Emergency regime announced in Transbaikalia because of heavy rains

Authorities on Tuesday announced a state of emergency in Chernyshevsky's Trans-Baikal region, where due to heavy rains flooded the regional center — the city of Chernyshevsky and interrupted by road to five villages, the press service of the governor of the region.

"Yesterday (Monday) in the area of flooding was 21 houses of the village Bushulei stations, local authorities evacuated 65 people. In the urban settlement Zhireken at risk of flooding were cottages and evacuated one person. Rise of water in the river was Aleur 2.5-3 meters. K Monday night the water level in the river has ceased to grow. Nevertheless Chernyshevsky 10 streets were flooded, partially — gardens and houses, "- said in a statement.

According to the government the edge was prepared all the necessary equipment for the evacuation of people and places for accommodation, but they are not needed.

The water level in the rivers grew and Kuenga, Uryum and tin.

"Due to the flooding of the road for some time were cut off from the district center of the village Milgidun, Nalgekan, Gorbitsa, Darling, Borodino, Bukachacha — was interrupted by both road and rail links. Now rail Chernyshevsk — Bukachacha restored to all Rivers area is declining water levels, "- said the government land.

In the Trans-Baikal region heavy rains have led to flooding of four settlements, including the second largest city in the province — Krasnokamensk based where Russia's largest producer of uranium Argun Industrial Mining and Chemical Union. The city streets were flooded except for the central station, which is why Krasnokamensk remained without electricity. Also, due to the increase of the water level in the river White Uryum on Tuesday night were partially flooded two villages — and Ulyakan Uryum. In all the villages to evacuate residents flooded homes.

On Monday, the Trans-Baikal railway in 4-8 hours delayed five passenger-distance trains due to embankment erosion associated with heavy rainfall in the north-east region. By Tuesday, the number of lingering trains increased to eight, several trains are late already for five hours.

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