Emergency mode introduced in areas of Astrakhan region because locusts

State of emergency was introduced Friday in Ikryaninsky near Astrakhan region in connection with the plague of locusts, said MOE region.

"Due to the tense situation and phytosanitary mass hatching of locust pests on agricultural land in the area Ikryaninsky May 25 introduced a state of emergency," — said in a statement.

This is the third region in the region after the Liman and Kamyzyaksky in which a regime of emergency because of the plague of locusts.

Scale locust invasion in the south of repeats for the past several years and the beginning of summer in forms of natural disaster. Agricultural workers to use the entire arsenal — from hand-held sprayers to small aircraft in time to treat the affected area pest before it hatched insects reborn in a new and much more dangerous winged form, able to move quickly over long distances, destroying in its path any vegetation .

Works on Locust are conducted not only in the emergency area, but also in all the southern parts of the region, where consent of pests.

According to the regional administration, at the beginning of this week all over the region and Asian Italian locust locusts that the heat got out of the larvae almost a month ahead of schedule, was infected more than 90,000 hectares of farmland — a third of the 290,000 acres of the study area. In this case, by 62 thousand hectares was an increase in the density of the pest — about 700 individuals per square meter.

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