Fire attack Transnistrian poltergeist


Research department to study the poltergeist ONIOO "Kosmopoisk" almost every year is faced with the most dangerous level poltergeystnoy activity — spontaneous self-ignition.

In the past, groups of experts have been studying Kosmopoisk fire poltergeists in Kazan (July 2009), Omsk (January-February 2011) and in one of the villages near Bryansk (May-July 2012). This year, the poltergeist outbreak of fire occurred in the village Butor (Dnestr Moldavian Republic).

Initially, the main source of information about the case was published on the internet and local television coverage. But last week the group "Kishinev-Kosmopoisk" in conjunction with the channel DTV able to go directly to the place of fire events in the village Butor. Thus, we have the opportunity to restore a more detailed picture of events.

As it became known, all poltergeystnye episodes occurred in a private home, where there are pensioners — the head of the family (75 years old), his wife (78 years), and their son and daughter (they are around 30-35 years old) and her granddaughter (8 years) .

The house is divided into 3 parts: the old house where the elderly live, and later building — the house of the young. In the family there are three cats and a dog who are constantly in the yard.

Unexplained phenomena began March 3, 2013, when the granddaughter noticed that the milk cans with the lid flew off, and the banks themselves have been overturned, spilled milk, but they can not break.

After a while, my grandfather saw in the basement, where there were barrels of wine, through the open someone taps, the wine flowed. A few days later the family found a complete rout in his room: clothes were thrown out of all things, but nothing is lost. The icon, standing on the ceiling, on the shelf, has been turned to face the wall. TV, standing in the same corner, was overturned, but not broken.

Pockets of spontaneous combustion on the sofas.

Approximately 10 days after the start of the first wave of abnormal events that began spontaneous combustion. Steel flashing objects and things. First broke out in the back of the sofa of the house with a stove, but a fire was quickly extinguished. A little later she called granddaughter grandfather, already burned seat sofa. In another part of the house where they lived with a daughter-in-law, broke out sofa, and then began to spontaneously break out stuff (charred wallpaper, clothes, stains on the radiator), including the girls in the room. Summoned the local Orthodox priest, but no changes happened.

The consequences of fire poltergeist attacks.

When April 24, 2013 a fire broke out basic, the house was only an older woman who saw the smoke from the windows and the roof and began to shout and cry for help. Scene by neighbors helped pull things and pieces of furniture on the street, but the house is seriously burned.

At the same time, the neighbors opposite (brother of the head of the family) also broke things, fortunately, managed to quickly put out. After such a serious episode was invited to Chisinau another priest from the monastery, followed by a poltergeist is not manifested itself.

As the head of the "Kishinev-Kosmopoisk" significant intra-family conflict was not. When communicating witnesses the impression people are very calm, God-fearing, and even phlegmatic people. Under the primary approval firefighters arrived, the wiring was intact. Currently, poltergeist does not manifest itself, so that it can be stated that the phenomenon moved into the phase of remission. Despite this, the researchers Kosmopoisk communicate with witnesses and track the current state of affairs.

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