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In recent days in several countries around the world have been recorded cases of strange eating non-trivial items. The first such case occurred in late August in Switzerland, where the airport a man took and ate the dead caterpillars, which was trying to smuggle across the border.

The second and third similar incident occurred almost simultaneously: Wednesday, September 5, the American tried to eat counterfeit banknotes and Chinese swallowed a diamond worth about 14 thousand dollars.

Needless to say that all three were arrested by the police. It is not known what forces caused consumers to become active strange things, but they really did it. It all began on August 24 at the airport in Basel, Switzerland, where customs officials detained arrived from Togo Onobandzho Adrian, who tried to bring in 15 pounds of black caterpillars.

According to the Customs officer, 47-year-old African man knew that he was committing an illegal act — caterpillars were packed so that they can be difficult to detect. However, amateur caught caterpillars did not because the appearance of their baggage caused suspicion. Africans gave the smell coming from the bag. "There was a smell is unbearable, but it seems that the very man it does not bother" — said the representative of customs Martin Lenberger.

Most of the tracks in the luggage were dead, but some are still moving. But even so, Onobandzho tried unsuccessfully to persuade the airport staff that he is not at all any track, and traditional African roots. Then the man said he could not part with their wiggling "roots" — he loves to eat them and literally experiencing with dependencies.

"When we told him that he will select the track and destroy them, he protested and began to eat them, trying to capture as much as possible. He said it was a delicacy, and it must not divide" — told reporters Lenberger. His colleague added that the course of their work customs, of course, meet regularly with all sorts of unusual things in suitcases passengers, but 15 kilograms of caterpillars seen for the first time.

In general, the story of Adrian Onobandzho ended sadly — it was not my favorite track, but still hit the police station, where he had to report on their favorite delicacy. On the other hand, at least he did not get to the hospital after a session of eating fast track.

But the Chinese tourist who appeared on the jewelry show, which these days takes place in Sri Lanka, it is even hit. After swallowing one of the exhibits of the exhibition itself — a half-carat diamond. It happened right in front of the owner of the kiosk in which the most brilliant exhibited along with other precious stones. 32-year-old Chinese man approached the owner of the shop and asked to see a diamond. "He picked up a stone and brought it close to his face, to how to consider it. And then suddenly put it in his mouth," — said the owner of the kiosk.

After that, of course, a stone worth about 14,000 dollars disappeared in the digestive system of Chinese adventurous tourist. But since all of this happened in front of the exhibitors, most Chinese to disappear failed. He was detained by security guards jewelry show, and then handed over to the police, which in turn drove the attacker, who was charged with attempting to commit theft, to the hospital.

There, he had to give a laxative, but the medicine did not work. As reported by AFP, the diamond thief sent to x-rays, and found that the stone was stuck in the esophagus, and laxatives will not help. Now, the Chinese decided to make a surgical operation to remove the swallowed diamond. "A man's life is in danger, because the diamond can damage the esophagus.

We have been warned about the court, who has to deal with his case "- a police spokesman told the news agency. When will the operation is not specified. But we know when will the trial of an American Larry Jones, who tried to swallow the money. And there is not any ordinary American dollars and fake.

The idea came to eat the fake 35-year-old Larry in the head when he tried to pay these bills for french fries at an amusement park in New York, but could not because the seller did not take the money and called security. When the guards tried to take away men fake banknotes, he suddenly began to thrust them into his mouth. But eat them anyway I could not, and papers were taken away. Total fake 50-dollar bills found 24 pieces.

Jones was arrested and charged him with falsifying evidence and forgery. Now would-be consumer will be responsible for their actions in court. He was obliged to attend a meeting with his attorney on September 25. The court is likely to remain hopes that during the hearing, Larry Jones did not try to eat the paper from the folder with your business.

Lena Averianova

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