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November 4, 2012 4:08

In one of the apartments on the streets of Kharkov Kursk began to occur strange phenomenon. Before incomprehensible that landlady Ekaterina Ivanova and her granddaughter are in terror from happening.

 — Occurring phenomena that terrifies me — says Ekaterina Ivanova, landlady.

Ekaterina Ivanova does not feel doubtful person. When her apartment appeared "something" she thought at first that she had played out a fantasy. But then, when the strangeness began to recur with surprising regularity, Ekaterina Petrovna was seriously scared.
— We are sleeping with her granddaughter. TV turns on, runs for about five minutes, then turn off randomly — says Ekaterina Ivanova.
The woman brought the master. He repaired the TV, but the process of spontaneous switching on and off continued. More — more …

— Go down the hall steps — then in the room, passing me, creepy, scary, — says landlady — and then they go to the balcony, there's something rattling falls something there. Easy steps, barefoot, that is.
— Some steps have been, my grandmother was asleep in the room — explains granddaughter Ekaterina Ivanova.
In short, to sleep in the room where things go pear, grandmother and granddaughter stopped. Moved to another. But even there the strangeness continued.
— I lie, I sleep, I hear — three times a knock at the door. I went up, opened the door, there is not any. Close, I go to bed — says Ekaterina Ivanova.
No sleep lately, not only his landlady and her granddaughter. Believe in evil spirits, even a cat!
Ekaterina Ivanova invited to the house of the priest. He consecrated the apartment, but strange things happen no longer. Moreover, the country managed to take a picture of something!
— To granddaughter girlfriend came, they played here, taking pictures. And the photo on the phone to flip the image — says Catherine.
— There's generally some visible eye, the nose of some sort, a skull, a man — says granddaughter.
The girl began to be afraid to go into her own apartment, where the still inexplicable happened. The last straw that broke the patience of the hostess was a broken door glass.
Sell the apartment owner does not become. But invite a psychic. They came and also felt wrong.
— A dead person here present — believe psychics — some family lived in the house. Something is not shared, dispersed the money.
In short, psychics have decided that there is a spirit in the apartment of her former mistress — a very, very old woman.
— Now the spirit here, with us, in this room, —
The spirit of my grandmother, it was decided to drive out of the apartment. To process psychics started immediately. They lit candles and blinded figure.
— According to the ritual we pripechataet soul late grandmother in this doll. Read prayers and now it needs to be buried in the cemetery — explain psychics.
Instill spirit psychics started on one of the suburban village cemetery. The process was rather humdrum and prosaic. Figure of rest in the ground.
Now, as stated by the psychics, the spirit of the new owners of the apartment my grandmother no longer be disturbed.

Nina Nikitina, Vladimir Gritsan

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