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When he died in 1933, Simple Chinese herbalist Li Tsinyun, the news of his death spread through all leading publications around the world. The more modest Chinese newsmen deserved attention of the world? The fact that Lee, in his own words, he lived 197 years, and according to official records — and 256.

Here is a copy of an obituary published in the New York Times May 6, 1933: "Lee Tsinyun died at the age of 197 years." Keep quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk briskly, like a dove, and lie like a dog "- that's the secret of his longevity. According to official figures, his age at the time of death was 256 years old. 23 He buried his wife, from whom amassed 180 children, and the first hundred years of his life selling herbs. "

Where does the difference in the 59 years between the official date of birth and the one voiced by Lee himself? Strange as it seems, out of the head researchers believe that the old man simply forgot the actual date of his birth.

About biography herbalist is known, unfortunately, not much. In official documents indicate that he was born in 1677 in Sichuan Province. For his ten years he had learned to read and write and have had time to visit Gansu, Shaanxi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria, where he collected herbs. In this he was engaged and the next one hundred years, and then switched to selling herbs gathered by others.

In 1748 at the age of 71, Lee moved from Chu Chiang Kai-Xi in Xian, where he joined the Chinese army as a teacher of martial arts and tactical advisor. In 1927, that is after 179 (!) Years, Lee paid a visit to the 43-year-old General Yan Sen in the province of Sichuan. General Lee charmed a youthful appearance, and his strength and prowess. Visiting captain and was made most famous, if not the only, photograph Li Qingyuan. Later described the general appearance of his 250-year-old guest like this: "He has good vision and a bouncy pitch, his height — seven feet, he has a very long fingernails and ruddy face."

The circumstances of the death herbalist still not known. Some say that he died of natural causes, others argue that before he died he told a friend: "I have done all that is needed in this world. Now I'm going home" — and then went into another world.

After the death of General Herbalist engaged in clarifying the real age of their visitor. Yan wrote in September about a report that was later published. Interviewed in 1933, the people of Sichuan remembered seeing Lee as kids, and that for all the time that they were familiar with it, it did not change. Others said that the herbalist was friends since their grandparents. However, the true story of life's journey Li Qingyuan may forever remain a mystery.

Some contemporaries Lee still remained. In 1930, Professor Wu Cheng Jie from the University of Chengdu discovered Imperial Chinese government paper, in which there was a greeting Lee with a 150-year anniversary, dated 1927, and the 200-year anniversary.

Peter Kelder, author of "The Ancient Secrets of Youth" which brings the story told by one of the disciples of Lee, a master of Tai Chi Chuan Liu Yes. According to Liu, at the age of 130 years, met his teacher in the mountains with the elder hermit who taught him martial arts Bagua and improving the system of Qigong. Lee himself said Liu Yes, that their longevity is obliged using exercises — "regularly and correctly with all returns" — for 120 years. A doctor Zhin Yan-Ming Lee explains longevity that most of his life he spent in the mountains.

If the information about the date of birth of Lee are correct, it can be rightly regarded as the longest-lived person in the world, although the West and puts it into question. To date, officially the oldest inhabitant of the planet is Frenchwoman Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years.

However, the master of the ancient Chinese practices in one voice declare, regardless of whether the Li Qingyuan real person or a mythical character, his life serves as an inspiration for them.

Natalia Tit

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