Dobylinnoe Time and Ideology

Dobylinnoe Time and IdeologyWhat seems to be at the moment are the days on which almost no memory? Is it a big difference from where n people went and whether, for example, in the Russian town of a thousand or three years earlier and had received a high culture in those early years? What is the usefulness of us with at the moment?

It turns out that it has a value, and even very much. Moreover, in their model of the vision of civilization fighting to the last, because such a model — a description of some ideas, "project", upon which the entire people. Destroy the matrix of national identity, "the assembly of the people" and the people will be gone, spray as if it had never existed. And the people with strong ideological "matrix" are able to subdue her and other people drawn into its orbit, just as powerful star draws in a rather weak gallakticheskoe body, destroying him his massive gravitational field and turning it into a gas-dust spiral. It's not even as the number of principle, how much the absolute power of the Spirit and belief in their own right.

Ideological favorites are always well aware of what the "right of seniority." Simply put, the old unwritten laws more old people is entitled to more respect and more historical and ideological right, like a more senior person. In almost all European countries, property disputes are not scientific, but the most realistic courts' right of antiquity "gives a very harsh edge. Hitler, for example, argued attack on Soviet Russia need to return "true Aryans" and "ready to descendants" of their age-old lands in the East and on its western side was a historical science. Think of cheats in vain "Ukrainian scientists" (for which there are western instructor) at least try to push through what method the idea of "Ukrainians — the eternal people of this land, and Russian — alien?" It is time for us to have long to realize that the history of the West — not science, and the application to the ideology.

Winning the ideology — is particularly serious. Because where there is not enough history, its pririsovyvayut even without much hesitation and spit "scientists" ideologues want the truth. This question is not true, and the predominance of one of the cultural and civilizational models. And where there is not ascribe to themselves, pervert history neighbor competitor. It is perfectly aware of such a great ideologue, like Hitler. Nepoprostu he built the history of the German people to the old Aryans and the Nibelungen, and even to the inhabitants of the mysterious civilization of Tula. Recovery of historical memory and the formation of the German people then engaged in the organization with unlimited funding. Funds were allocated to this vast than the production of nuclear weapons and missiles. Basically, it's true — without nuclear weapons then it is possible to live, but without the Spirit — in any way, without even a nuclear weapon will not help — betray, as the experience of the Soviet Union.

People with a long history and memory forms a continuous historical thread and the man himself particle that people accept themselves as transient and immediately immortal part. It will take — will it kids, not kids — so it works for the good of the People. As long as people live — it's alive and it is forever. Because people particles is true of organized people with the correct ideology bravely fighting a war for their country and are working tirelessly for its benefit. Such people — it's not just us, and those countless generations that came before us and those never-ending that will come after. Be a part of the body, such people — exceptional good fortune.

Because the thread of memory rivals that of all the forces of the people tend to break off and confuse.

It turned out that the history of in the course of centuries was written by foreigners and it is written clearly not in the interests of the Russian people. And really, what in general "story" can be in this benighted people, the task of which is to follow the example of the "civilized Western nations"? In the West, this idea has always taken advantage of the huge demand, but in Russia it has leaked since the German dominance in the Russian science, about the reign of Queen-Germans Catherine II (18), lovingly betrothed in the West, "Great." Then a gang of militant foreigners-Russophobes all methods of implanting of so-called "Norman theory", which has neither the smallest business to science even then. It was a thought, but precisely the ideology that postulates that Russian the story begins with the so-called vocation Swedish leaders and those that followed the adoption of Christianity. Until that time the Russian people remained in the wilderness, and he prayed the trees, rocks and demons. By the way, the role of ideological fifth column here played orthodox Church that such a model is more than convenient. Naturally, the Slavic tribes generally declared newcomers in the area, which generally do not have special rights. The model assumes that the Russian people eternally incapable of independent creativity and did nothing of their own, but simply took the ideology, culture, government and law made by the "civilized nations" without his role. Specifically, such an ideology encouraged Hitler, specifically this ideology encourages all opponents of.

At the moment it is not accepted to remember that the German clique in the Russian science, especially historical, was very strong and a lot of effort to keep the natives away from the advanced achievements. Russian scientists even at the end of the 19th century puzzled wrote that those who dare to express their world view, the views of the German unpleasant clicks, fell upon the most real "scientific terror" — is hung derogatory labels and put forward feral charge, the scientists found themselves in isolation from the institutions of the dismissed , deprived of the ability to teach and publish. So that there is history, even in apolitichenoy such areas as chemistry clicks voted down a German election to the Academy of the Mendeleev, it says about their attitude to scientific truth. Argue with them openly feared even figures such as Karamzin, "This majestic part of Europe and Asia, now called Russia, in temperate climates, it has been inhabited from time immemorial, but the savage, in the depth of ignorance submerged peoples who do not own any of being heralded for its historical monuments . " Spit these "researchers" want that our story is just screaming about working. Quite a look at least at the same serpents Shafts — the largest fortification in Europe.
When a civilization begins to give some thought leadership, then immediately arises ideological agents of foreign influence, in this case — the Western. It is not historians, but simply the enemy ideology, perfectly conscious of what they are doing. Naturally, this should apply to both the opponents and not honestly deluded scientists. Not to make the same truth be diligent scientific controversy with Goebbels? He thinks only a completely different language. That's their job. At the moment, the situation is such that they thought stubbornly encouraged and cultivated for centuries, not only has survived, and won a dominant place in textbooks and the media disk imaging, even more so that just as the media at this point in the hands of ideological enemies of the Russian people. Fascinating fact — in the 60 years of Russia
n scientists managed to completely break all the arguments "Normanists" that they were obliged to admit it themselves in their own conference. But the most fascinating another — on the same conference favorite Normanists stated that once normanizm broken, an urgent need to create a "neonormanizm"! That's it — there is a great demand, who are interested in the fact that it's just an obvious heresy? What else is interesting — no one has changed any textbooks or the media — there broken theory dominates completely. About the same as a "multimillion-Stalinist repression" — a heresy that has long been confirmed and the squeal of the media and textbooks lasts, no one thinks to change.

Many discoveries in our days are going, but they pointedly ignored by so called "world science", ie groups of Western ideologues, obespechivayushie ideological cover dominance own civilizational model. It is natural that our home-grown "looking for history," also believe that the great antiquity of the Russian Federation and the culture of absolutely nowhere, so we have to look to the West as a standard to follow. Submit to fate — is unreasonable and unworthy, because our job — not to bring their work to destroy our historical memory, and after that and just move to the offensive.

Our history exciting and unique since it at least some period, if you take the last 1,000, 500 or 100 years. This history glittering military victories, stubborn work and prodigious strength of the Russian people in their own formidable ground. We, unlike others, does not need to invent anything for myself, even having more than enough for a dozen people. One of the most mind-blowing puzzles — Old history of our nation. The time from which reach only the echoes of old tales and legends. We will only use scientific methods of determining the truth — the exploits of our people and so abound, we are interested in the truth.

From the materials contained in this section the reader will make such a conclusion, as we do — you need to actually anew rewrite Russian history, which obviously pushed back deep into antiquity at least for many centuries.

I have a lot of years ago, was surprised that the age of a Russian town on some unusual "scientific tradition" is defined by … his first mention in the annals! It is not done more with any nation. In a world defined by age, urban civilization layer, date of the founding of its first inhabitants. This excellent primary source "tradition" is more reminiscent of the ideological subversion, I could not be found. In general, it is unlikely the real creators sought to fame in science, their obviously had a different specialty.

Of course, that such a "tradition" dramatically understates the real age of specifically Russian cities and, accordingly, the whole of Russian history. Even a child of course, that there is nothing easier than to lose a document written in one instance, for many hundreds of years in the endless wars. If the city was built on the site of the old one, an old city in general falls out of account, as happened, for example, with Novgorod. As for doletopisnyh cities — it turns out that they generally "do not exist", then dig it — referred to as "settlements."

Just imagine, like these "historians" have caused the age of Schliemann of Troy, it appear it on the ground of. With troyami same "civilized people" everything is fine, if your own city dig out, for example, the Greeks or the Jews — then everything is different: it is a world historical event, noisy Discussed wherever possible as a confirmation of the endless advantages of civilization yubermenshey at all times. It is understood that they were always the favorites, while the Russian savages, in principle, there can be nothing — they are clumsy, just by deflotu always been on what can not.

This nepoprostu, because the West has always taken Russia as a civilization and ideological opponent is likely to have a huge impact on the world. This almost everything explained it very jealous attitude to the Russian people. Let me give an example related to mental faster than the science of history. Of course, predictions and prophecies are very obscure value from the standpoint of efficiency of prophecy, but it canceled illustration of what feels deep inside the Western World.

So here's majestic medieval physician and alchemist Paracelsus wrote: "There are one people, which Herodotus called Hyperboreans, today the title of this nation — Muscovy. You can not trust their horrible demise, which will go on for many centuries. Giperborei uznayutt and a strong decline, and a large flowering … The banner of the cross will be hoisted on one of the peaks of this country … In the country of the Hyperboreans, which has never been conceived as a country where anything can happen majestic, over humiliated and rejected shine majestic cross. Shine a divine light from the mountain country of the Hyperboreans, and they see it all the inhabitants of the earth. "

We have a long, heavy and exciting way to restore the majestic past of our people, which should be done in one of the most important sources of our Spirit and on which to build a more majestic future. If not us — who?

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