Duel 2-admirals

Duel of two admirals

On March 31, 1904, at the outer anchorage of Port Arthur blew up and sank the flagship of the Russian Pacific Fleet battleship "Petropavlovsk". This maritime disaster was the prelude to a crushing defeat of in the war with Japan 1904-1905., Because among the seven hundred sailors were killed and Fleet Commander Vice-admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov. Specifically with him Emperor Nicholas the second and all of Russian public opinion their hopes on an embodiment of the strategic plan, which has permitted to win the war in the Far East.

It is clear that the destruction of the Russian admiral was profitable opponent. But whether it was the result of deliberate sabotage Japanese intelligence or a successful attack Japanese submarine? Maybe death Makarova was the finale in a string of absurd coincidences and mistakes? We can not exclude the fact thatadmiral Makarov became a hostage mistakenly chosen strategy he himself mine warfare — all of these versions, and will be the subject of speculation and research in our program there.

"The Searchers" try to prove that on March 31 1904the Japanese intelligence held unprecedented operation. In military history has not yet been examples where the hostile army captain won the battle and the war is not on the field of battle, and with the help of a secret weapon. What exactly? This you know, looking at our newest program from.

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