Egypt may revise the peace treaty with Israel

Egypt may revise the peace treaty with Israel

If the United States collapsed financial help Cairo, Egypt may review peace treaty with Israel. This statement was made in the address of Washington members of the Freedom and Justice Party, "the Muslim Brotherhood."

ITAR-TASS news agency, according to the statement of Mohammed Mursi, a favorite of the party, military help is part of Egypt's peace treaty with Israel and its guarantor are the United States. "In connection with this, — said Mursi — Washington's best not to threaten termination of assistance, in an unpleasant event may be revised by himself peace treaty, in which this assistance is provided. "

So the sharp deterioration of relations between the United States and Egypt caused a scandal about the activities of Egyptian and foreign non-governmental organizations funded by the United States.

In the first criminal tribunal in February 2012 were handed over to the case of forty-three employees of non-governmental organizations. This organization was charged with illegal foreign funding.

Judicial Affairs Yankees are nineteen fourteen Egyptians, five Serbs, two Germans and three inmate various Arab states.

U.S. issued a warning to return to the address Egypt. U.S. side stated "serious consequences for bilateral relations" — in this case, if Cairo releases the detained employees.

Washington has threatened to further downsizing of monetary aid to Egypt, including the military. Need to see that each year as part of the Camp David Accords, the U.S. gives 1.3 billion. USD. in the form of military assistance. In addition, it was promised another $ 250 million in 2012 — as economic aid.

The Egyptian authorities have recently forbade to leave the country for two more foreigners: South American and Australian student journalist. Both were arrested on charges of "inciting Egyptians to strike for some financial reward."

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is asking Congress for money to U.S. foreign policy in the future year, recommended that the military aid to Cairo in the same amount, ie 1.3 billion. U.S.

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