Dolmens fly over plasmoids and turning black smoke Rostov scientists say

August 31, 2012 17:18

Scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of dolmens. — Sit down, all of you will see, — said Don respected physicist — teacher SFU Physics Department, Candidate of Sciences Sergei Gerasimov. He turns on the computer and start the video.

Dolmens fly over plasmoids and turning black "smoke"

"The black smoke came out of nowhere"

At first … nothing unusual on the screen there. Forest path. Then the camera focused on a large dolmen with a round hole in the ground. Dolmens — structures made of stone, laid by our ancestors about five thousand years ago in the bronze age, a lot of the Caucasus and in the Krasnodar region.

— But now would be scary — warns Gerasimov. — Oh-oh, just about, you see, there was black — he excitedly points to the right corner of the screen.

From there, though from the air formed a black cloud is not the couple, not the smoke. Gets really uncomfortable. Club, it rushes forward, then turns away. And, circled half of the dolmen, disappears.

— Sorry, that's on the copy I erased the sound. Otherwise, you heard me scream in horror, "My God, there are things going" — said Gerasimov.

Began his fascination with dolmens 4 years ago. That fall, a psychologist friend, also a teacher Lyudmila SFU Akopova, showed him the strange photo taken near Gelendzhik, where she spent the holidays.

— She went on a trip to the dolmens, near the village Pshada that near Gelendzhik — says Gerasimov. — Of course, photographed dolmens.

And in one shot three feet from the dolmen and was very clearly shot … great with watermelon, white spot. Gerasimov, who studies optical properties, thoroughly checked the photo to eliminate the possibility of flare, marriage, photoshop. It was obvious that the "catch" something strange. And Lyudmila Akopov said that to his amazement saw one of the dolmens something white, flashed a couple of times.

"I caught this essence"

Since then, every year a couple of weeks Gerasimov devotes trips near Gelendzhik, etc., where he studied dolmens.

— Something strange I noticed one day in the "village dolmens" at the village of the Renaissance. Later — the dolmens near poselochkom Guzeripl, — he says.

But … The discovery was made last year at another stone structure — sagging in the ground near the village of dolmen Khadzhokh in Adygea (he shot on video).

— The other spinning tourists, conduct research seriously — he explains. — A Khadzhokhsky — away from the tourist trail.

As a result, last year in Rostov was collected small expedition to explore this largely dolmen. Entered it Gerasimov Akopova, several researchers. In two weeks, the dolmen Gerasimov measured the electromagnetic radiation, put motion detectors and other equipment. As well as members of the expedition for an hour or two a day were recorded on video and DVD-chamber dolmens. And not just once or twice saw two strange phenomena, but both shot on video and DVD, photographed.

The first anomaly — the one swirling black smoke. Second — something like glowing unnaturally bright blue creatures (remotely resemble snakes), occasionally at great speed creeps in dolmens. They, like the black smoke, there seems as if from the air and dissolve in the air.

— We studied the different versions. But, for example, these entities are moving at very high speeds — overcome 10 meters in half a second. All known birds and insects fly more slowly — explains Gerasimov.

And in the end of the trip one black swirling ball Gerasimov using special equipment … caught.

Ball lightning or …

One time there was a find at home, it is now in the laboratory X-ray diffraction physics department. He is ready to give it to those physicists who wish it would make it more detailed investigation. I also shows the photos on the computer caught "ball." By type of a gaseous substance lumpy.

— Sorry, we do not really know that it is dangerous or not. Showing you the very capacity of dread — explains Gerasimov.

..In recent years it shoveled and research, and literature related to the dolmens. When traveling on these questions a local plant.
— Finally I have a lot of different evidence, — he said. — Some people also see around dolmens black and white flying balloons, others have seen ghosts — some fuzzy entity or some unusual for earthling living creature.

For example, such phenomena have dolmens in the Renaissance, by the river Janet, even called ghost river Janet. But I am still inclined to believe that around the dolmens in them are some unknown until science atmospheric phenomena. Let's say that I caught (of course, it is also a long time to explore, question Shadow) — is a plasma cluster. Something like ball lightning. Then again, what is this lightning — question. Wrote Nobel laureate Peter Kapitza: "Thunderball — a puzzle that was too hard for me." And since nothing in the understanding of this phenomenon has changed … There is one striking and hardly random fact: already found that almost all the dolmens are in areas of geological faults in the crust. Apparently (I am a supporter of the theory), in these places for centuries are some unknown phenomenon, atmospheric emission of some substances. And the ancient dolmens with trying to control these emissions, at times locked them in the dolmens.

Also, the dolmens Sergei Gerasimov recorded several oddities regarding electromagnetic radiation, "but they still need to double-check." Just the other day, he again sent to study Khadzhokhsky dolmen:

— For now tourists slept, and I gave a short vacation guide.

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