DOSAAF: yesterday, today and tomorrow …

DOSAAF: yesterday, today and tomorrow ...

Since the 20s, in the vast Russian Union agitate to strengthen military-patriotic work in the middle of the young population of the country. Organized volunteer Society of Friends of the Air Fleet, friends chemical industry. In the circles of these organizations mastered the population base of the military strategy and the strategy studied possession of small gun, grenade, machine gun, artillery weapons, studied management base with tanks, armored vehicles, communications equipment, to master how to protect against acts of chemical weapons.

Society became centers of propaganda war in the middle of a wide range of knowledge of the population. The State was required to strengthen the navy — were made naval clubs to prepare the necessary training. To form the Russian air force was not enough to build airplanes. Volunteerism society OSOAVIAHIM deployed aviation propaganda, which will reduce the time to make the flight personnel for the Air Force and civilian aviation. On the highest level instructors says that one of the mentors Glider school in Leningrad was Valery Chkalov. Organized Aviakhim flights to European countries associated with the name of the test pilot Mikhail Gromov. This flight is over a distance of 7 kilometers. proof of the possibility of Soviet Union successfully create and develop modern air technology. Specifically, of these clubs, circles, flying schools started the way our famous aircraft designers AS Yakovlev, Antonov, rocket scientists, SP The queen, the creators of helicopters MI Kamov and NK Skrizhinskogo. On account of the members of the defense community development operations on stratospheric balloons and airships. Thanks to the support of the whole people of the voluntary defense of society in the Russian government came favorites aeronautics. Country proud alumni of the defense of society that during the war his own schooling and the will to win assist the country to stand against the most powerful and bitter enemy — fascism. Among them Pokryshkin A., I. Kozhedub Maresiev A., V. Talalikhin and many others whose names will live in the memory of future signs of courage, fortitude and heroism of the Russian people. In the battles participated registered osoaviahimovskie combat squadrons. His work of the volunteer defense company made during the war years: 9 million people have been trained in the various divisions of society in military specialties (more than 60 thousand sailors, 90 thousand professionals in the aviation industry, 140 thousand snipers, 270 thousand, tank destroyers, 1 million and submachine gunners).

Now it is safe to say that the volunteer defense society successfully fulfilled its tasks to prepare the population for military action. After the war, puzzles before voluntary societies have adapted to the new criterion of Russian society. The emphasis has shifted to the company sports activities, training of motorists, radio operators, though, the work on the preparation of future recruits for military service continued. To optimize the structure of societies in 1951, all the units have been combined into one, the name which DOSAAF. The main objective of the society and has become a propaganda training on military and military-technical skills, including training for the aviation industry and the Navy. One of the principal activities of DOSAAF began training for the national economy: more than 10 million people have been trained in community programs when cooked spices. DOSAAF proud of not only military personnel, and outstanding athletic achievements of their own pupils. For the support of the army, air force and navy DOSAAF in 1977 was awarded the highest credit to the country — the Order of Lenin. Training personnel on military subjects was carried out during the implementation of the municipal defense order. DOSAAF had decent material-technical base, the company was transferred to a sufficient number of properties in all regions of the country. For example, training aviation sports specialties made on the 100 equipped bases, 450 training centers contained the car, radio, sea school, worked for more than 2 thousand clubs on military-technical disciplines.

Management of the country is well aware of the fact that due to the dramatic changes that have taken place in the country, a revision of the goals and objectives of DOSAAF. For a long time the Russian government did not control the work DOSAAF, which led to a loss of much of the material-technical base, real estate, and what worked, was used mainly for commercial purposes. System DOSAAF worked without the help of others on the principle of "survival" and anarchy in governance. The colossal loss of trained personnel for the army, air force and navy have meant that the government has taken a number of decisions to return to funding DOSAAF and municipal orders for military training of professionals and technical specialties for the armed forces of the country.

At the current time to put DOSAAF municipal tasks of patriotic and military education of the people, training for the armed forces, the development of technical sports, for his role in the development of physical culture movement, training of pilots and maintenance personnel, and preparation for future military service conscripts and people who are in the stores, to enhance the training of professionals in civilian professions, helping to eliminate the consequences of accidents and disasters, the role in mobilization activities.

But to perfectly solve these puzzles, According to experts, it is necessary to make the conditions necessary for the functioning of such structures today as DOSAAF:
1. You need to create and approve a package of legislative acts regulating the activities DOSAAF.
2. Aside money for repairs, the existing material and technical base.
3. Make a better system of management units DOSAAF at all levels.
4. Find and equip units to approve the procedure DOSAAF the latest technology, equipment and materials.
5. Create activities in society verbovaniyu Prof. personnel and young professionals.
6. Return the municipal order for training of military-technical professions.
7. To approve the amount, terms and financing activities DOSAAF in each direction.

At the moment, virtually no system of vocational training: the former vocational school converted into colleges, which in the majority of their own, guided by the issue of non-technical professionals specialties. School violated labor education, such as lost productive communication mechanism with the establishment of educational institutions as patronage. Significantly reduced levels of initial military training in secondary and higher educational institutions due to lack of the necessary personnel and logistics.

Severe failures in sports activities with the population. Lack of funding has led to the commercialization of sport. The consequences of this could lead to a non-refundable loss of health, physical culture, sport and education of the young generation.

Revival structure will allow DOSAAF neutralize existing gaps in almost all directions and solve a significant number of challenges facing the state, especially during the global financial crisis.

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