscow, June 14, 2012.

Here to talk about the creation of the hopelessness of the bureaucratic project in the CIS unified pension system. Never mind, it's all the manifestations of more profound things. Here they say: we do not have an integration project, not true, it is. He always was, he was always there and he just called and say — "milch cattle," and no other project and there was not. And then, as mentioned, it is only just another manifestation of this majestic project. Eurasianism is just another manifestation — more extensive.

That's before we talk about the project majestically Romania or the Turkish Eurasian project, but it is always a personal projects countries to expand their own abilities. The foreign policy of the Russian Federation projects are entirely different character. Since the Russian alliance was divided according to the principle "that my left rear you want." The same principle was created and on the same principle shared. Therefore, no independent economy, none of the states of the CIS and there was not, as all of these economies are from the beginning of the 60s, based on the abilities of a redistribution of oil profits Russian Union. In another way, this machine did not work and will not work. We do not charge Tajikistan — have them there all so curious that they are really not up to our oil revenues, as well as Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan may even be that your gas profits involved, and it so perfectly. In addition to these 3 states, all other CIS countries still play on the Russian rules. And they're on the other can not — do not shoot the pianist, he plays as he can. Their first was in the hands of such an economy, and specifically no other.

They can either make it worse — try to rely on our own strength, but then, I'm sorry, have to deal with her to their population. However, none of the CIS does not have a military and political force that-be like to deal with their population, I'm not talking about the legitimacy of the government and other delights. Because it was and still is the project "milking the cattle." And all that we do in our efforts to diplomatically, economic endeavors anything else can not and will not be able to be. A is, thank God for you, that our foreign policy activity is not so great. Therefore, that our abilities in all of our neighbors may not be enough. We already live quite timid. In this sense, I am very concerned about the phrase "Russian responsibility," and who has actually put on us, this responsibility?

Responsibility, it is, sorry, the flip side of responsibilities of those for whom you are taking this responsibility. We no not offer any duties and our responsibility is reduced to one-sided. And so great that foreign policy activity is reduced to the field of cultural interactions, it is very fine, though it would be cheaper. Yes, we have a responsibility to our citizens of a single culture or people, regardless of nationality living in these territories. Such responsibility is every country, no other responsibility to the governments of the CIS one we do not and can not exist. Because if tomorrow we'll try to finish expensive to feed their own neighbors, except Kazakhstan, which by virtue of certain circumstances, other economic structure — they have sold all their and their other game goes, I'm sorry to Belarus — Belarusian people will live poorly, but not for a long time.

As for the Turkish Eurasian project, there can be even less fun. I assure you that the Turks have been operating for 20 years and work very well. I met the fruits of this work in the regions of Turkey is very long. And so, when you consider that we have lost the Central Asia, our exposure there tends to zero the last 15 years, so we can not give back a lot of resources, and anything else we actually do not know how, but we own Islamic regions to keep under to control so that the Turks are not very climbed to us and it really is our day or agenda.

As for the non-recognized countries, in some degree, I am at the moment in general say, as some have already said a lot, they are our allies just because they are not recognized. Did not recognize their majestic power, and because they are joining us, and it's fine, and I thank them. But we must realize that if recognized, this configuration is excellent relationships can change. First, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, of course, there Ossetian ties. With recognized Transnistria is not so simple question, with whom it may be — to Ukraine or from Moldova, but we have that does not help. This all I wish to say that we do not have the best foreign policy project in the CIS, as a role, which gave what-nibudt Russia itself, we discover we can not imagine. Not only for the reason of which we read as the margins that we do not have enough professionals. What, in fact, true — very often these issues people are doing with them superficial attitude. And for the reason that the most dignified special in this situation can not come up with anything. Because, in order to have a foreign policy, you need to first have an interior. In other words, first you need inside to figure out what we want to get the Eurasian project. And in general, we want to get anything from it, or we again wish to save someone?

That's our homeland in the 19th century rescued Bulgaria, I am very well to the Bulgarian people, but remember what it was completed to the Russian Federation? In Serbia, although it is more polite and Bulgarians sent us away in a couple of years. Because I encourage to think not about the foreign configuration and not even on the external, and what their interests are we going to defend this CIS. Apart from the humanitarian interests I do not see any. Economic interests, we can not guarantee it. We Tajik raw materials, but in my memory, three times "did not take." In the middle of my posts, and this was — Assistant Minister for CIS Affairs, and I very well remember that we can agree, but we can make arrangements. And so it is unclear what the foreign component of the project? Security … Again as? The introduction of troops? What is to guarantee this security? Another document? If they all pass for waste paper, it is no one set of works of French classics can be released. The document itself for itself costs nothing. It is only in this case, if the violation causes great harm to the person who breaks it. How much time do we have such agreements on security was the whole world?

In this regard, again over Turkey. With Turkey I suspect we do not normally deal. It's not even certain feelings of some politicians, but the fact is that no matter what configuration of the Turkish authorities, if not military — always Islamic. By the way, in any Islamic state is the only non-religious factor of power — only the army. As only you create in a Muslim country civilian government — expect an Islamic country, the question only in structure, more bluntly, the least overtly, but there will always be an Islamic government. With the Islamic state of Turkey as we never agree. Agree with Islam
ic Turkey is only one method — the return of all occupied her Islamic population of the territories of the former Ottoman sphere. All other arrangements will crotch. Therefore, in my opinion, should have forgotten the theme of Russian-Turkish relations, or rather little to support them as much as possible. From Persia the same differently. Persia impartially interested in us, though there religious regime.

But in any case, are not clear purpose. What we are actually in the CIS going to save. Here Ukraine — 50 million people, beautiful country. She impartially our ally. But Ukraine is not present on our globe therefore, it runs ahead of the pack, but not as much as she runs the other way. The whole train of the West flies into the abyss, and in fact we at the moment, entering into WTO, our boxcar going to hang on this train. And God bless him. It's just that this is the case — there is the idea that we are attached, is attached. This is a crucial, unfortunately, not us. But please tell me, at the moment we are creating this Eurasian alliance, again let us not open a discussion of its quality, and what kind of reaction from China? Very negative. Aggressively negative. There is a direct statement in Kazan, the meeting of Ministers of Trade, where the Chinese representative said that no matter what form of regional integration is contrary to the ideas of the SCO, and all we could do is to save face. Since we have nothing and nothing the Chinese can not answer. Because at this time to increase any foreign policy, foreign economic steps stupid because we are discussing tactical battles without asking: What is victory?

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