European Quality of Moulinex

European Quality of MoulinexNow in our country, there is probably that of the hostess who would not have known about the existence of domestic Technology Moulinex. Some people choose a blender Moulinex, others prefer a juicer from this French manufacturer, and some decide that the full range of equipment in their kitchen will be completely and one hundred percent of the products consist of Moulinex.

The company started exactly 90 years ago, when the small town of Belleville Jean Mantel and Le Monnier was the creation of products created economic destiny. Initially, such goods concerned pumps, spray guns and other equipment, which are difficult to be attributed to household devices. With all this company has not had its own name today. Thought to be called "Moulinex" came after the wife of one of the hosts of the first production hall asked the wife to make a device for cutting vegetables. The title of "Vegetable mill" soon appeared not only on the price tags of the product, and the title of the company. Following the production of the "mill" holders of wonder that the implementation will be so intense, but they were wrong. Many French women do not want to spoil the beauty of their hands, and therefore preferred to cut vegetables and fruits with a new product Moulinex.

Now vegetable cutter is no surprise. Apart from this product is very popular, this technique as a microwave Moulinex. Its advantages are that by means of the furnace can prepare a variety of dishes with the preservation of their flavor and vitamin filling and that the microwave French production can even be used for baking bread and muffins. With all this bread browning the outside and the inside is a really airy.

According to the company for the first six months of this year, sales of Molineux, which went down in the SEB group in 2001, have gained the highest marks in the history of monitoring. Now the mistress use electronic maker Moulinex, food processors that company, ovens for baking bread and cakes and other home appliances of the highest property.

Certainly, comparing the products of the French company with at least some other, you realize that the first is indisputable advantages that will allow the ladies to feel the real housewives in the kitchen. Choosing a technique Molineux, you choose a true European quality.

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