Europe: the second wave of Nazism and Fascism

Europe: the second wave of Nazism and Fascism

In the true time European countries are going through hard times — the financial and economic crisis, the failure of the national cultural policy in recent decades, the failure of the liberal model of society and the country's demographic crisis (snow white population increasingly aging in a number of dies, dissolves in waves of Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Negroid, Asian population).

Europe was brought to the edge — buggers polupederasty, perverts of all stripes are, in fact, the "elite" of society, the Christian standards are drowned in the muck. Therefore, it is logical that many young people have not lost their desire for spirituality began to accept Islam, like mushrooms after a rain arise neo-pagan community — Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian, Slavic.

"Pendulum" swung to the back side, using the discontent of the population began to sharply increase the party and the movement of the public, the right-wing. Now "pendulum" will be hard to "push" the other side, in the direction of nationalism and fascism. So Makar, schemers quite willing to kill white people of the planet, crush them, mix, reincarnated in the "faceless thing." Push Nazi Europe and the Islamic world. No wonder Sarkozy and Cameron (Paris and London) were the first pioneers who were willing to push the EU into a war with Libya.

Immediately, in the Arab and wider, the Islamic world have raised the Troubles, Shiites against Sunnis raised. Pro-Western authoritarian regimes "knocked" to change to the Islamists, who eventually come to power as a militant, hard power.

This will be the final destruction of white people of Europe, replaced in order to bring to their attention and energy on the revival, they will throw a more active part in the war.

Reference: Fascism (Italian fascismo from fascio «beam bunch, the union") — an ideology aimed at "re-creation" of the nation-people. The main symptoms — the rule of right-wing ideology, traditionalism, a particular nationalism, anti-communism, statism, corporatism, the elements of populism, militarism, often — cult of the leader.
Nazism — criminal ideology, in which members of one civilization is considered completely natural parasite or capture resources from representatives of other civilizations on the basis of only the country, and that the most famous types of Nazism — the Jewish (very pronounced in the Old Testament and in the Zionist movement) and Germany during the Third Reich.

Signs of a shift in Europe towards Nazism and fascism

— One by one, all the most top favorites of Europe (UK, France, Germany) have announced the failure of the multicultural society model.

— French far-right "National Front" led by Marine Le Pen (daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen) on all public polls in the presidential elections will take first place. Sarkozy will lose in the first round. Favorite of the party, which was not so long ago labeled as "fascist", has an excellent chance to be followed by the President of France.

— The failure of the "multicultural model" recognized in the bastion of tolerance and political correctness — in the Netherlands. A similar statement was made by Deputy Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen Netherlands. "Multiculturalism has suffered a disaster. Dutch no longer feel at home in their own country," — he said in a live TV program Nova College Tour. At the current time, Holland took 2nd place in Europe in the number of Muslims among the population, their 6%, or about one million people. The best part — the descendants of immigrants or immigrants from the former colonies of the Netherlands — Indonesia and Suriname, many Turks, Arabs.

— In Austria, the far-right is gaining popularity Freedom Party and its favorite Heinz-Christian Strache, which smuschyaetsya not in expressions, talking about Muslims. So, in 2005, the organization said in the program that "Europe is the spiritual foundation of Christianity," and Austria is a largely German state. In 2006, Strache made for the fact that Austria "has brought immigration to zero." In the elections to the parliament Strache received 11% of votes. And speaking of party slogans like "Alliance for Austria's Future" — 4%. In 2008, elections were premature and "Freedom Party" went to them under even more soft-spoken motto: "Austria — for the Austrians." She scored 18%, and the "Alliance for the Future of Austria" (headed by a former favorite of the "free" Jorg Haider) — 11%.

In autumn 2010, elections were held in Vienna, Strache has organized a Congress-wing in Europe, where it was decided to do everything to prevent the admission of Turkey into the European Union. "Membership in the EU non-European countries will be the end of it," — he singled out. Freedom Party won 27% of votes. The reason is that the number of Muslims in Austria over the last 40 years has increased by 15 times (up to 400 thousand, or 4.2% of the population), this led the Austrian Germans take to the emergence of a large mass of the country of the Turks, Arabs, Bosnian Muslims and Albanians as danger.

— Enough sounding statements Sarkozy: "We are very worried about the identity of the people who came to our country, but not enough — in fact the identity of our country to accept them. Naturally, we must all respect differences, but we do not want … a society consisting of the existing shoulder of shoulder of individual communities. If you come to live in France, I have to accept the fact that the solution is in the melting pot, in the same society, and specifically in the public society, and if you do not want to accept that, then you can not be a coveted guest in France. "

"The French national community can not accept configurations in its own style of life, which contains, among other things, equality between the guys and ladies beautiful girls, and the right to attend school. Our Muslim compatriots must be able to practice their religion, as well as at least some citizen but in France we do not wish people to ostentatious manner prayed in the street "- highlighted the French president.

In France, there are between 2 million and 7 million Muslims, usually they say about 5.5 million, or 9% of the population. It is the largest Islamic community in Europe — the mass of Arabs from North Africa, there are negros the Muslim Turks.

— Even in London, the citadel of "democracy" and political correctness, has spoken clearly. "We have to endure the segregated society that does not share our values. Many Muslims remain without roots. They do not turn into terrorists in one day, but we clearly litsezreem process of radicalization. We need to apply strict measures to prevent such preachers and their work in our countries "- said British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The problem of migrant workers in the UK is quite large. There are about 2 million Muslims, due to high birth rate and their share is constantly increasing. The followers of Islam in the UK are largely immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Arab Muslims from the African Negroes. Many of them to this day live in closed communities, and not integrated into the society. In Birmingham and Manchester faithful are about 10 percent of the population. Huge Muslim communities living in Liverpool, Nottingham. What's all the same for London, it has long
been a joke has been dubbed "Beirut on the Thames."

— European Alliance simply "drowning" in the waves of migrants, Arabs, negros run of their own states, among which the mass of the "washed-up" states such as Somalia, Yemen, Chad. For example, in Greece, decided to build a "stately Greek wall" 200 km of the border with Turkey. The Minister of Citizen Protection country Paputsis Christ said: "We have a complete plan, including co-operation with the European Organization Frontex border protection. Also, we plan to upgrade the Greek coast guard and land borders to the fence to prevent infiltration of illegal migrants." Through Greece to Europe come once a year 10's, hundreds of thousands of workers. Greece itself "drowning" in the workers — hundreds and thousands of workers have taken part in anti-government actions in Greece itself, requiring a variety of different kinds of benefits and residency, they are merged with the radical left. A significant part of them and do not try to work honestly — many are totally unwilling to work, dreaming of a life well-fed gratis, others do criminal society, exacerbating the problem of drug trafficking and prostitution.

— Almost every third Teuton believes that Germany would not be bad, if the head of the country was a strong man, which to the rules, especially looking back at the parliament or elections, reports Sueddeutsche Zeitung. These data are contained in the sociological study commissioned by the Institute of Bielefeld close to the SPD of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The study surveyed respondents from seven EU countries: Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and England. With all of this indicates that in normal democracies, such as Britain or France, the share of people who campaign for an authoritarian government, even higher than in Germany — 40 percent, and in Spain and Portugal it is 60 percent.

In the poll also found that intolerance of ethnic minorities in Europe vserasprostranena stronger than commonly believed. Almost half of all respondents believe that their country has so many migrants. The same number of respondents believe that in times of crisis, the indigenous people should be given priority in terms of a job. Anti-Semitism, according to the survey, as deeply rooted in the middle of the Europeans. For example, 17 percent of the inhabitants of the Netherlands and 70 percent of the people of Poland are of the view that the Jews are now trying to take advantage of the persecution to which they were subjected during the Nazi dictatorship. In addition, one third of all respondents confident Advantages of snow-white person before "dark."

We should also take into account that not all express their worldview in the open for fear of condemnation.

There are lots and other indirect signs of the coming of the second wave of fascism and Nazism in Europe. European nations need to try to avoid this trap, not allowing himself to be drawn into Nazism, and stay on the positions of socialism and nationalism.

To stop the multiculturalism and "tolerastiyu" need a lot of work is needed to restore the snow-white peoples of Europe — the big question is, does it afford to Europeans. But the war with the Islamic world and kill so little chance of revival.

Europe: the second wave of Nazism and Fascism

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