Dream of a free Belarus and white-red-white flag

November 24 by the First Channel of the Belarusian TV were the presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Gregory Kastusyou.

Andrei Sannikov began his speech in Russian. From the dream of a free Belarus

"Imagine: December 20, we won. Dictatorship is gone. And Lukashenko on a private jet fled to Venezuela. Millions of people in the streets. Cries of" Hurrah! , "" Long live Belarus! "We all broadcast live Belarusian TV. 16 years we have been waiting for this victory. And this day has come. "

Next, Mr. Sannikov confidently say that Lukashenko has already lost — near the stands with his portrait was empty, he did not even come to the presentation of certificates.

Mr. Sannikov remembered that November 14, 1996 the country began to sink into dictatorship. When Gonchar was removed from the post of Chairman of the Central Election Commission. Since then, the CEC led Yarmoshina, the main task of the CEC was election fraud.

"In 1996, when Lukashenko usurped power in the state, he lost the right to be elected president of Belarus. Usurper It has become commonplace, as the leaders of the Latin American juntas or African dictators Cannibals as small Fuhrer, like Ceausescu. Due to this delayed in Belarus its development for years to come. "

He remembered Mr. Sannikov missing — Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, who died suddenly Gennady Karpenko. Described how his family was threatened. He spoke boldly and aptly:

"Lukashenko calls us the opposition. But the opposition has already become himself and those around him, those who live in the thrush. This is it — the opposition to the Belarusian people. And we — not the opposition. We do not live behind a high fence Drozdov. We live in the country on their land. We are the owners! "

Andrei Sannikov and laid out his election program. The main task, he believes improving the lives of people. There were a lot of promises:

"I promise that the decree on the abolition of the contract system will be one of the first that I will sign. Course, you need to restore the trade unions, which will protect the rights of citizens. Dispersed We will remove the ideology of all school and university programs. Pensioners must be confident that their pensions will be real money, not the wrapper. From Chernobyl problem should be lifted the ban. Should be restored social guarantees and benefits to all persons affected by Chernobyl. "

Sannikov surely convince voters that he knows how to bring the country into the leading European countries. Finally, Mr. Sannikov appealed to businessmen, civil servants, assuring that the real professionals will be in demand in the new government.

Gregory Kastusyou performed in Belarusian. Immediately announced that it has put forward the BNF, and he goes to the polls under white-red-white flag. He told me that symbolize the colors, noting that these colors on the clothing of priests:

"Belarus is the only country in the world where the flag is a real national state symbol. And these values we will return again. And anyone who offends this flag will be punished by God."

Gregory Kastusyou uttered clearly, thoroughly prepared, using quotes:

"Belarus — the only country in the civilized world where students and senior citizens are deprived of benefits. Lukashenko quote:" Why should a student who lives in the city, a free ride? Well, when a man from the provinces, he needs to bring a sack of potatoes to the parents on the exit — to help. Well, in the city it is necessary to walk on foot. Do you want to go — pay. "

Said Mr. Kastusyou why he goes to the president. BPF Party stands for a transition from an authoritarian presidential system of government to a parliamentary republic:

"The new constitutional assembly and mechanisms of transitional provisions of the new Constitution. During the transition period will form a temporary gathering of people's trust. Reduction of the state apparatus will be our first priority. Old secret service will be discontinued. KGB will be dissolved, and its activities will be investigated by the Commission on lustration. New security services will be formed of professionals who are not sullied themselves political repression and corruption. "

As for the officials, they even wished Kastusyou: Lukashenko them constantly insulted, so they do not work. Emphasized that they should not scare officials lustration, the vast majority of them — honest people:

"Officials do not be afraid of Gregory Kastusiou, do not be afraid of the Belarusian Popular Front. Who does not steal, does not sit down."

Kastusyou promised to declare a moratorium on the death penalty; introduce a strong national currency — the thaler, a privatization agency, make education free and decent, to return the European Humanities University in Belarus; revive whiteRussian language, To declassify all information about the effects of radiation.

At the end he asked the members of election commissions:

"Do not let yourself vtsyaguts in criminal activity, avoid falsification of the elections, you have a great responsibility."

He ended presidential candidate Grigory Kastusyou appeal "Long live Belarus!"

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