Dr. Heim — a creature in human guise

Dr. Heim - an animal in human form

He was a doctor in the camp of Mauthausen. He was called Doctor Perdition. He spent his merciless experiments on living people, doing amputations without anesthesia, produces various products from the tattooed skin. For many years he was one of the more wanted criminals and events pertaining to the Nazis. His name — Aribert Heim.

This man was born in Austria-Hungary in the family housewives and police. Engaged in research medicine and conducted doctoral practice in Vienna. In 1940 he volunteered for the Waffen-SS.

His famous and terrible nickname "Dr. Death" Heim received during the second World War. A prerequisite for this was his "medical" activity in the Mauthausen concentration camp, which was placed on the Austrian countryside. His service in the camp Heim began in October 1941, having worked there until February 1942. He is responsible for almost all the torture and killing of many prisoners camp where he conducted "medical experiments" on Jews.

In the middle of his tests were surgery without anesthesia, amputations of limbs and organs with which the doctor wanted to find how much pain a person can stand, the introduction of gasoline, poisons or plain water through injection into the heart, to find how soon after death occurs or other effects.

According to reports, the special cynicism Doctor Bane showed when he took the skull as a souvenir of the 1st he had killed the prisoner.
Since most of the "patients" Khaimah dead, the main proof of his guilt — personal records Khaimah, in which he described his experiences all ruthless.

In 1945, Dr. Doom was arrested by South American military, but two years later he was released. Up to 1962 Heim engaged in medical practice in the west of Germany, in the city of Mannheim, and later got a gynecologist in Baden-Baden.

When in 1962 the decision was made about his arrest and forthcoming trial for war crimes, Heim disappeared without any trace, and police found only his empty house.

First, it searches were conducted in areas of Spain, and later there is evidence that it can be hidden in the area of South America. And in 1967, and in general it was reported that he was working as a doctor in Egypt police.

The Wiesenthal Center, which is searching for Nazi war criminals who were alive at the end of the war, offered for the provision of disk imaging on Jaime 315 thousand dollars.

As a result of investigation conducted by South American journalists found out that Dr. Doom was hiding all these years on the Egyptian countryside, in Cairo. Then it was known under the name Tarek Hussein Farid, he began to get involved photos and never parted with the camera, but with all this, never allowed himself to shoot.

At the hotel, where the last decade remained Heim, found a briefcase with rusted buckles, in which the letters were, baby pictures, honey acts, reports from banks, is also an article from the 1st of the German magazine that is wanted him as a Nazi perpetrator also that the tribunal was held in absentia over it.

Despite the fact that some of the documents was addressed to look for Farid and some Heim, they all belonged to one person. This fact is confirmed by the son Ruediger Khaimah, who said that his father indeed, in recent years he lived in Cairo, took the name Farid after conversion to Islam. He also confirmed that his father was killed in the Egyptian capital of colorectal cancer.

Coupled with the fact quite close the deal Khaimah is unrealistic, because until now is a mystery place of his burial. In any case, the story of this monster lured close attention to virtually unexplored until the dilemma of fleeing the Nazis in the Middle East. What remains unclear is the fact how Heim managed to evade pursuit, because he was in constant touch with their families, receive funds from Europe.

Found that only one He was arrested again — during his arrest Yankees.

A couple of years back in the Spanish press published excerpts from letters Khaimah, one of his fellow doctors. Paradoxically, but it does not feel guilty about it. In the hands of the police has got 21 letters in which Dr. Doom assures own acquaintance, that he could not be involved in all the atrocities attributed to him, since adhered to the principles of medical ethics. He also asked him to assist restore his good name.

In his own will, Heim bequeathed to pass his body for research, and his son promised to fulfill the last wish of his father, while in Egypt it will be very hard to do.

Moreover, there is a large fraction of the likelihood that in fact the doctor alive and hiding in Chile. The main confirmation of such speculation is the fact that, since the alleged death Khaimah none of his relatives were not asked about the heritage, which can be obtained only in the case of evidence of his death.

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