Europe, our home and the soul of the East

Europe, Russia and the soul of the East

In 1938 he was released to break the stereotypes of the western world-view work of German philosopher Walter Schubart "Europe and the soul of the East ", dedicated to the origins of the confrontation of civilizations as Western Europe and Russia as the East. Unlike other editions of the Russian Federation ("Russia in 1839" Marquis de Custine, "The Gulag Archipelago" Solzhenitsyn) "Europe and the soul of the East "and did not fall into the hands of Western wimp. The premise was pronounced Russophile creator. These books were not printed in the West and do not print …

Describing the cultural-historical type of European and Russian people, V. Schubart uses the definition of "Prometheus" and "gothic". European has a "Promethean" moral constitution, in which base — view of the world as an object which must conquer, subdue, to rebuild. From this primordial anger of the West against the East, the Western desire to "civilize" the East.

W. Schubart beheld the makings of a "Promethean" morality in Protestant-Catholic ideology, and in the spread of Roman culture in the whole of Europe. "Lack of awareness of the European peoples of — Roman heritage," — he stressed.

Russia, by W. Schubart — a man "gothic", whose inner thoughts are directed not so much on earth, Dolny as on a mountain (hence the comparison with the gothic — style building, ascended to the heavens.) Look "gothic" man of the world — it does not look carnivorous subject to the passive object. "Gothic" whole person believes and overall higher personal and personal, he seeks to live in harmony with the world, rather than engage in endless reworking it.

"Promethean" era began right after the Reformation, and then continued by the French Revolution, and as a result led to a complete obezbozhivaniyu European civilization. What distinguishes man "Prometheus" from "gothic" that distinguishes him from Russia, argued W. Schubart.

"Curse" Promethean "culture is that it degrades the hero to everyman" — makes W. Schubart own diagnosis Europe. For the western culture, which the German philosopher calls the "culture of mean", characterized by the power of the standard average philistine bourgeois, reveling in their individualism, the primacy of matter over spirit, ideology hoarding. This culture becoming more grayish, mentally small automatic. Capitalism — financial shape "Promethean" culture.

Russian culture in B. Schubart — "the end of the culture," it is apocalyptic in nature, because impregnated Orthodox standards of the Kingdom of God, has a metaphysical depth and standard of freedom.

W. Schubart was surprisingly sensitive, outlining the disastrous developments that disfigure the culture of Western nations. In Western thought he anticipated the mental transition from the "Decline of the West," Oswald Spengler (1922) to "The Death of the West" Patrick Buchanan (2002). Thus, P. Buchanan categorically make their own judgment: the United States as a child of Western culture following the path of suicide. De-Christianization hit all areas of American life, the result of which have now become brightest signs of degeneration in the form of an apology for pederasty, militant feminism brought to the ravings of "political correctness" when no monsters, and there are "people with different looks," no mother and father, but there is " parent number 1 "and" parent number 2. "

"Promethean" culture dies and kills herself, read W. Schubart, pointing to the almost complete absence of suicide in medieval Europe, faithful Christian tradition, and the epidemic in Europe secularized, repudiated Christianity.

In turn, P. Buchanan, continuing the line of V.Shubarta shows the growth of the middle of the Yankees hedonistic attitudes as the main reasons for the increase of degenerative tendencies. Already in the mid-twentieth century, many tenets of Christianity and the signs were rejected as contrary to the Yankees "freedom of religion", began to unravel the family institution. The more hedonistic exerted every generation Yankees, so it was politically irresponsible and spiritually flawed.

It should be recognized that the implanted ideology of multiculturalism in the West — is not courteous gesture of openness and veiled horror of the alien-passionaries firmly keep their own faith. Neither Europeans nor white Americans no longer able to "digest" the new arrivals. Europe is covered immigrant waves from Africa and Asia. Exclusively in one Berlin is home to 3 million Turks. In Norway, from 2006 to 2007, the number of immigrants from Muslim countries has increased by 10%.

All the more noticeable changes view of the United States, where the center of public and economic life shifted to the U.S. mainland, closer to the centers of Hispanic culture. U.S. erupted in Hispanic immigrants. Now they say a lot about the loss of the United States Anglo-Saxon exceptionalism. From 2000 to 2030, 88% of the total U.S. population growth will occur due to the population growth in the southern states, the share of the Anglo-Saxons in percentage terms is less bit of Latinos and Africans. Already at this time the Mexican population of Los Angeles is second only to the population of Mexico City, and the Cuban diaspora of Miami is a big part in the town. This trend will continue, as the flow of migration from South America does not dry out, and the birth rate of Hispanics in the middle of a superior not only in pure white, but even the Black Yankees. For the first time began to speak loudly about this South American writer-futurist John Naisbitt in his book "Megatrends", located in far 1982.

And W. Schubart back in 1930 foresaw that "the future of — in Asia," which things have evolved it even warmer than with Europe. "Among all the peoples of the eastern broader belief that Europeans came to him as an oppressor, and the Russian comes as liberator", — said V. Schubart. Russia's reluctance to lord it over others, an innate property of the soul to take at least some human cultures as equal — that's what distinguishes Europeans from Russian.

"Prometheus" man marked by the seal of spiritual death. Our homeland is — pole, devoid of its own nature "Prometheus" measure, its future depends on how long he will be able to preserve their cultural and historical isolation. Every time when the Russian came into Europe, for example in the years 1813-1815., They began to inhale the European poison, imbued with elements of the "Promethean" civilization by poisoning her with all this. Russian wrote V.Shubart, must not, under any circumstances, sacrificing their own culture, take a deep cultural elements "Promethean": "The Englishman looks at the world as a factory, a Frenchman — both interior, Teuton — as a barracks, and the Russian — both at the temple. " Liberalism and Westernization — the main enemies of the Russian civilization — V.Shubarta this conclusion, and in this he agrees with many of its prominent members (Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Konstantin Leontiev, IT Aksakov, AS hamsters, Ivan Ilyin).

W. Schubart indicated problems until now burning and Europe, and Russia. "Kulturtregerstvo" Europeans will not gone. Market predation, flawed individualism impregnated, for example, the ideology of
Russian opposition as a masochistic form of Westerners, who led the fight against another Russian Slavophiles XIX century. It is no coincidence that the liberal opposition supports the absurd claims of the West to RF for Stalin's "totalitarianism", then concocted by Western propagandists Russian accusations of "genocide" — the Poles, the Ukrainians, Balts, Circassians. All by W. Schubart, for which our homeland after each another conflict has always been willing to build good neighborly case with yesterday's enemy, and Europe — nothing ever forgotten. "For her … implacable hostility, not stale claims — as if the boulder in the stomach."

Now the situation in the world asks of RF clear, understandable responses to the global challenge, which throws her West. Let us not forget that the same P. Buchanan, for example, is pessimistic about the chances of the Russian Federation to retain the geopolitical position, ensuring its integrity as a country.

Not all expectations and predictions come true W. Schubart, but the deepest philosophical grounds, and political differences between the West and Russia, he beheld clear. The course of world events is confirmed. Spiritual autonomy as a means of deterring aggression in the Western culture and ideology — now is the right measure for the preservation of the Russian world from the bacilli degrading "Promethean" culture.

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