Europe has reached a record high temperature

In several countries for several days worth sorokogradusnuyu heat.
In Serbia, to escape the heat, people learn city fountains, because the local beaches already overcrowded. In such deplorable conditions and have to work: cleaning in burnt fields does not stop — the farmers are trying to save at least part of the crop.
In neighboring Croatia, many can not endure such high temperatures: there in the last days of the 9 people died. Doctors do not get tired to warn tourists about the dangers of a long exposure to the sun.
In Italy, where the heat in July — normal thing, you know how it is best to wait: you have to hide in the shade, and drink more.
Truly established, and the summer weather in central Russia. According to weather forecast, tomorrow, July 13, in the capital region is hot again, and on Friday, July 15, in Moscow, the temperature can rise to 32.


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