Emergency due to drought conditions put in another district of the Saratov region

Authorities Alexandrov-Gai district of Saratov region imposed a state of emergency due to the abnormally hot weather, said regional GUMCHS.

Previously, the administration of another district — Marxian — for the same reason, announced emergency mode.

"Emergencies (in Alexandrov-of Ai's) results in extreme agrometeorological conditions — abnormally hot weather and the lack of effective rainfall, combined with dry winds that led to critical levels of water in reservoirs and intensive non-productive consumption of moisture from the soil," — said in a statement.

Information about the extent of the damage and loss of crops in the area of Alexandrov-of Hai district is not specified.

According to preliminary data, in the Marxist's killed thousands of 6.157 hectares, or 5.6% of the sown area of crops. The total damage amounted to 27.7 million rubles.

Meanwhile, the region also has a mode of emergency still in Novouzensk area where local authorities put him on May 23 because of the growing numbers of locusts, which destroyed more than 3.1 thousand hectares of farmland.

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