First TV air: Rymashevski and Michalevic live


Vitaly Rymashevski

Today kicked off a marathon of television and radio broadcasts of the presidential candidates. Each candidate will have the opportunity on two occasions to address voters on television and the same — on the radio.

On Monday night, the first national television with a half-hour speech made by presidential candidates Vitaly Rymashevsky and Ales Mikhalevich.

Both presidential candidates were in the air — that is uncut, uncensored. With some reservations, with a touch of excitement.

The first speaker Vitaly Rymashevski. First, he spoke briefly about yourself, your family, where he was born, where he studied. Then it was pretty harsh:

"Our government respects only one position — a position of strength. Elected president — and chose a king who cares only about his sons and how to fill the pockets of his officials. During this campaign, I met with various people. And I know that the current government will only protect the interests of officials and security forces. Corruption has reached 100%. The current government simply refers to the Belarusians as a redneck. And why not? Because today's power on us does not. Elections are rigged. Officials, city leaders are appointed. They depend on the President, not on us. "

Then Mr Rymashevski outlined their program. The concept of national policy — oriented person on Christian values. Rymashevski favor of reform: for example, instead of the 6 regions to the twenty-third

"Christian Democracy offers a socially-oriented economy. Belarusian business. Recent years, the power was engaged only in that pressed entrepreneurs. We have to stop this. Their own business can be for one day. We will stop the sensation of Belarusian citizens. We will cancel the duties on cars imported from Europe. Credits not be higher than 3%. The basis of the Belarusian economy should be a high income those people, who work. We will cancel the contract system. "

He played Mr. Rymashevski in Belarusian. Only once, speaking of the Belarusian language and culture, went to the Russian language. He concluded by calling for counter election fraud to come to the polls on election day only, the authorities will not allow myself to cheat again.

Rymashevski on BT "is elected president — have chosen king." Video


Another presidential candidate, Ales Mikhalevich, has performed well in the air, but in Russian. He began with a critique of the current economic model, which is not efficient. Then he chose the form of answers to the most current and popular questions he asked voters during the meetings. He spoke about his attitude to small business, to privatization, loans that have to be returned, the Customs Union. The main thesis — less ideology, more than the economy. He told me what to expect military, police, security agencies.

As for the strategy in international relations, Michalevic for establishing contacts with Russia and the European Union. Stressed the importance of partnership with Ukraine and Scandinavian countries. As for Belarus' joining the European Union:

"After the European Union joined countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, not to mention Romania and Bulgaria, the EU can not" digest "these countries. And EU officials are afraid of when they were starting to talk about the potential entry of new countries. I am convinced that Belarus' accession to the European Union in the next 10 years is unrealistic. And the question arises: whether it? "

Much attention is paid to the issue of Mr. Michalevic modernization of power:

"First of all I'm for the separation of powers. We need to do to each branch are mutually control each other. I suggest we go back to normal, so that the president could be in power for only two terms. To return to a parliamentary republic Belarus negative attitude. I believe that Belarus should retain the position of president, and the president head of the executive power. "

Mikhalevich not promised any increase in pensions or the return of benefits. He said he did not want to participate in the competition promises of candidates.

He took questions on various topics:

— Have you watched TV series "The Godfather"?

— I watched on the Internet. Frankly speaking, I do not hit this series.

A completed master Michalevic theme struggle with alcoholism. Need a ban on the production of so-called "ink" — strong fruit wines. And for good grape wines proposed eliminating excise taxes. On this optimistic note, and completed his first television appearance presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich.

Michalevic: "I do not want to participate in the competition promises of candidates." VIDEO

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