Fifth day: no flyers, no agitation

23 November — the fifth day of campaigning for the presidential elections in Belarus. But not even a single headquarters Democratic candidates in the regions is not provided with leaflets and other printed material.


Print flyers on the site failed

Mogilev region even meeting with the presidential candidates do without distributing campaign materials. Clarifies Andrew Belagubav.

A small number of information leaflets about the speech on television Vital Rymasheuski distributed in Mogilev fellow candidate. Leaflets handed out in Mogilev Minsk headquarters Rymasheuski.

"We have had them a little bit. Them will be distributed. Why do we have so far not made pickets — because there is still no printed propaganda materials. Yarmoshina also signed all the papers in five minutes after the end of the bank by wire transfer on Friday. Because weekend gone, "- said an employee of the Mogilev Staff Rymasheuski Tatiana Shambalava.

No campaign materials hold their picketing colleagues Neklyaeva. They only give out printed invitations to a meeting on November 25, said the officer staff of the candidate Sergei Laputin:

"In order to print the flyer, it must approve the CEC. We tried here at the local level to print, and then to Minsk prepay from their campaign funds. Our printing house refused, saying:" We do not want to go into politics. "In the regional printing plant we did not apply, so contact them, you need a very large amount. We do not need this volume. We need the city of 200,000 leaflets. "

Wait leaflets and in the headquarters of the other candidates. Not seen in Mogilev and campaign leaflets Alexander Lukashenko. An employee of the city committee BRYU explained why:

"Once the information we have received. Now begin organizational meetings in the headquarters area, and there is, I think, will be handed out. Whilst we do not send anything out of the Central Committee. This I can say for sure for all the Mogilev region."

Campaigning picket Vladimir Neklyaeva near the Palace of Culture

Agitators from the team Neklyaeva near a deserted palace meet voters Business Cards

On the election campaign in Mogilev resemble leaflets Vital Rymasheuski …

…yes erected near the cinema "Rodina" podium. There will also campaign events. Whose — unknown

Vitebsk Region

"This week, leaflets still will not be"

Vitebsk trustees Democratic candidates also say that the campaign materials in the region have been received.

The first in the Vitebsk region are waiting for campaign materials Alexei Mikhalevich. Told Gorodokskij activist Leonid Gorova, agent of a candidate:

"Campaign materials are printed today, and they will be picked up from

Many residents Gorodetsky district denied the opportunity to meet with the candidates.

typography. So a day or two they will already be in the regions. "

But, says Leonid Gorova, there can be problems with accommodation. After all, the local authorities have identified the place for visual agitation so that many residents Gorodetsky district denied the opportunity to meet with the candidates:

"For example, not at all locations for placing campaign materials in the unit.'s For the town, a place of refuge bombs. Contingent there is not very big, but has lived the civilian population, which serves this object. Previously, there was a separate polling place, but now there is not even a place for placement of posters. "

Vitebsk trustees of other candidates also say that campaign materials in the region have not yet been received. And after this, clarifies Alexei Gavrutikov, trustee candidate Nikolai Statkevich have to "push" the entire schedule of campaigning:

"We have information from Minsk that the candidate Nikolai Statkevich can not completely solve the problem of printing leaflets — it runs between the CEC and the publishing house and repeatedly confronted with new challenges. Due to this, we have to adjust the schedule of his arrival in the States — in fact before arranges a meeting, we are planning to distribute leaflets to its program, that people came prepared. "

This week, according to Gavrutsikava, campaign leaflets still will not. But trustees are planning to apply to the regional newspaper "Vitebsk worker", which the CEC instructed to print the program candidates to the program Statkevich area residents met as soon as possible.

Grodno region

"Silence yet. How to campaign, if nothing else?"

Grodno was not hit until a single print of the program candidates. Experienced staffs activists and voters.

In the regions of greater problems, and we have reported problems during the parliamentary elections.

Head of Staff Yaroslav Romanchuk in Grodno Yury Istomin says that the actual print production of their candidate they plan to get only at the end of the week. Headquarters is considering the possibility to print the program of the candidate regions, but the proposal did not support the majority.

Istomin: "In the regions still a big problem, and we have reported problems during the parliamentary elections. I think that the elections are national in scope and therefore it is better and cheaper to print all in one place. In the regions, there is no large independent publishing houses, only the state. And under them CEC shape and highlight the means. "

Yury Istomin said on November 28 in Grodno appointment with Yaroslav Romanchuk. And suddenly, they met another problem when we went to negotiate with the regional director of the Philharmonic Hall, which is officially defined as a place of executive committee meetings with presidential candidates.

Istomin: "Even the director does not know what city council has identified their voters hall meeting with the presidential candidates. From Thursday to Sunday and they planned their public events: ballets, concerts, and more. And so on until the end of next month. The other rooms are not so big and are on the periphery, where no one will go. "

The situation is similar in Lida. Wait activists headquarters of candidates waiting for voters who ask about the programs of alternative Lukashenko candidates. Staff says activist Andrei Sannikov Vladimir Krutikov.

Krutikov: "Silence yet. How are you going to campaign without anything, if nothing else?"

"Just yesterday, the Central Election Commission began funding the production of printed leaflets presidential candidates"

Ivashkevich, One of the leaders of headquarters of presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov said "Freedom":

"It is an obvious fact that the CEC has slowed business financing. Just yesterday finally signed a contract with the publishing house."

CEC secretary: "Another half of the presidential candidates have not given us the invoice printed materials".

Reporter: "What do you think how much more it can take a" dead pause "
in the campaign?"

"At least until the end of the week."

Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik responds to criticism as follows:

"Not everything has brought the invoice printed products. Only half of the candidates for president did. Here involved two subjects: the trustee or by the individual must submit an invoice for payment of manufactured products in accordance with the contract, and we will pay this bill right away" .

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