Documentary heresy. Actions August 2008 according to the Georgian journalists

Documentary lie.  The events of August 2008, according to the Georgian journalists
After all, what is heresy? — A veiled truth.
George Gordon Byron

Documentaries at all times distinguished by great efficacy in the viewer. On the basis of this provision, some forces are trying to exploit the potential of this kind of art solutions for highly specialized tasks. And from the documentary film was born the art of screen propaganda, already in the world have realized that it can be used not only to delineate the views on the problem of a group of people, and for the formation of public opinion. The truth in this case, the word "documentary" can be safely put away and in its place put the epithet of "propaganda." The propaganda film — it is a movie that puts its own to replace the artificial facts purposeful distortion of the real situation, the psychological pressure on people to form a stable dominants, pitting heresy in the name of the merits of a single goal — the viewer in a set of beliefs falsified facts.

Specifically, such a movie at the time (late 2008) and took the Georgian, so to speak, documentary, although their activity to the documentary does not have anything to do rovnenky account. Taking off your own opus on the military conflict between Georgia and Russia of 2008, the makers of the film to reincarnate beheld the flow of misinformation generated frame by frame, in some indisputable truth that would have remained in the minds of the audience after the show. But the Georgian operation in the long run, not far acted in the role, which she lusted empower creators. The movie speaks a kind of inoculation. It's like a healthy person to enter the weakened virus, which is suppressed immunity, then the human immune system becomes even greater potential. In the case of the Georgian film about the events of August 2008 the same thing happens with human consciousness.

The leitmotif of the film is the way the creators are trying on the basis of falsification of documents and deliberately modified to show the chronology of world society as a tiny, but very proud Georgia attacked by a large enemy and used disproportionate force indeed.

Make out some of the main positions of the Georgian film.

Position 1.

Russian troops still for a long period of time before the acute phase of the South Ossetian conflict came to the district of South Ossetia. Our homeland created a military base there, which almost cracked at the seams on the number of troops and military equipment. Specifically, South Ossetia, with the active support of the Russian Federation began active military actions against Georgia.


Our home was on the ground in South Ossetia peacekeeping base, the rotation of the contingent which really carried out constantly. But it does not talk about the fact that our homeland has increased military group in Tskhinvali and Java. Peacekeeping force of any state needs a supply of fuel, food, medicine, repeated changes of personnel and weapons. And if you take it as a militarization of the region, while around the world peacemakers and only do that create a total militarization of the territories in which they carry out their purpose.

Even if you take the word of a planned Saakashvili growing populations of Russian troops in South Ossetia for the truth (which ideologues and lusted after the film), it is not clear why the Georgian president had warned about the puppet masters of their own overseas: they say, is preparing an attack on Georgia. But instead of the "elimination of the Russian Federation to light" sovereign Saakashvili suddenly took the liberty to strike his own brave, but not numerous army on the Russian military "armada". As we know, with the heroism of Misha Nikolozovich problems observed a pronounced character.

That's why the word that our first home start of the active phase of the operation in South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, exposing shot of missile systems and from the aircraft — the absolute heresy, which confirmed, including, and Western journalists do not face, as you know, the huge sympathy for Russia.

Position 2.

Reporters many central Russian TV channels and print media were on the scene a bit if no earlier than the beginning of the operation in South Ossetia. It says that the Russian side is obviously warned all of Russia as journalistic brotherhood that the army is ready to begin its "occupation" of Georgian countryside.


If Russian journalists in droves were on the ground in South Ossetia, the world would see shelling of the town did not, and the eyes of the operators who are specifically in Tskhinvali. Apparently, customers Georgian film naively believe that 100% of Russian journalists central TV channels and publications completely and one hundred percent support the municipal policy of the Russian authorities, and therefore almost all come to an agreement and have agreed not to show "atrocities" Russian fighter. But with the development of modern technology the world would instantly saw the Russian technique of "equates itself with the earth," the South Ossetian capital, knowing that in a town inhabited by thousands of peaceful inhabitants. The creators of the movie at all it seems to do forgets that the Georgian military was allowed to interview Georgian television, stating that "the establishment of constitutional order in South Ossetia goes according to plan." With all of this all I remember very own footage of the Georgian soldier, shot on a mobile phone when they were shot trudnoopisuemym ecstasy city of mnogokalibernyh guns. Where at this time was the Russian army, which, according to filmotvortsev already almost two months strengthen their position in South Ossetia? Neuzh so that she feared the Georgian military, which hid all their hundreds of tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles? ..

Well, if you take the film creators reasons of Understanding Russian journalist and war seriously, it would be possible to go even further: to inflict multiple rocket launchers Georgian markings and run correspondents in "behind enemy lines", so they were able to completely falsify the situation. Then the world would have seen up close what mimicry arranged a Russian "military." But none of that was because we talk about the Prevention of Russian journalists since the start of the operation is groundless, that the position of the creators of the movie looks and customers, very little gullible.

Position 3.

Our homeland has arranged a bloodbath in Georgia to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. "Operation Clear Field" was developed in Russia, as in the Georgian language is not even such phrases.


Such a point of view simply does not hold water. It turns out that Moscow has made an order for the liquidation of peaceful inhabitants of Tskhinvali and own their own peacekeepers to be called after a while, Eduard Kokoity, president of the independent state. And, I ask, why such sacrifices Moscow useful if it could be more adequate methods to express the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia. And why, if all of a sudden for a second believe the creators of the Georgian film, Moscow is not the beginning of peaceful settlement of the inhabitants, for example, Sukhum or Gudauty for completeness, as it were, the picture?

Position 4.

The Geo
rgian soldiers were exemplary courage as soldiers, and the Russian army — not the other as demoralized, untrained and undisciplined bunch. Georgian troops just strewn with corpses Russian fighter Tskhinvali and made military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the charred skeletons. Mikhail Saakashvili says killed about 400 Russian soldiers, and the Georgian news agency "Media" in general refers to as the loss of a huge Russian: almost 1,800 troops, 45 armored personnel carriers, 105 tanks, 10 "Grad", 81 military vehicle, 5 "Twister." With all of this the number of civilians killed in the inhabitants of South Ossetia by the Georgian side was less than 50 people.


Here too the creators completely gone too far … Maybe then the creators have decided to just wants to swap the two numbers: the number of dead Russian soldier with the number of civilians killed by the inhabitants. If so, then everything falls into place. Just lose for a few days 1,800 people were killed (which is almost 40% of the losses of the Russian Army in the First Chechen campaign) Russian army just at the physical layer could not afford for themselves in Georgia.

Position 5.

The international community has supported Georgia in the war with Russia.


Yes, the world society, getting the "right" pattern, indeed, in the first step adopted the cause of galstukozhevatelya. But later, when the situation became clear, in particular due to the investigation of French journalists, the world suddenly realized that Saakashvili had slipped all Straseni heresy, of which just is not on for yourself. From the Georgian president turned even those who privately urged him to the top of anger against Tskhinvali.

Enumerate the replacement of the facts and the deliberate distortion of historical qualities of the August 2008 crash in South Ossetia, having a place to be in the Georgian propaganda movie, could be a very long time. But best of our eyes behold the agitation of Georgian journalists to get the vaccine from heresy, which was mentioned first article.

And that's exactly the one movie, as referred to in the article:

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