Egypt. Brand new revolution?

Egypt.  A new revolution?

The number of victims in the unrest in Egypt has exceeded 1,500 people. On Friday after prayers, demonstrators have again made an attempt to capture the institutions of government. At night the building was set on fire by them, where is the tax office.

Over the last day of the protests enveloped Alexandria, Giza, Suez. Witnesses say the events that everything that happens is very similar to the festering latest revolution.

A year after the Egyptian revolution again demanding change. Mess in the Egyptian capital last third day, and the bill is dead on 10's. The wounded — thousand.

On Friday after prayers in the streets of Cairo 10 out of thousands of people. Requirements them pretty tough. The three-day or four to back the protesters were for the fact that Military Council handed over power to a civilian party. Now the protesters reached the temporary arrest of Egyptian control and vpribavok, execution of Field Marshal Tantawi. The protesters they say they are not going to leave the city streets until such time as the inhabitants of the country do not get legitimate rights. Yes, every day more and more people are killed, but the protesters will continue to fight.

The demonstrators did not change the methods of struggle. Assaults, arson, rallies. The other day, once again attempted to assault the structure of the Ministry of the Interior. As mentioned above, the tax office was set on fire. Policing who tried to speak out against the crowd, were pelted with stones and bottles. In response, the protection used batons and rubber bullets, tear gas allowed.

Cairo hospitals are overcrowded now, but every hour "emergency" bring all new the wounded and maimed. According to the views of Dr. Jamal Moheba, confrontation has come to a standstill. Dr. calculated that more than thousands of the wounded, and died there. Military Council need something urgently addressed, according to a medic. After the voltage built up!

The protests have come and to other Egyptian cities. Reports of clashes come from Suez, Giza, Alexandria. And there are a lot of dead and the wounded. The organizers of the protests build barricades. Recently, they promise to meet the new shares. One of the protesters, Ahmed Mutvalli, believes that since the revolution, Egyptians have seen configurations. The protesters do not trust the government, and believe that it is their fools. Mutvalli calls Military Council did not take more uninformed decisions and give civilian authorities.

Clashes resumed in the streets of Egypt 2 day or reversed. The reason turned out acts of police in Port Said — while preventing a fight at a football stadium. In this skirmish killed more than seventy people. The demonstrators say: Security Services failed to protect fans from violence. What Military The Council expressed the investigation and management of the province to forbid to leave Egypt, people are not reassured. The demonstrators believe that the government has already exhausted the limit of confidence. Because if the recent Egyptians will not see the real configurations, follow the revolution is unlikely to turn out to avoid.

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