Fair World calls go to the people

Strategy and tactics of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" for the future began to discuss today15th Party Congress. About 200 delegates gathered in the Palace of Culture of the Minsk Tractor Plant. May 29 they will complete the discussion and will elect the new leadership of the party.

And the chairman of the party Sergei Kalyakin, and delegates Leonid Maystruk, Nicholas Skoda, Nikolai Demidov and other speakers criticized the actions of the head of state. For example, Sergei Kalyakin said publicly that "the country is now well live only a bureaucracy that has grown to a huge size, but the new Belarusian bourgeoisie":

"As for the rest, for them there is only the famous" cup and bacon. " And to those who have expressed dissatisfaction, a tool used intimidation and repression. "

According to the chairman of the party, she must now take advantage of the protest mood in the country:

There is a growing understanding of the need for democratic change.

"There is a growing understanding of the need for democratic change. The authorities are trying to locate this attitude, do not let him turn into a real political alternative. Because of this, it greatly limits the people's right to receive and disseminate objective information about the activities of state bodies, public associations, on political and economic life, the state of the environment. "

Many times in the hall today sounded Lenin's definition of a revolutionary situation. This is no accident — up to October 2009 Party "Fair World" was the name of the Communist Party of Belarus. Today, he said that the current situation in Belarus is very similar to what was then Tsarist Russia. And called for painstaking organizational work with the community and to the return of the former unity of all democratic forces in Belarus.

On this occasion, Congress delegate Valery Rybchenko from Zhlobin said, "Freedom":

"It is necessary in this situation to go even closer to the people. That they understand that we are in contrast to the government did not say that anyhow, and also suffer. And to show people what we have, what they offer. And, first of all, all the democratic coalition, not only one of our party. Such developments are, and together we can find a way with people. "

The delegates of the Congress today by former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu.


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