Emergency mode is entered because of the heat in the sixth district of Rostov region

 State of emergency was introduced in Bokovskom district of Rostov region, where drought destroyed crops part, informs management GUMCHS the Rostov region.

Earlier mode of drought emergency was introduced in the Sholokhov, Zavetinskom, Upper Don, Remontnensky and Dubovsky district of Rostov region.

"In the area Bokovskogo the adverse weather and climatic conditions associated with high temperatures, strong easterly winds gusting force of 15-20 meters per second. Maximum temperature rising to plus 38 degrees, and on the soil surface — to plus 68 degrees" — noted in a release.

According to the regional department for the prevention and elimination of emergencies in the region operate monitoring service meteorologist specialists monitor the possible development of the situation, if possible crop area shed.

In total, in areas where a regime of emergency have been killed crops over an area of 93 thousand hectares.

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