Europe faced with a choice: the separation of the banking system or the global war

Europe faced with a choice: the separation of the banking system or the World War IIProspects for monetary collapse of the trans-Atlantic region and the state of the explosive Middle East exacerbate the danger of World War III as never before. Necessary acts for the brave people that action took a different path and disaster was avoided.

The debate over the "quantitative easing III» show clearly far everything has gone — discusses the question of whether the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the central banks of other countries to print huge amounts of money to delay the collapse of the trans-Atlantic banking system, or the weather. Part of the money establishment around the Minister of Finance USA Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believes that only flood the market liquidity may prevent a collapse in the very last time. Others fear that hyperinflation will not allow Obama to be re-elected.

Euro pretentious statement by the chairman of the central bank, Mario Draghi that he would do "everything" to save the euro, including direct financing of governments and banks caused a strong protest. The head of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann threatened to resign in protest against the symbol of a hyperinflationary policy. Even more brutal struggle ensued between those in the establishment who wish to enter the separation of the banking system, as it was in time act repealed the Glass-Steagall Act amerikanskogozakona, and those in the imperial tradition believes that to remain in power can only be unleashing a new war.

Reasons for War

Meanwhile, the Middle East is a copy of the Balkans in 1914 — a chess board on which players move the imperial figure, and where one shot can lead to a world war.

Possible detonator World War number 1 — Syria

Goebbels would envy the light of events in Syria Western media. At the time, came up with the fake weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and now just as President Obama and French President Hollande speculate danger of the introduction of chemical weapons by the Syrian government — a pretext for military intervention by the West. In reality, the U.S. and British special forces are lurking brutal war against the Assad government, hand in hand with Islamic fundamentalist Salafi Al-Qaeda and the PKK (Kurdish separatists), funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Past Chief of Staff of the French Air Force General Jean Fleury, the French government warned against military intervention, including the establishment of the zone, illegal to fly. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. General Martin Dempsey also warned against the realization of the idea of establishing the zone over Syria, free flights. During a trip to London, Dempsey expressed concern in connection with the worst-case scenario in Syria, where she will be "unstable state with all its attendant risks."

In Syria military alliance with Iran, in addition, the NATO operation in Syria would lead to a confrontation with Russia and China.

The detonator of World War II number 2 — Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities

There is also a pawn on the chessboard: strange assertion IAEA Tipo having an acceleration of Iran's nuclear utilities that contrary to the most recent estimates of all U.S. intelligence agencies (state intelligence estimate of the situation.) Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declares that he wants to turn to the UN General Assembly in New York in late September, that "openly tell the world the truth about the regime of terror in Iran, which represents the greatest danger to world peace." Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak once said that would strike on Iran.

General Dempsey stressed that the Israel Defense Forces strike on Iran, "the distance, but could not kill the program from a nuclear Iran." He added that an Israeli attack on Iran would cause large-scale effects in a very unstable region.

Prevention of War

So Makarov, the chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the U.S. clearly expressed the position of the U.S. military against Syria and Iran: they do not support a confrontation with Russia and China. Behind the scenes of the South American and Russian military are developing strategies to prevent war, without such strategies tragedy would have occurred.

In this context, the extraordinary significance is an open letter to members of the House of Representatives Republican Walter Dzhonsaprezidentu Obama. Jones said that another war without the approval of Congress, would be a violation of the exclusive constitutional right of Congress to declare war, and it will become the basis for impeachment.

More than anything in this situation scares the public's lack of understanding of what we are on the threshold of the third, now a nuclear war. During the Caribbean missile crisis, President Kennedy said that the victims of the atomic war will be happier survivors who have to suffer from radiation and other effects. During the crisis, due to the medium-range missiles in the early 80's scientific conferences devoted to the consequences of a nuclear winter, then took to the streets hundreds of thousands of people.

And now that the existence of a danger of the world's population?

The dictatorship of the media and conformity of all parliamentary parties have led to the fact that not even a debate about it.

But there is a solution. Should immediately perform the separation of the banking system in the tradition of the Glass-Steagall Act Roosevelt, return sovereignty monetary and economic policy, and by means of a credit system to start programs from the embodiment of the creation of infrastructure in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean region and Africa.

If emissions continue to unlimited funds and move to hyperinflation, as it was in 1923, to accept the dictatorship of bankers, propagation, through the European Stability Mechanism and surrender to the empire of the world, when any state who oppose such policies color revolutions swept away and subversive rise the survival of the world's population.

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