Embarrassing pictures online pravitelstvo.rf

Infographics on the state website — it is very correct and modern. And I'm glad that the site pravitelstvo.rf in "infographics" hang 11 works. But look closely and upset — how carelessly done.

I will not write, why most of these images can not be called infographics, but the basic rules of walk.

First, the site of the first state-level indecent save on corrector. Such a number of typos I have not seen.

Embarrassing pictures online pravitelstvo.rf

At least a "km" learn to write without a point!

Embarrassing pictures online pravitelstvo.rf

Second, the lack of an editor. That will not only copy-paste officious rules text, but would note that the map is not enough of the Caspian Sea.

And in place of Georgia, I would be a scandal, because the flag of South Ossetia is in Georgia. It is clear that the flag is simply not fit the tiny republic, but in the official site it could pass for a political statement.

Third, one can save on the designer. Simulating three-dimensional non-obvious buttons, the "designer" added the shadow of it, but forgot to put a couple of times a shadow under the button.

And the man who wrote half the text upside down, from my point of view, there is not only experience, but also the brain (but harder to find typos.)

Embarrassing pictures online pravitelstvo.rf

I can only praise for one. All materials are available under license from Creative Commons 3.0 (written with misspellings and a link to a page in English), which is also very true and modern.
This means two things: 1) The Russian government recognizes the existence of such a form of copyright, although the Civil Code still says that the law can only be transmitted by written license agreement.
2) The Russian government wants us to be actively used, quoted and shared with each other these pictures from their section "infographics."

No, thanks.

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