Evdokia Zavaliy — the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

Evdokia N. Zavaliy was born May 28, 1926 in the village of New Bug Novobugsky district of Mykolayiv region.

Before the war, she worked on the farm Kotsiubynsky Novobugsky district. Sweet beet hoe, rake up hay, raked in the current golden wheat grain. War for it began on July 25.

Here's what she says Evdokia Zavaliy about this:

"Suddenly litsezreem — on the white sky above our village there were dark spots.

Brigadier already whistled: "Paratroopers!" There was a growing roar, and the enemy's planes began bombing. We rushed home. Ran into the yard, I heard someone moaning and, looking at an old Antonovka, stupefied: young border guard (in our village was the headquarters of the frontier) lying in a pool of blood. I do not remember ran into the house, tore the bandages on the sheet as it could bandaged it, look — another 1st wounded, and later more …

When the last military unit left the New Bug, leading bloody battles, I persuaded the commander to take me with him. Wanted to run home for a jacket, but the house was faced with his grandmother. Litsezrev me, the woman wailed, "Oh, sho ti Robichaux? Come back, my gold! "

And then suddenly hugged her tightly and whispered something in his eyes and looked:

— Onuchechka! Four times the blood will flow! But you bring the white geese … And the sign of the cross.

My grandmother of people cured grasses and destiny foreshadowed. Lived on earth 114 years. "

Part that Evdokia Zavaliy went to war, was the 96th Cavalry Regiment of the 5th Cavalry Division 2nd Cavalry Corps. In order to be picked up at the front, it had to be added to a three-year, and say to the regimental commander, that she is 18. In the regiment, she served as a nurse.

It should be noted that the materials about our heroine, including Wikipedia, says that Evdokia N. was born in 1924, although she did not once read in an interview that during the war she was not yet 16. Here is one excerpt:

"I'm totally a girl came to the war, not even sixteen struck. Three times ran to the commissar, and he told me everything, "Milk erase the first" — "What kind of milk?" "Maternal, not dried out yet!"

and here's the second:

— A woman, my dear, we kids did not take to the front — even asking on what issue came Darling, listless voice, said his decision Commissar.

— Go, home, probably ancestors have been waiting for!

— Home? I wish to peel the fascists!

— Look at yourself, Nurse milk has not dried up, and there too — the front — already irritated uttered Commissar.

— According to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR mobilization of the army reservists to be 1905-1918 years of birth — he reminded the girl goodbye.

Coming from the Commissar Darling, has decided to come back. And the second visit did not bring the desired result.

— Oh, defender of the motherland! — Is familiar as he met her commissar — and how old is this patron?

— Seventeen!

— And yesterday was fifteen, and if so then it will go, so after a couple of days you will reach military age — smiling, said Commissar — and will have a positive resolve your issue.

Wikipedia article, which is, of course, is now the primary source of biographical data for other publications about Evdokia Nikolaevna, when the date of her birth refers to a resource, "The best people of Ukraine", which marked the date May 28, 1924. Certainly, specifically from Wikipedia that date sold around the web.

We will assume that Evdokia Nikolaevna better to know how old she was when she went to war, because in this article wrote that she was born in 1924 and in 1926.

Once in her native village, 13 August 1941 managed to break out of the encirclement, Evdokia N. asked the soldiers to show how to handle a gun. Learned to shoot a rifle, a pistol and a machine gun.

Soon the retreat while crossing the Dnieper River near the island of Khortytsya from breaking the shell she received a penetrating wound to the stomach. Got to the hospital, in the village of Mound near Krasnodar. The doctor wanted her transfer to the reserve, but she insisted that she was left in the army. After discharge from the hospital Evdokia Nikolaevna sent to the reserve regiment. There, she received her first credit — the Order of the Red Star. During the bombing, it took a cloak-tent wounded officer unconscious, tied and brought to life, for which he was awarded.

There also happened to her transformation into a man. Here's what she says about it:

They sent me after being injured in a reserve regiment. And there just "buyers" of the command came to recruit the guys on the front line. One of them, navigator, called me: "Guard sergeant, show your papers!" Opens my letters and reads: "Sergeant Zavaliy Evdokia." It's in the hospital because my name is lessened. "Zavaliy Yevdokim?" And I told him, without batting an eye:

"Yes, Comrade Commander! Zavaliy Yevdokim Nikolaevich "-" I give fifteen minutes to pack! "

— "Yes!"

He did not know that before him — a woman. And there's nothing I stood in the middle men: the same tunic and breeches, on his head after the hospital — "hedgehog" with the forelock — had to shave off her hair, that lice do not dopekayut. Gave me the ammunition, uniforms, and later sent … the bath.

— This is where it opened the hype? Exposed "Eudokimos" …

— Are you crazy! If I knew then, I would not take down the head. Firing article, with the command of bad jokes! I stand no more dead than live with his pedestal, and the guys in the past than the mother gave birth to wash run. She looked at the medical battalion tent and pick open dawned for themselves in the face of blood, that it was not up to the baths. In the medical battalion I was treated wounds, and two and a half hours at the village of Hot Key Sergeant Yevdokim Zavaliy perceived battle in the 2nd Airborne Brigade.

Evdokia Zavaliy - the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

Once near Mozdok Evdokia N. taken prisoner by German officer she was appointed commander of the department of intelligence. Ah well describes one of its combat scenes near Mozdok the fall of 1942, Nicholas Boyko:

"Division paratroopers in which waged war Sgt Yevdokim Zavaliy, were ordered to retreat to the busy earlier position.

Moved, dug and found that it is not in vain. The Germans surrounded the dense ring of a handful of Russian paratroopers. Seven days fighters, showing examples of heroism, held their position. Run out of ammo, it was necessary to decide something. And then Yevdokim proposed to cross to the other Preserving the turbulent river and try to fill in store ammunition, and get the goods, they, too, were already on the final.

In the trench, the case found the cable, one end of which the paratroopers hooked to a tree, and the second — the senior sergeant picked up and went to the enemy saved. Day was breaking, cool water "encouraged" the lady and she's already in place. Looked closely. Fascists are not visible.

— Yes, at this hour, and probably a German patrol, went into hibernation — loaf darling. Carefully, so as not to give himself away, she began to collect ammo. The Germans did not have time yet to remove their own dead, because cartridges, grenades was enough.

— A lot of us have put them, they know Russian paratroopers — with these ideas, darling, collected ammunition folded in two cape. Invaluable cargo she put on a typical raft in a rapid collected from heads of shell boxes, tied the second end of the cable to an unusual watercraft and going into the water signaled paratroopers that it is ready to ship ammunition.

Returning again to the enemy Preserving the darling dressed in German uniforms and took up a position in a roadside bush.

It is morning. On the highway went Nazi tanks, missing them, darling waited for a suitable transport. And her expectation, patience crowned fortune. When the tanks were at the back stanitsa Hot Key, right behind them went trucks. Darling admitted them very tightly and has taken place with the machine. Sailors from the other side, supported her shooting with anti-tank guns. Shot with PTR — a direct hit in the car, it caught fire and then shot down the second truck …

Running up to the cab of the 1st truck Darling found living with fascist and machine forced him to silence once and for all. Rushed to the back of the truck, under a tarp lying next fascist, and eliminating it, found in the car bread and canned goods.

— Yeah, hungry, fascist scum! Who would have popostitsya.

Putting a cape bread and canned goods, satisfied that cope with the problem, and she wiggled her brain, giving the paratroopers know, that was dragged to the food for himself, went to his men.

The Germans found her when she started to cross the river and opened mortar, machine-gun fire, but it was too late — Sergeant Eudokimos Zavaliy met comrades and opened return fire, ammunition, which has forwarded to the enemy shore Darling-scout, however, that it is a woman, paratroopers found out later. "

Very languid fighting was going on in the Kuban region, near the village of Crimea. Yevdokim Zavaliy was already a sergeant. There's company had been surrounded, and in the midst of battle commander died. Noticing the confusion fighters Evdokia N. rose to his full height, and cried, "Roth! Listen to me! Come on, follow me! "Soldiers went on the attack, and failed to break the resistance of the enemy and get out of the encirclement. In this battle, our heroine has received the second serious injury. Here then exposed the "Eudokimos."

"Unexposed" under the man's naming Evdokia Zavaliy provoevala 8 months.

Evdokia Zavaliy - the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

Evdokia N. feared that after the exposure it will be sent back to the nurse. But, taking into account its battle honors, it was sent February 1943, a course for junior lieutenants in Frunze (now Bishkek).

In October 1943, Lieutenant Evdokia Zavaliy was appointed commander of a platoon separate company submachine 83rd Marine Brigade. After this mission, some wags from other platoons were laughing, calling her division "Duskin platoon."

First, efforts Evdokia Nikolaevna were focused on ensuring that the men have recognized in it the commander — all the same where have you seen that lady would (and Evdokia Zavaliy general was then 17 years old) commanded men in battle.

"There was such Vanya planting season — said N. Evdokia. — When the platoon came, looked at me scornfully and said that he would not obey Baba. I told him the team "fail" — and he does not go … "

In the end, the men admitted to her commander:

"- I knew his duty as a platoon commander to lead the guys in attack — read Zavaliy. — I went up and shouted: "For the Motherland! For Stalin! In the attack! Come on! "And they rise up behind me, catching me and operezhdayut to cover from the bullets. By the way, in the battle of Budapest Vanya SEEDING closed my chest from sniper shot. For this feat Vanya was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Star … "

Wind "the amorous affairs" Evdokia N. felt at the front of a fundamentally unworkable:

"If only there were some thoughts on this, everything — and there is no platoon commander. I was the man for them, well, there was no time to us, marines, love twist. Pro's you in other military branches with questions, can, and what to say. And I have nothing to tell, except that I came back home after the war unblemished as the sky and the stars … ".

Evdokia Zavaliy - the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

Alexander Kuz'michev, the company commander submachine 83rd Marine Brigade, in their own post-war memoirs, noted that platoon Guard Lieutenant Evdokia Zavaliy, has always been at the forefront of the fighting, served a battering ram at the coming of a Marine brigade. They were sent back to where it was, especially hard.

Evdokia Zavaliy and her squad have imposed on the Nazi nightmare daring raid, for which the Germans became known as a lady, "Mrs. Dark death." She has participated in amphibious operations naikrupneyshey period majestically Russian War — Kerch-Eltigensky. Under heavy enemy fire, the Marines were able to gain a foothold on the beachhead landing and provided the main forces. During this operation it has received the Order of the Russian War I level.

Evdokia Zavaliy - the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

During the assault on May 7, 1944 Breather Gora during the liberation of Sevastopol, she was awarded the Order of the Russian War II degree.

Twice she was buried, and her name arose out of the mass graves. The first time — under the Belgorod-Dniester, when the NIGHT MODE crossed the estuary, so, breaking the minefield foothold and hold it until the arrival of the main force.

Here is what Evdokia N.:

Have gained a little middle of the estuary, as with banks knocked back the enemy guns and machine guns. Several motor boats went to the bottom, while others have gained the shore and seized it. When the Germans began to retreat, my platoon pursued them. I do not see how divorced from their own paratroopers near bursting shell, and I was thrown blast. Woke up when it was dark, and I heard the German language. The Germans were walking around the battlefield and the wounded were finished off our.

Felt that close to me, held my breath, and suddenly the fire slashed the pain in his leg. One of the Nazis stabbed her with a bayonet, so check whether the dead "rusish Frau." Miraculously, not betrayed herself, and at dawn, when our battalions cleared the Nazis western Preserving the Dniester estuary, me bleed, found the local inhabitants. At the headquarters of the brigade thought I was dead, and at a mass grave in the Belgorod-Dniester in the middle of my other names appeared.

The second time she was buried in Bulgaria, and carved the name on the monument. When 25 years later, she arrived in Burgas as a prominent citizen of the town, one of the ladies during a meeting with urban residents found out Evdokia Nikolaevna and rushed to her with tears: "My daughter! You're alive! ".

Evdokia Zavaliy - the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

During the Budapest offensive (it is considered one of the bloodiest battles in the history of mankind) platoon Evdokia Zavaliy been entrusted to take the headquarters of the German High Command. It was decided to follow the sewer filled with sewage. Because there is nothing to breathe, was issued 15 oxygen bags, which in turn benefited the men when driving on the manifold. Unfortunately, they do not assist much — two marines and were choked in the dungeon forever.

Began to surface on the 3rd sewer hatches for the earlier killing guard — 2-Germans with a machine gun. Broke into the bunker. The Germans, who had not expected this, no resistance. The most valuable trophy were operational maps. "Having mastered the" bunker, scouts took him from shooting. On the street there was an indescribable panic … Not understanding why the fire of their own bunker, fascist fighters were from machines to thrash each other. Chaotic opened fire tankers.

Appeared in time company and other units — took a floor by floor, and soon a hundred percent cleared of Nazi castle and surrounding neighborhoods.

Captured a general — he did not believe that the spies were under, until I saw them, did not manage to wash off mud and dirt. When I heard that the platoon commander was a woman, again not believed and was offended: "The worst izymatelstva you could come up with?"

Further recalls Evdokia N.:

"They called me. Came to the headquarters dirty as hell, reeks of me from a mile away. Major Kruglov, pinching his nose with a handkerchief, turned to me: "It was reported as captured German general!" Suddenly Teuton hands me a pistol "Walter" — bad, you see, searched his guys. "Frau rusish dark Commissioner! Gut! Gut! " I eyes hatched by the political department, those nods — take it. Later, the guys sign my name on this gun I did … "

During this operation Evdokia Zavaliy was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

"- After that operation I had an idea — both from this mud wash — recalls Evdokia Zavaliy. — We went to a local perfume shop and I began to pour into the pot whatever came to hand, and then poured it all on yourself. Since then, the spirit of spirits I can not stand! "

One of the front-line newspapers then reported on the heroism of the guards: "The fighters led by a woman officer landed in the enemy's rear landing craft. Was tasked to close the road on which the retreat of Vienna near Budapest fascist broken parts. 6-day guys fought off an angry attack the enemy. And later with air bombs rained down on them. From the side of Budapest, on the sailors moved "tigers". It seemed like it was over. Not sustain a handful of Marines will not stand. But until help arrived, seven enemy tanks on fire in front of the trenches daredevils. "Tigers" set fire to the sailors of the platoon lieutenant Zavaliy … "

The war lasted. Ordered to take the high ground, "203", which was a fundamental strategic Fri Platoon Evdokia Zavaliy down on the boat and sailed to an unknown shore. In a way he stormed the enemy planes. Were killed and wounded, two boats sank. And yet, at the height climbed, dug. During the fourteen day repulsed attacks. Ammunition saved. Fired only sighting. On the second day ran out of supplies. Not a biscuit, not a drop of water. At night fell over a detachment plane took off two bags of food, but to no avail — one flew into a ditch, the other caught in the bush and was hanging over a cliff. They tried to get it — lost 3 sailors: German snipers killed. Fourth was wounded in the hands and feet, he got all the same bag, got him to the trench, and here it battled to the death. Height upheld. During this operation the Marines paid tribute. Our heroine has received the Order of the Red Banner.

The prophecy was realized grandmother — she was wounded four times. After the 1st of injuries required urgent blood transfusion and her platoon soldier Hasan Huseynov, without hesitation, gave his blood and that helped her life.

Guard lieutenant Evdokia Zavaliy was glorious path — participated in the defense of the Caucasus, in the battle for the Crimea, Bessarabia, on the Danube, in the liberation of Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia.

After the war it wanted to bring to study at the military school, but said the four injured and 2 concussion, acquired by it during the war. In 1947, she was demobilized and went to Kiev. The military has long past did not leave her, "I still long after the war was walking at night in the attack. Screamed so that the neighbors were frightened. A grandmother prayed and read my mother: "This is an evil spirit comes out of it!" — Recalls Evdokia N..

Evdokia Zavaliy - the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

Evdokia Zavaliy - the only female commander of a platoon of marines in WWII

In Kiev, she met her future husband, got married. She has two kids, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She worked as the director of the deli.

Was active among young people. Has traveled a great number of cities, military units, ships and submarines with tales of his platoon of marines.

Guard Marine Corps colonel Evdokia N. Zavaliy died in Kiev May 5, 2010.

Cavalier four military medals and almost 40 medals:

  • Order of the October Revolution
  • Order of the Red Banner
  • Order of the Red Star
  • Russian Order of War I and II
  • Medal "For Courage"
  • medal "For the Defense of Sevastopol"
  • Medal "For the capture of Budapest"
  • Medal "For the capture of Vienna"
  • Medal "For the liberation of Belgrade"
  • other orders and medals

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