Doomsday may come September 22

August 23, 2012 10:59

Exactly one month life on planet Earth can stop. If the calculations of some physicists NASA are correct, then the planet will collapse Solar Gipershtorm — a giant, the strongest in the last 200 years, a magnetic storm, which could harm our ionosphere. As a result, the machine will stop working, communication systems, power …

22 sentbrya 2012 on the Sun will the biggest explosion in the last 5000 years

The strongest in the last 200 years the magnetic storm on Earth expect September 22, 2012. This is reported by NASA specialists and laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute. Lebedev. Such magnetic giperataka could eventually lead to a global catastrophe: in Africa will see the Northern Lights, cars will stop the plant, the outlet will spark and explode, but the existence of the Internet and mobile communications have to forget.
22 sentbrya 2012 on the Sun will the biggest explosion in the last 5000 years

The sun starts its next cycle of activity 24, it is reported special spots that appeared on the surface of the solar plasma and which are to detect satellites STEREO — a special tool NASA. "This is the biggest event we'll be watching for the last 200-300 years" — said Michael Kaiser, a researcher in the department of heliophysics NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. "Does this mean that we are entering the maximum values of solar activity over the last 2000 years? Hard to say, it can be. Last person seen similar spots on the sun was Galileo, the first time he saw them in the early 17th century, when they were smaller. After 28 cycles, which have been well documented, that is, from 1745 to the present day, serious outbreaks have been observed. That is, for unknown reasons, the current solar minimum has lasted longer than usual ", — said Kaiser.

That is exactly one month we are waiting for the next solar maximum. Will we see the great solar corona — a giant explosion of plasma on the sun (CME), the same as it was in 1859? Most likely, it will be even greater. Scientists are finally beginning to properly understand the historic significance of solar storm in 1859. And September 22, 2012 storm, which was the most powerful against the Earth's ionosphere in recorded history — could happen again.

Earth was plunged into darkness
Yes, it can happen that from September 22, Earth plunged into darkness. That carries the Solar Gipershtorm? Even 153 years ago, many of Earth's inhabitants realized that there was a kind of universal catastrophe. Within hours of this closure happened at all telegraph wires in both the United States and in Europe. A Northern Lights — a phenomenon that accompanies the contact strong solar electromagnetic radiation and magnetic field of the Earth can be observed not only in the far north, and in the South — in Rome, Havana, Hawaii.

Northern sinyanie will be seen in Moscow, Rome, Tokyo and Havana

What happened in 1859 was a combination of several events that have occurred on the Sun at the same time. If they took place separately they would be somewhat notable events. But together they have caused the destruction of the most powerful Earth's ionosphere in recorded history. "The fact that they are generated and today — is an ideal area for a space storm," — says Bruce Tsurutani, a plasma physicist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. To begin to understand that there is a "perfect storm", you need to imagine — the Sun contains 99.86% of the mass of the entire solar system, more than a million volumes of the Earth could fit inside its volume. The total energy radiated by the Sun averages 383 billion trillion kilowatts, equivalent to the energy generated by 100 billion tons of TNT explosion every second.

Northern sinyanie will be seen in Moscow, Rome, Tokyo and Havana

"It will be a hell of a light show!"
And the phenomenon will occur on September 22 — it effectively doubles the energy generated Sun. "It will be a hell of a light show" — says Bruce Tsurutani. He believes that once in 1859 hurt even the telegraph, today will be dealt a blow to all electronic communication systems. "In fact, after September 22, 2012 will remain unchanged only life in African tribes — just a couple of days they will have a headache, the rest of the world will have a drastic change your habits, because they can lose everything," — said Tsurutani.

Today the sun is at its peak — it 4.6 billion years, and it has enough fuel to live another five billion years or so. At the end of its "life" Sun will begin processing helium into heavier elements. After billions of years the Sun will be known as a red giant. Another possible end — turning into a white dwarf, it is cooled down to the core. This may take trillions of years, it is so many years to make the sun would cool down completely.

Small magnetic storms, scientists say, have a more negative impact on the human body than strong. Sleep disorders and performance, irritability and nervousness may feel even perfectly healthy people, doctors warn, assuring at the same time that the illness can be prevented, with more time to rest and sleep. Experts believe that if the small magnetic storm occurs at night, the morning of the human body has time to adapt to it and easier to tolerate further bursts of geomagnetic activity. In any case, experts advise on such days in advance to take medication prescribed by the doctor, and avoid serious physical and emotional stress.

Solar Cycle characterizes the phenomenon known zones of activity. This phenomenon means that the active phenomena on the Sun do not occur at random locations, and are located in relatively narrow areas, encircling the Sun parallel to the equator. According to the modern theory of such zones in each cycle should be two. One of them is above the equator at a latitude of about 30 degrees, that is located in the northern hemisphere of the Sun, and the second should be placed symmetrically in the southern hemisphere. Formation of the first two zones of activity (northern) occurred on the Sun at the end of March 2009. The second belt, scientists believe, is not formed.

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