Dream about elections

Continued diary Stefan Mueller, a long-term observers for the presidential elections in Belarus.

November 24

Belarusians with a grain of salt now fit to the TV as a unreliable appliances: the beginning of the candidates' … I thought all eagerly awaiting the presentations, want to hear the truth, fresh ideas. It turned out that — no! People here in general are non-standard. Those who want a new president, usually emphasize that if the turn on the TV, the only program where there is no "father", as they exist exclusively abroad. The others, on the contrary, ignore distracting channels where it does not show. Television without their "parents" for them is not TV. Germans do not understand now, although lack of religious programs where the only non-stop talking about God.

Candidates on television today Belarusians (who does not shrink from the Belarusian TV) are annoying, they proudly declare: "We already have a president, but we do not need another! And these — what they want, then got out, where to go? We do not know them, we first see them, why are they talking something? Here you will not abroad! "If they care to ask:" What if these candidates say something new, interesting, useful? "That can be heard in response to a hostile -" our "dad" without them getting better knows him padkazchykav not necessary, but do not climb, do not interfere! "" We are in favor of our "father" — the fire, the water in the trenches and dugouts, we are under the tanks are ready for it German? "I was already hot: where they see the German tanks? But the precise warning, too militant … To sum up: Belarusians do not listen to the candidates, the maximum through the ears, they are eagerly waiting for the show again," Father. "Already uncomfortable for the opposition, which is so wanted to get on the screen!
From previous records

November 21

Fresh Belarusian anecdote: on the TV show candidates campaign, and then a half-moon announced a moratorium on the performance, as they explain the frustration — to voters before the election to have forgotten all about, except, of course, the hero of the ether, which reigns in it tselagadichna. I gently asked one officer why such absurdities of the election? He looked at me as a schoolboy Losers and began to explain in this vein that the promotion is prohibited in the West, not only on election day, but even a day before. But in the Republic of Belarus! -He raised his voice — Voting begins one week before the election, prybavtse here seven days — that will turn the crescent! To no samaagitatsyynyh performances, so as not to interfere with the people think, not to spoil the good-natured spirit! All the more so they do not really know how to act, you will agree! — Summed official. I felt like a fool, a fool. I think that the opposition feels the same.

November 22

One of the Belarusian explained to me that the elections are important for them as a tradition, a ritual. What and how to choose — does not concern them, not dependent on them, so there is nothing to dergatstsa. The most important thing — the atmosphere, with his mood, svyatochnasts: "As a family, paadekalenivshysya, we arrive at the station. Sunday. All we are pleased bulletins issued by hand, grinning, encourage. Huge red box is a gap. Above her portrait of Stalin, who looks wise . I mean — about the portrait of Stalin father told me just sunk into memory. And then he performed his constitutional duty and — to the buffet, and there and eat and drink, and all of you again not quite appreciate, only the wife pulls the elbow to restrained, to know the best of … "

During the night I woke up in horror, lying and trying to get rid of what he had seen, what if I come to vote, mustachioed portrait on the wall of large size, and when he let down his ballot, I poured a glass, I turn to the wall and with the words "For the Motherland, for Stalin "I drink sharply … In the brain, reflected the name of vodka — "Bulbash." Just because it's hard sign here argue — or is it just made "antique", harmless, or to be reminded of the royal yoke?

November 23

One candidate said loudly to our German reporters that the real election only in them, Belarusians, and we, in the West, one big show …

It is difficult to understand where this country the boundary between literature and life? I have a book of the writer, the story of one vote, is called "The Saga of the ballot box." Embarrassing, but I will quote: "Here they tell us that even in these Asians plastic boxes for newsletters, and you can see everything that is out there and how. So we still dip your fingers into the ink as they are, so leave fingerprints? Our box She opened the time. seems to mail order. Environmentally friendly — threw it, and it dissolves in nature. We were all made of wood — houses, towers, castles, even Panskoe first. spoke no church, no nails done. "

End of story — the stone in our garden election: "All of these voting shows — with balls, tubes, rattle, with flags, portraits, chants, distribution of hot dogs, a procession of bands, with balloons, with beer, popcorn … We elections — this is serious, they have — a masquerade. Thank you for your attention. "

Please! .. I have read and understood even more clearly: the election — it is really very serious, and we must begin not with stand, pots, boxes. What could be the change without remorse? Stalin, dear Belarusians also kaput! .. Where is my bottle "Bulbash" started? Decide quickly: Bulbash like you or not? And "b" that — Slave stamp or seal of quality? Although I myself am in this boom-boom, just heard enough of the opposition candidates.

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