Farewell to Ivan Nikitchenko

In Minsk, said goodbye to a member of the Academy of Sciences Ivan Nikitchenko.

Ivanovo Street, 38 th house. Here, in a small apartment on the 8th floor of the living Ivan Nikitchenko, hence the last time he had left on November 19, and after a few hours under Maladzechna got an accident that was fatal for him. This morning on the Ivanovo people kept coming to say goodbye to a scientist, philanthropist, patriot and a great man Ivan Nikitchenko. Among the famous faces were the presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov, Gregory Kastusyou, Nyaklyayeu. They came to say goodbye to a colleague former president of the Academy of Sciences Alexander Wojtowicz, as well as other scientists, including former colleagues from the Institute of Animal Husbandry, who for many years headed the Ivan, associates of the Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives, whose engine was Ivan Nikitchenko. That's what mentioned about the deceased activists of this NGO. Liquidator Vladimir Feoktistov:

"For me it was the authority — no higher. Honest, sincere, objective. Professor, member of the Academy. Chernobylets, past, as we do, through all this trouble and congestion."

Vasily Selivyorstov from Kalinkovichi mentioned that Ivan Nikitchenko until recently continued research in polluted areas:

"He never did not sit at home. All the time on the road, meeting with people. Now we realize that something is left unfinished, and without Ivan Nikolaevich will be very difficult. "

Chernobyl activist Peter Bakhun from Brest mentioned the recent visit to him Ivan Nikitchenko:

"He's around to explore all of the street, had measurements of radiation, giving advice on how to be careful. Know, I would compare him to Don Quixote, who persistently struggles against windmills."

Chernobyl activist Sergei Bakhun suggests an unusual penetrating power of his teacher Ivan Nikitchenko, which he used solely for the sake of the public, not private affairs:

"Authoritative person and scientist. He opened any doors could go to any minister, and talk to him because he will not give up in the conversation."

Well-known activist BPF Yuri Khadika refers to the long-term efforts of Ivan Nikitchenko as one of the organizers of the Chernobyl ways:

He devoted all his strength until the end can to make the authorities about the Chernobyl …

"He loved our people, loved our land. He devoted all his strength until the end can to make authorities about Chernobyl."

Among the politicians who came to say goodbye to Ivan Nikitchenko was Milinkevich. The leader of the movement "For Freedom" emphasized patriotism Ivan Nikitchenko:

"I know him as a scientist — an outstanding scientist, honest. But he is also a great citizen. Not much we have scientists who speak so boldly about the issues. Everybody is used:" maybe someone else … "And he's never anyone that did not translate. Just know that even before this presidential campaign, he came to the candidates and offered them his knowledge and how it should be solved. He said it was necessary to raise these issues Chernobyl that was not degradation of the Belarusians. "

Ivan Nikitchenko buried at the Northern graveyard. During the civil funeral at the cemetery were Yuri Khadika, Ales Marochkin, Yanukevich, Vitaly Rymashevski and others.

Son of the late Yuri Nikitchenko in an interview with "Freedom" about the details of a car accident reported the following details. When confronted with "ZIL" airbag system, but the blow was very strong, the engine actually splyusnula. Ivan Nikitchenko suffered multiple injuries, including fractures of the sternum and the legs, but according to the doctors, could have survived if he had a healthier heart. The deceased suffered two heart attacks earlier, which is directly linked to the Chernobyl accident. By Yuri Nikitchenko, check the circumstances of the accident is not yet complete.

His wife and son



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