Eat, drink and dress in 2012 will be only millionaires

Prices for food, clothing and other trash that has no spiritual world, absolutely, nothing will grow uncontrollably and viciously. For the purpose of owning a self-canned goods, second-hand and two or three cows.
What you need to be happy? Often we hear this simple question, that's just the answer makes a wise man think, and choose the near word answer: a million! For human beings, who had never had in my hands this same million — amount seems fabulous. Is this true?

Statistics tell us that a million dollars in 2011, equal to about 17 thousands of American presidents in exactly two hundred years ago and 85 thousand in 1911. Of course, the dollar depreciates, tell you … Unfortunately, we're not talking the dollar, pound, yen or radiation. Riddle of cheap money is buried much deeper. You can give thousands of examples, but will focus on the most amusing:

Ale — a blessing or a sentence?

Do you think that the poor have to buy Briton every night? Tell me — bread, newspapers, ticket in the subway? No, more often English middle peasant buys ale. This very el rose over 100 years by 6.5 times. This is despite the fact that the production cost of our almost two-fold. Just because a girl from the province of British desperately seek sober fellows.

Oatmeal, sir?

Breakfast food — a useful and significant for the British (or rather for the Englishman, Wales, for example, can not tolerate oats). For half a century, the price increased by 2.5 times. Manufacturers refer to the significant rise in production. However, one can hardly imagine the expensive production of oatmeal, is not it? Is not that neat flakes packed Pakistani-Indian professionals, and young and promising British, whose work can not be cheap by the laws of the country.

Sewage. Every little bit developed village in depressed areas of Britain has its govnootvod — says the handbook for 1985. Sewerage system, a sort of pride in the United Kingdom. Only, innovation does not cheapen slop sink into the groundwater feeding the Thames. The cost of utilities in the UK has doubled in the last 30 years, in Scotland by 1.8 times, in Ireland, almost two and a half times (the main spurt in prices occurred in December 2010.)

Cyclists His Majesty

Do not forget the gasoline, which reached a peak around the world. Fuel prices are so high that Americans throw their powerful cars on the roadside slopes and buy small car. Chinese have promised to release a car with a fuel consumption of 2 liters per 100 km and capacity — 3 people.

More is coming …

Meanwhile, the conservative British raised the alarm. According to economists at the National University of London, 2012 will be a turning point for the global economy. Crop failures, natural disasters, and pyramid schemes at the state level will lead to a sharp rise in price as food, basic goods and natural (cotton, wool and leather) clothing that a thousand pounds barely enough for a month's ration of the immigrant in the boondocks of Manchester.

However, not all so sad and hopeless. Let you die of hunger, but will travel to eletromobilyah In fairness, we note and fallen in price products. One of the few benefits greatly cheapened over the last century — cars. Their prices are down 40-50 times in commercial terms. Also dropped the price of air travel and cruises on ships. Actually, apart from transport fell chemistry, electrical and all that anything to do with technological progress. Correction — not all. A quality tube amp for Mullarde went up at 2-3. Turntable — about five times, and the plates themselves 33.5 added to the price 75%. So we listen to MP3 format on their Aypadah, barely featuring Solid jazz from a cheap R & B.

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