European Union: from the Holy Empire to the new empire?

European Union: from the "Holy Empire" to the empire of the latest?

In just over 2012 in the Federal Republic of Germany is widely celebrated in 962 anniversary of delivery by Father Roman German King Otto I the crown and the title of "Emperor Romans and the Franks", who is considered the birthday of the Holy Roman Empire. The rest of Europe, concerned about the crisis, did not take part in the celebrations. Also on the Holy Roman Empire of the German civilization, as it was called in 1512, the Czechs, Poles, Italians and the French are not the warmest memoirs. Well, in the "music", wafting at the moment of Berlin, many with good reason capture the imperial Prussian notes, and the Greeks and quite hear marches Third Reich …

The grounds are. The European Union, under pressure from Berlin, playing first violin in it equally, but clearly evolves Evroimperiyu.

"Buried" Holy Empire twice. At first Napoleon in 1806 forced her ruler Franz II, also known as the ruler of Austria, Francis I, to deny and to dissolve the empire. In 1815 a similar function made with Franz and his allies in the struggle against Napoleon. In the years 1815-1866 on the lands of Germany was the German Confederation alliance of 36 countries, which included parts of Austria and Prussia. In 1866, the "Iron chancellor"Otto Bismarck, Prussia defeated the Austrian army at Gardening and expelled her from the Confederation, which transformed into a federation — the North German Alliance. After defeating France in 1871, Bismarck alliance has already processed in real German Empire — the second Reich in the definitions of the National Socialists.

So the transformation of Confederation through the federation of the empire took a little more than 56 years — bureaucracy and Bismarck after 1871 has leveled Germany under the "Prussian size fits all." That's when the image appeared a German who lives strictly by the instructions of the country. Segodnyaschy petty and full regulation of the European Commissioners in Europe brings to life the idea of her latest "haircut" under all the same "Prussian comb", despite the fact that formally the main "barber" — Portuguese President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Barroso, speaking at the European Parliament on 12 September this year, said that, as heretofore tried in public, do not read: "We will need to move to the Federation of European countries. Now I call for the government of the federation. " For more uveritelnosti recorded it in his own account. Who said to the other — well, but Barroso — European Commission President, the head of the executive body of the EU.

Symptomatic: Article Barroso, who developed this idea immediately flooded the newspapers of Europe. In the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza", this idea was: "Europe needs economic growth. On a national level, this means that you need to carry out structural reforms, which are laid on for decades later. Need to overcome the desire to strive only for their own local interests. Europe should dare to reform the labor market to make it very easily accessible and at the same time elastic. At the European level, to more vigorously to demolish all the remaining barriers and obstacles euros of the internal market. "

This is obviously not a federation, and the traffic pattern to a totalitarian empire. Initiative of the Barroso-known "evrofederalnymi 'gaze, it does not allow us to consider the two incidents.

First — in 2009 with the filing of European People's Party, which impressed the eyes Barroso, proclaimed it to the second term of the head of the European Commission. Opportunities come Barroso in 2014. Legal and organizational restructuring of the EU into a federation also meant to finish in 2014. So the plan and its ideological performer is.

2nd — the real trend of the EC regulation of all life in the EU, which have already become apparent. Starting with the laws on the length and curvature of cucumbers and other gifts of nature, the EU came to the fiscal and economical covenants. EU Commissioners took control of the air and sea freight, transportation, gas and matched to the railways, and on June 29 conducted a decision about the management of all banks in the euro area Evrotsentrobanku. In October, the European Commissioner for internal market and services Michel Barnier said that should Evrotsentrobank in 2013 to take control of all 6 of thousands of European banks, even small ones. And this is the end of all sovereignty in the EU, as Mayer Rothschild has the XVIII century. has said, "Give me the right to produce and keep under control the means of the country, and I will absolutely not care who make the laws!" And he knew a lot about money.

In unison Barroso, but not so vaguely sounded and the report of Chancellor Angela Merkel in the European Parliament on November 7 with a call for a complete fusion of money and the management of the EU economy in the hands of the European Commission, for which it is easy to consider the shadow of Berlin. On assurance Merkel, then the crisis will leave Europe, but have yet to tighten the belt and be in German, "punctual". Her report was interrupted applause, lots of fun, that the Chancellor has a detailed and specific plan.

But applauded all of Europe, even present at the meeting. Delegation of England kept quiet. England in the middle of October, Prime David Cameron announced his intention to hold a referendum lately: get out of the EU or to stay? Because the English — davneshnie Eurosceptics, it means that the plan of merger Merkel does not concern them. If Greece Merkel ugrazhala often drive out of the EU, Britain is trying to keep in the "arms". Chancellor recalled that Britain helped Germany in the fight against Nazism, and is in crisis, too, must be near. "I will do everything possible to keep Britain in the EU", — assured Merkel and philosophized, "You can be happy on the peninsula, but to be alone in the world — does not bring happiness." But England and Canada have combined their embassies in third countries because of their queen, and the general crisis — it is obvious from the "solitude" in its own British English Commonwealth die.

Not applauded Merkel and those who came out on November 14-15, demonstrations and protests in 23 European countries. Flowery phrases Barroso the "reform of the labor market", as plan Merkel made on their different recollection than MEPs. Protests enjoyed Mariano Rajoy, Spain's prime minister, and headed for the Finn from Olli Rehn, the European commissioner for economic affairs, resolution 2013 of the European Commission's decision to ignore the lack of budget, but with continued reforms in Spain. Merkel plan 'merger of discipline and economy "gave one more crack.

Barroso tried to reverse the decision Rena as beyond its capabilities, but found that he gave Rena because of the crisis freedom of action. So it turned out that the new mechanism Evroimperii can give the same failures as in the empires of old times.

About impracticable plan Merkel immediately after the report said, and some MPs, pointing out that a big hindrance to its implementation is asynchronous processes in different EU countries. About Greece generally try not to remember.

Merkel's speech in the European Parliament — a trial before a stone economical in meeting the EU summit scheduled for December 8
this year, where the Chancellor of Germany will have to face-to-face encounter with Cameron and the north-eastern Euro-skeptics, as with the Greeks and other southern Europeans irritated. If economical plan Merkel does not pass, it will be not only a personal fiasco Chancellor, and all the "Prussian path" build Evroimperii. The summit of December 8 promises to be a truly momentous.

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