Emergency mode due to forest fires are introduced in three districts of the Tomsk region

A state of emergency due to the deteriorating situation fire-introduced on Thursday in three areas of Tomsk region, told RIA Novosti the chairman of the Committee on Defense and Emergencies of the regional administration Konstantin Belousov.

According to the central board of the regional Emergencies Ministry, the area of forest fires in the Tomsk region a day has tripled, and on Thursday morning was 400 hectares. There are four forest fire in the area of 400 hectares, including 180 hectares — a non-forest areas. Two fires located on 110 hectares. Settlements no threat.

Previously reported that the emergency mode on Wednesday declared fire hazard due to the worsening situation in Kargasok area. There's a forest fire raged less than 10 kilometers from the village Myldzhino, threats locality was not, but addressed the issue of evacuation. The area has been reinforced with a group of fighters fire, Myldzhino sent two Mi-8 helicopters. By Wednesday evening stopped the spread of fire, the fire passed through an area of 150 hectares.

"Yesterday (Wednesday) was introduced in Kargasok area today (Thursday) — in Verkhneketskyi, Parabel Kolpashevo and regions", — said Belousov.

According to him, in fire suppression involved 116 people, 22 pieces of equipment, including — seven aircraft, including two Mi-8 MOE. He noted that the fire near the village Myldzhino localized and does not threaten the locality.

It was also reported that the fire does not threaten the largest gas condensate deposits of "Vostokgazprom" ("daughter" of "Gazprom"), and fire protection company is helping the authorities to stop the fire and FEMA.

Forest fires raged in the Tomsk region during the summer of 2012. In late June, the decision of the head of the region because of the situation with the wildfires in the region was a regime of emergency. In addition, the area has been restricted to the forests.

A few weeks in the region kept smog, it spread to the neighboring city. The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the management MOE personally monitor the situation with the fire fighting in the region, after the Ministry sent to the Tomsk region of heavy aircraft and additional forces.

The situation returned to normal only fire in early August — after a massive fire and the establishment of more favorable weather (cold snap and rain). Emergency regime in the region was canceled on August 14, three days later it was the restriction forest visits.

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