Emergency response in Balezino where himothody merged at a cost of 18 million rubles

Dealing with the consequences of local emergency (Emergency) in an abandoned factory near the village Balezino in Udmurtia, where in December 2011, illegally leaked chemical waste has cost the Republican treasury of 18 million rubles, said Tuesday at a press conference, deputy chairman of the regional government Ildar Bikbulatov. The decision to impose the regime of local emergency at the plant and on high alert in the village Balezino was adopted on 21 March 2012. According to the national department of the Investigative Committee (IC), and chemical waste have been merged into the unused bitumen pit near the village at the end of December 2011. On this fact was prosecuted for violating the rules for handling hazardous materials and waste. According to the Republican Rosprirodnadzor in tanks where the waste was delivered, was carbon tetrachloride, a liquid when heated distinguishes phosgene — a gas which was used as a chemical agent during World War II. Weight of the dangerous substance was estimated at 60 tons, mixing it with water, it could increase to 150 — 160 tons, according to the various departments. According to the environmental protection agency, the sender of the dangerous substance is Novocheboksarsk "Khimprom", and immediately made a plum staff Izhevsk branch of LLC "PEC Lenhimmash" (St. Petersburg). "We have prepared all the documents in order to be able to recover damages, we have prepared information for the president (Udmurtia) for meetings at the level of owners' Khimprom" ("Khimprom", Cheboksary, the executive body of the company "Renova Orgsintez"), in principle, the preliminary arrangements have been made yet … the first meeting, I think it is not so fast, but we will refund the money "- said Bikbulatov.

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