Dollar in Belarus will be cheaper? Do not believe it!

Guy: "This question can not be answered unequivocally, because we do not know what will be changed political circumstances in the world. And the fact that we were promised Prokopovych — this can not be trusted, and there can be no trust. "

Mr."You know, the financial system is so effective in the world, at any time can be rise and fall of the exchange rate. And the fact that the official said — probably from the ceiling, he took such arguments. After all, does not depend on Prokopovych, and from the World the economy. "

Woman: "The fact that the dollar will not rise until the New Year — I do not know. But until December 19 — just will not grow."

"I do not believe it, and that's it. Should look at the economy. Which can be trust? Look how much we have in loss-making enterprises."

Girl: "Now it is difficult to say anything specific, but after the election, the New Year, I think things will change dramatically. Well, for now, maybe the dollar will remain the same as it is, after all how many here before the New Year has left? .. "

Man: "From past experience — that the New Year is always something changes. And what will happen to the dollar — I think everything will depend not on the New Year, and the choices of who will be the president. "

Man: "Well, if it is official, chairman of the National Bank, then I believe him. Indeed, the faith of the policy pursued by the president."

Mr."Unpredictable it, but the currency has grown and will continue to grow."

His wife"I doubt we will, because anything can happen. We here can not believe in anything. Anyway, we, the people, generally at a crossroads …"

Mr."Yes, well said …"

Mrs."And I think the dollar will only go up, and the Belarusian ruble will fall even more. Do not believe in these stories, as well as can be: the dollar was growing up, growing up … and then you again — and falls …"

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