European shooters full list …

European shooters full list ...Do not have time to resolve the situation regarding the massacre by Anders Breivik on Utoya peninsula and explosion in the Norwegian capital, as new manifestations of conflict, ethnic groups and religions stirred up old Europe.

At first, in a quiet Liege, Belgium, where nothing louder explosions of New Year firecrackers in the entire post-war history of the town did not occur, some Noordin Amrani made a general murder. Local police have tried for a long time to realize how this act comes from North Africa, and it looks like guards about managed to make a complete picture of everything that happened in the old days in Liege. According to police, purchased from specific witnesses and security cameras on December 13th day at the roof of the 1st of the buildings in the central part of the Belgian town got people which suddenly began to throw grenades stop and the area in which got a huge number of people. Next Belgian African descent began shooting people with automatic weapons. Initially, it was reported that this instrument was a Kalashnikov rifle, but later it was reported that the offender acted rifle Belgian FN FAL, which is now in service with NATO forces. Firing all the bullets, Amrani pulled out of the bag gun and shot himself.

Ultimately Amrani on the Place Saint-Lambert, killed five people and wounded more than 120, among which 10 are on the brink of life and death.

Police launched an investigation and the house itself Amrani found the terrible discovery — the mutilated body of a woman. Before going to sin in the center of Liege, Amrani wrote his own favorite romantic letter and even translated into her account currency amount. According to most girls, she can not understand what has caused such a sensual storm, which led to Noordin Amrani merciless execution of the innocent people.
As it turns out later, Amrani had previously been detained by police for illegal possession of drugs and guns. But all those who managed to talk the police were not fully aware of the fact that Noordin Amrani venture on such a terrible sin. Neighborhood Amrani they say that no deviations in behavior for Noordin did not notice. And while the last consequence, European town again begin to fill with people who they say about the need to take the most stringent measures to immigrants.

After some time after the events in Liege for the whole of Europe resounded Italian Florence. Then one of the local inhabitants — Gianluca Kasser — opened fire on the local market, resulting in fatal injuries received two Senegalese and three were on operating tables of local clinics. After the attack on Senegalese traders Kasser committed suicide.

Described incidents again forced read the growing tensions in Europe. At the same ethnic and religious conflicts, as seen, can occur even in the most prosperous countries. Many again talking about European tolerance, which is more like an Achilles' heel Old World. Already anyone would notice how European society is stratified by ethnicity. The very idea of a multi-stage assimilation seems these days are converted to the remains, which should be a catalyst for the search for new solutions.

Islamic Society in Europe — this is the reality of an impartial, to be reckoned with even powers. Optimal policy and the peaceful existence of a multicultural society gradually becoming obsolete. But calls to "collect and send all" in this case is no longer able to lead to a good result. Only in the last 18-20 years, the population of many European countries since changed, replenished with immigrants from Muslim countries, that we talk about quick fixes prepyadstviya not necessary. Exclusively in one of France about 9% of the population is Muslim, and that more than 5 million man. If the start of mass deportation, that Europe risks generally awash with blood. Yes, indeed, it would be somebody else and where to deport. Indeed, many are citizens of European countries, they were born and raised them, being the descendants of the first wave of immigrants.

Certainly, the action in Liege and Florence should facilitate more saturated search solutions prepyadstviya European politicians. Financial difficulties in Europe, it seems that today trevozhut powers in the EU is much more than the religious conflicts associated with the problem of immigration. But religious conflicts can grow into a wave of public confrontation that her background Eurozone economic woes seem easy misunderstanding.

You can not read that one and all European Muslims are trying to impose their religious culture in the society of Europe. Specifically, from a constructive-minded Muslim groups and the problem starts to develop into a global, when guilt seems not separately taken person (same Noordin Amrani), and the whole immigrant community. In this case, no one even remembers that in the middle of the indigenous Europeans always had inadequate personalities who went to mass murder under the most different slogans: that of chastity European ladies, then against political reforms, for racial purity and the fight against world Zionism. Now Europe is born (or already born), a new trend: the struggle for self-identity plus immigrants struggle of indigenous Europeans to the reluctance of many immigrants to assimilate into evrokulturu. In any case, the victim, and on this side and on the other hand in Liege and Florence can be considered far not the last in Europe.

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