Dragoljub Zhivoinovich: The British were never Serb collaborators

Dragoljub Zhivoinovich: "The British were never Serb collaborators"Just placed a serious work of academician Dragoljub Zhivoinovicha about the events in front of Thessalonica (Nevoљni ratnitsi, with power and great Solunski front. Beograd, 2011) seriously stirred up the whole (in this case not only Serbian) modern historiography. Collected under one cover to anyone unknown documents leave no stone unturned in the still prevailing views of the allies and friends of Serbs; destroy many illusions and delusions and clearly indicate that the UK, starting from the moment of the attack of Austria-Hungary against Serbia in 1914 g (in other words, from the beginning of the First World War) led systematically to destroy the Serbs and the Serbian country. It is curious that this material academician Zhivoinovich found specifically in the case of the English archive completely, studying the problem of relations the Vatican and the Serbs.

— You are the first to open these documents, first told about it to the public. How can we explain such a long period of silence?

— I guess these pristine, unsorted, unsystematic documents to which to me has not been touched, historians have ignored or because they are impartial witness of those who left them, or because very frankly shed light on the complicated affairs between the Allies during the First World War. In addition, this material is quite stale just destroys our illusions about the true allies and friends. Until now we did not know the real truth about what we have in throughout the disaster was not sincere friends, but one of power. Painfully aware that even our historiography was in charge of everything that was going on behind us. In the end, these documents can come to the conclusion that the main specifically Serbs endured the hardships of the First World War (according to some reports, in the course of this war, Serbia has lost a third of its population).

— You have said that we only had one real ally. What kind of country we are talking?

— I speak of the Russian Federation, the state, to which we have relied. On the contrary, we have been a bastion barrier to the expansion of its influence in the Balkans. But, beginning with the July crisis in 1914, it was possible to realize who our real friend or ally. Our home in those days immediately took a firm stand. She said firmly and allies, and our enemies, that is not allowed to break and conquer Serbia, and we will provide all possible assistance.

— How to behave France?

— France held several other positions. She was attacked by the Germans and was therefore dependent on Russia. But she had her own interests in the Balkans. She had a huge finansovlozheniya and the Middle Vostoke.I almost all precisely because of the Russian Federation French Serbs stretched his right hand allied.

— Is it true that at a certain moment of intrigue and destructive intentions of the British ticked off even the French generals, who began to openly protest?

— Obstruction of the British Open on the front of Thessalonica and the last of their threat to withdraw its troops — have caused a sharp irritation of the French government, which sent the British ultimatum that if it continues its troops would deter the promotion of Advent, France will come out of the war. The British then truly feared lost, but vsekrete continued to work against this front. They later withdrew their elite units of Greece, and entered the trains brought in from India, not fully ready for combat operations in the Balkans.

— It turns out that to this day in our historiography has not been fully clarified the position of the United Kingdom?

— The British were anything but not his colleagues, and the Serbs have never been our friends. On the contrary, they do not digest organic Serbs nor their public opinion, nor any of their establishment. In 1914, they wrote and read as we have the most ugly things. There was not a single newspaper, nor of the 1st or the general policy of the British, which could somehow be put to the Serbs. This position they occupied in 1903 (June 11, 1903 in Serbia was a military coup. Were killed lord Alexander Obrenovic and Queen Draga, the throne was built lord Peter Karadjordjevic, and the head of government was the Nikola Pasic, Managing Radical Party, is focused in their own policy on Russia., Europe was shaken by these bloody events, our homeland and sought to punish the murderers. — approx NM). In the most catastrophic situation for us UK collapsed on Serbia, openly accusing us of starting the First World War and claiming that we are the cause of world war.

— How, then, the British were our allies?

— I was their own enthusiasm. In 1-x, since 1830 they were bound by treaty obligations to France and Belgium. In-2, the Serbian army had won a landslide victory in the Caere (Battle of Caere — one of the first battles of the First World War, which was the first Allied victory over Austria-Hungary. As a result of this victory Serbs were seen as a decisive force in the war on Balkans. — approx. NM) and Kolubara (Battle of Kolubara — the main battle of the First World War in the Balkans. Serb forces were able to break the body of the 5th and 6th armies Austrian feldtseyhmeystera O. Potioreka, this was released in Belgrade. — approx NM) Serbian army was defeated and kept fighting capacity. Because we have needed allies.

— And what the British did in order to undermine and weaken Serbia?

— Here is an example of such. On the front of Thessalonica and one was Russian brigade, which Emperor Nicholas II sent to the aid of the Serbian army. The British were very hampered this team, they belligerently she was treated. Their generals regarded as an obstacle to Russian English interests. They did not rest until the time has not yet been able to squeeze in Thessalonica Russian front. This brigade was sent to the east of Greece, if only she did not have any contact with the Serbian army.

— And if not changed attitude of the British to Serbia after these fights?

— That's when the British hostility towards Serbia has become the most wretched guise. English could go to disdain meanness and even direct blackmail. In a very languid times for us, we asked them financial assistance — 800 thousand pounds — in the form of a loan to upgrade weapons, procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. In response, they pushed ultimaticheskoe requirement: you get a loan but in this case, if refuse its territory in eastern Macedonia in favor of the Bulgarians. I first found this document.

— As it has responded to the government of Serbia?

— The ultimatum was decisively cut off. At the British said coldly, "Then we will not give credit." And was not given. But, most vile, they are not braked. During the agonizing 1915 they increased the pressure on Serbia to different flock, taking advantage of our helplessness and dependence of the Serbs from the Allies.

— Means and such blood-drenched Serbia strongly driven into a corner?

— Well, did it constantly. It is not only cold tear away all our requests for military assistance, and do not stop working to weaken our position. They refused landing in Thessalonica. Refused to provide a corridor Nis-Thessalonica, and then have allowed the Bulgarians to block the corridor, thus depriving the Serbian Army makarom last hope of salvation. The British dealt a blow to the back of Serbia, leaving her (18451218) without pharmaceuticals and commodities. And when Nikola Pasic (1845-1926; Yug
oslav politician and diplomat, the ideologist of "Greater Serbia", the Prime Minister of Serbia and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, Slovenes. Approx-NM), desperate to change anything, said that the Serbian army lay down their weapons and surrendered, Britain unleashed the latest avalanche of insults on the Serbs. After that Pasic just realized that Serbia was left alone.

— You're the first time made public and another historical fact, long concealed from the Serbian public …

— In the parish of the Serbian army and Albanian refugees to the coast, and just started our major disasters and pripiraniya. Greek sovereign Constantine was set up anti-Serb, its up to the last moment supported by the British. And at the moment when the French, after a huge amount of tricks, have agreed to transfer the Serbs in Corfu, it's shocking news. The Greek government forbade our army to enter the terrain of Greece and consequently — to transport our refugees in Corfu. And only when the Russian Emperor Nicholas abruptly threatened to conclude a separate peace with Germany, was kinked resistance to the British, and the French more and did not ask for permission from the Greeks. And then the British did not send their ships. And it was one of their more despicable. The first time I threw this fact public.

— And in Corfu they continued their provocative activities?

— Yes, in the guise of the reorganization of our commanders claimed to divide the Serbian Army to 6 divisions and send them not to Thessalonica, and on the Western Front, with each separated from the other. Of course, this diabolical plan has been cut off, and the British almost went crazy. Their generals throughout 1916 were sent to London for the Serbian army offensive reports, calling it the latest in words. British generals constantly working against Serbia at the front of Thessalonica. Let every attack, any attempt to attack the enemy. They continued to blackmail and threatened to withdraw its forces. Throughout 1917 they continually operated and secretly, and obviously against Serbia. The British sought to preserve the Austrian monarchy, supported by the Italians in Dalmatia and Istria, incited to take the Banat Romanians, Bulgarians — Serbian areas in northern Macedonia. And when our country out of the war, it seemed that the Serbs there is no salvation. But then came the turn of the French. Their army led by people who understand perfectly the Balkan specifics. The denouement of events known.

Translated by Natalia Maslennikova

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